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  1. I plan on using spackle to cover the foam edges enough to use spray paint safely. I decided that I'd rather do butt joints on these. Makes assembly go faster. Only a few buildings will get details beyond paint. I eventually went more laser cut buildings, but I have people showing up in a week and I want something better than books and food boxes like last game.
  2. Since I now have a large amount of CAV Figures I now need some terrain so that I can play. This thread will be dedicated to making terrain for that purpose. To start, I went out and bought 10 sheets of foam core from the dollar store. So far, I've made 4 sets of what ill become rowhomes a large hirise building and a warehokuse structure. I also found a really good way to make homes out of something we all have laying around (or just threw away). Pics... I used hot glue to assemble these foam core buildings. The smaller ones will end up being 2 unit row homes. I'm using cardboard to make my roads. They still need to be painted but you can get the idea. The city I'm planning will be a really tight quarters area. Even the largest of CAV will fit between the buildings. The buildings are sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest of metal CAV on their roof. Infantry will be able to fight from the roofs and get better vantage points and setup traps. But thats only the beginning. I wanted some buildings that you can fight over the top of that won't block line of sight. Looking around I found a few empty blister pack plastics. I hot glued them down to some cardboard to make them rigid. A spray of rustoleum textured paint to look like concrete and they are starting to look more like a building. Plus, they are the perfect size to represent homes or habitats. A little detailing with some rms paints and I have a passable concrete house. Its not super detailed but on the table it will work out. I only used 1/2 of a sheet of foam core so far and I still have 9 more sheets to make more. I plan to be able to field a full 4'x8' city. So far. I've spent $20 in materials to make my terrain. I plan to use all of the boxes from Amazon purchases to make my own modular road system. Hopefully this will inspire other CAV players to make their own cheap terrain.
  3. I use my #4 flat brush and "stab" it into the areas that need it. It's rough on brushes but it works. Don't do this with an expensive brush. Use a cheap/old brush you don't mind ruining. Or use an airbrush to spray in there as best you can.
  4. Sometimes its the little things that can snap you out of your painting funk. For me, its new brush day.
  5. I painted these CAV using nightmare black and purple. In light coats, nightmare black is actually dark blue. With enough coats you can get a blacklike color.
  6. He means on minis, (I hope!) Not your own or other humans..... George Well, you might want to avoid painting the 1:1 scale type, too. Just sayin'. Too late....
  7. This is where I use my airbrush to define large areas of a mini. It goes much quicker.
  8. Yep. Been there. I hadn't touched my painting desk yet this year until a few days ago. Life was just keeping me far too busy. Plus the dog likes to try and lick miniatures in my hand. I'm only now finding time to be able to paint a few things here and there.
  9. Still getting the error 404 message. Decided to cancel the Easter game session as I have no data cards
  10. Yes and no. The idea was started with them, but they are not the same as their historical (real) namesake. Though I could try to paint an eagle on them...
  11. Its essentially a brown wash. It comes in 3 different strengths.
  12. Yes that's Ice Blue on the cockpit, but its as a base coat more than a highlight. I painted the cockpit Ice blue first then selectively brushed on the Army Painter Strong tone over it to give some depth. I used the strong tone to shift the Khaki base a little darker and add depth as well.
  13. This is the first CAV for my Terran 101st Legion. I went with a NATO/ Dirty Desert style for these. These are only to tabletop level for ease of touchups later. Colors are: RMS Terran Khaki Army Painter Strong Tone RMSHD Mustard Yellow RMSHD Ice Blue RMS Rach Red Army Painter Black I haven't decided if these will get the same black rock/ green grass base treatment that my other forces have or if I should go with something different. Pics...
  14. One day you will see my infantry swarms.... One day...
  15. I don't bother basing ground vehicles, though I do base hover vehicles. The double hex Idea sounds like it could work but I likely wont base it either and just use the front of the feet for measurement.
  16. I thought there was mention that the despots were getting s size change as well from their metal counterparts, but side by side, I just don't see enough difference to keep me from fielding them together.
  17. Finished the first of my CAV Bones Kickstarter. This is a tabletop quality piece but I thought I'd share. The Red is the Rach Red that was in the kickstarter with a Secret Weapon soft body black wash. I used RMSHD Dirty Grey and Army Painter White for the freehand and turrent launcher. RMS Troll Shadow was used for the treads and wheels with soft body black and P3 Pig Iron for the gun barrel and metal details on the wheels. Its not super detailed but will look good for gaming use and is easily touched up if needed. Pics...
  18. I do this as well which brings me to my only issue with the new flying bases. They are hollow bottomed and therefore cant be detailed as easily. I have a way to do it, but it would be nicer if they were like the hover bases.
  19. I tried to download the force creator last night but got an error 404 message. Is the link down or am I doing something wrong?
  20. Base preference really depends on the mini and what I'm using it for. But generally, I decorate the flat part of bases and then give it a "frame" by painting the edges of the base black. It really helps the mini stand off the table and get noticed.
  21. Here's a pic of what I did get. the top 2 rows on the loft are all core set stuff (I was an ACE backer so some core stuff I already have). Even without the ACE stuff you can tell thats not all the things the core set added. Still, I have something to start with. I even got some built. The painted ones are either metal or the white bones from the ACE level. fron left to right, the grey ones are a starhawk vi, simba, thunderbird, silverback and 2 emporers.
  22. The bases did. Though based on the fact that there are points on the back of the blisters, I'd say reaper was using up all the old blister pack stock they had. (that is just a guess though)
  23. I did, but only 2 sku's were mentioned, the dingo's and the krackens. Still not really concerned.
  24. I finished my inventory as well though I didn't check each pack for missing or duplicate parts yet. I seemed to be missing a lot. 15 core set items and 19 add on items. Email has been sent to rectify this. I got 6 of them assembled and then promptly ran out of super glue.
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