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  1. I only have the one so far, but I'll likely add one to my monthly amazon purchases.
  2. You'd be the first "Khanqueror", so I guess that makes it your call. Or split the difference and make it 6. I'll wait until I have it in my hand to decide...
  3. I think I'm going to try Kanjira (spelling is bad I know...) Not usre if its a 5 or 7 day beast though...
  4. Ditto this... Mrs. Fishnjeeps reccomends modge podge or similar. Perhaps some watered down PVA?
  5. Going to try and do 2 Mal's in 7 days???? I'll not commit to that just yet.... But maybe... or not.
  6. Got mine on Sunday. I plan to start assembling them tonight.
  7. I'm starting to wonder if I should get a second one just in case...
  8. I have done little to prepare. I still need to find an inexpensive size 0 brush I can buy a quantity of. I'll likely place another rosemary & Co order closer to when Bones 3 arrives.
  9. Looks good. Might could use some darker shaddows but that's a nitpick. Good job.
  10. Just got a message concerning my missing CAV. I assume core set bag b is all of the core set CAVs in one sku.
  11. I use accelerant and while parts can be brittle, it usually isn't a major issue. If pinned or if it has decent surface area live not had parts fall off.
  12. The spirit of the forest mini has a lot of folliage on it as well. I might go with a greenish base to help there though brown liner could help with shadows there. (I tend not to "Prime" bones with liners unless I need that color for a base color). Tough Choice. I still haven't finished mine and its been about a year (I looked, its been 2 years...) since I started him (I tend to procrastinate)
  13. Hmmm.... I happen to have a unused rock tumbler somewhere. I'll have to find it now.
  14. I finally found the lost part today. Now I can finish that building. Also, the lava isn't finished yet. I now have 2 more sets (6 pools total) of lava. I'm going to do one set in an acid green instead of lava.
  15. Those look great! An appropriate foe for my Imperial fist army.
  16. I just received my newest CAV scale building. It is an N scale Tomix Medium office building. These aren't the cheapest buildings available but man are they well detailed.I ordered mine from Amazon. The decals that are included are for 2 different building types. I went with the cinema for this building. I'll likely buy a second one and use the second set of decals for 2 different but similar buildings. Below are pictures which are way better than I can describe them... In its packaging... Everything in the box... The buildings can be easily disasembled for detailing and ease of decal setting. Since this is for model railroading its also easy to light this up if you wanted to... Completed decals... And the back side... A scale shot with my malvernis CAV and Infantry... And with my terran CAV and tanks...
  17. Not really sure what advice I can offer. I just do everything I'm asked to the best of my ability. ( my internal work ethic allows for nothing else, but that's just me)
  18. Oh, er. I'm sorry. I didn't actually know I was coming until a few days beforehand. And I was only able to attend on Friday. It was my first gaming convention. A little overwhelming but fun. That explains it, I was only there Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise you would have been standing in front of me in one of those pics. Lol. I wouldnt have recognised you either so its all good.
  19. Who said we weren't mad? I found and airbrush is good at getting good coverage of yellow. Barring that, many thin coats. it takes time. It looks like you did a fair job with your yellow.
  20. The paint n take table is quite fun. I helped them out at Adepticon this year.
  21. And you didn't come say hi? It was a good time. The pics look good.
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