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  1. Some finished bones from my stocking. one of which is translucent. And 30 finished Battlelore archers
  2. Nice! I make chainmaile jewelry and have always wanted to tackle one of these but have never gotten around to it. Nice job.
  3. These were the 6 best pics out of about 30 pics taken. Most of them were blurry. It's one nice thing about digital photography over film, I can take as many as I want without working about cost of film. ;)
  4. Thanks, These are far better than what I used to do. The materials available nowasdays for basing are insane. I remember only having woodland scenics stuff available and it never looked quite right. I'm thinking about adding some realistic water effect around the rocks to give the bases a masrsh feel to them. but I'll test it out on something else first to see if I like the effect. Thanks, this was the first time i actually tried to light my figure for a picture. the blue backdrop is an Ikea bag that was sitting on our craft table and I used my LED Ottlite on one side and an LED work light on either side of the figures. I got a folding light box on Kickstarter so I'm waiting for it to arrive. Supposedly it should be here in march. I'm hoping it will help my poor photography skill.
  5. Finally!I've been looking forward to painting this mini for quite a while. I decided to go with a white scheme for this figure as I'll be using it as a Reptus Warlord Proxy. I forgot to remove the molded base before placing him on a standard slotted base so I had to try my had at sculpting. I've also never used white as a finished color. for those who are interested, I usd the following paints and basing supplies: Krylon Duo White for Primer Skin Tone Valjeo Model Color Ivory Army Painter White Army Painter Strong Tone Ink (Bottle not dipped) Army Painter Ash Grey Secret Weapon Parchment wash Armor Army Painter Matte Black Army Painter Plate Mail Army Painter Shining Silver Cloak & Leathers Army Painter Alien Purple Valejo Blue Violet Army Painter Leather Brown Army Painter Oak Brown Sword and Nails/teeth: Army Painter Skeleton Bone P3 Brown Wash ( for blood effects this works well) Basing, Army Painter Scrubbrush, Sumer Flowers, Rocks, and Static grass. Plus a Green Stuff rock. Anyway, I am going with an Anne McCaffery style army so each rank/ position has it's own skin color. At the moment I have White for warlords, Blue for Seargents, and green for clutchlings. Non clutchling warriors will get a different skin tone. This guy took about a week to finish with a good 3 hours each day being spent on it. And now, on to the pics... Heres some pics of the current Reptus Army: As usual please post feedback on my work. Please forgive my phone photography, I'm waiting on my light box to arrive. Thanks Guys!
  6. I've never had a need for a painting goal before, but now I have enough on my plate I think it's a good Idea. so here it is: 03316: Kar'Drakir, Reptus Dragonman Warrior as my Reptus Walord proxy DONE! 14505: Brood of Payanak, Reptus Cavalry x1 14490: Pakpao, Mage x1 DONE! 14454: Chhaya, Sergeant x1 14425: Reptus Warrior x7 14235: Nai-Khanon, Reptus Hero x1 14096: T'Kay, Reptus Cleric x1 I also have figures for Battle Lore that I need to finish: Base 30 Archers DONE! Prime and paint the next 60+ (I'll have to count once I get home from work) knights or cavalry. Plus I need to at lest start my song competition peice which looks to be around 10 figures or so. Plus Plus A Dragon I just bought... Good luck to me...
  7. Hmmm.... I'll try this out. I think I have a good idea.
  8. I picked up and repainted some more Star Trek Attack Wing Ship. I present 2 K'Vort Class Klingon Bird of Preys and The USS Excelsior. NX-2000 USS Excelsior, and 2 K'Vort Class Bird of Preys (Percey the painting tribble is photobombing...): I made 1 bird of prey after the ship from star trek 4 the voyage home:
  9. Well, due to work I didn't get much done. I didn't get my reaper order until 930 so I didn't have much to paint. But here's whats done... TOmorrow is more work and family time but I should find some time to get more done.
  10. I'll deffinately be painting. And hopfully my order from Reaper will finally show up... Until then I have all of the figures form Battleforge to paint and only 1 fully finished. (I didn't count but I think there are at least 200 figures included in the game.)
  11. Here are the other 2 BONES i've painted so far. The first one is an experiment with Vallejo Gunmetal Blue paint that i'm not overly happy with. The paint didn't quite lay out how I had invisioned, but lessons learned and all I am happy with the look of the flames. This figure shows my main issue with the BONES lack of detail compared to a metal figure. The neck scales just aren't as defined as the other 2 reptus figures above which are both metal figures. Honestly I don't think it really looks like a dragon. While some of it may be my color choices (again another experiment with colors) the figure just doesn't look as dragonlike as my others. Perhaps it is dependant on the figure though. As I said before, I'll still buy and paint them as their price point allows me to attempt something new without worrying about ruining an expensive figure. Feel free to comment on these and give advice. I'm a big boy and I can take it :) Also please forgive the poor quality cell phone pics, i'm working on my photography skills slowly.
  12. Thanks guys, here are some more views of those two mini's as well as some repainted ships for Star Trek Attack wing. Reptus : The back of the wizzard figure. Took me a long time to get the blending how I have it here. this was also the first human figure i've painted in 6 years. The entire Federation fleet so far. USS Reliant, NCC-1864 USS Trial, NCC-1948 USS Saratoga, NCC-31911 My personal faavorit ship so far, USS Defiant
  13. Wow it's been so long since I posted anything I forgot I even had this account. Anyway, after a few years of not painting anything, I picked up a few things and got back to painting. I thought I'd post a few pics of what I've been working on for some "peer review" if you will. This one is my first Bones figure. I had to do the hot water bath to straighten out the staff. This was my first time with not priming a miniature and it was an interesting experience. All in all, I'm not overly happy with the bones figures. (Personal opinion only) however I do like the lower price point. To me they just don't have the same feel. I feel like i'm playing with painted green army men not high quality Miniatures. That said, I'll still buy and paint them, they just aren't my favorites. This is the start of my Warlord Reptus army. I'm going with an Anne McCaffrey style army where every dragon is born into a particular job based on it's coloration. Currently my clutchlings are green dragons and my seargent is Blue. My warlord models will be white dragons etc... I'm using the same colors on the armor to help tie the whole army together. I went with purple in the armor to invoke a royal feel to my Reptus. Also, all of the swords are to be bone. Each one crafted frome the bones of dragon warriors who have gone before and inspireing the warriors who hold them to greater heights of battle. Or some such excuse.... I have some others to post later once they have uploaded... Please feel free to critique my work. I can take it. :)
  14. Don't you meen Future Conscript for the front lines and latrine duty... My latrine is the craters where my enemy once stood.
  15. Actually buying the new starter set plus a few other units and yes I have the CAV II datacards downloaded. Thank you.
  16. Hello all! You could say I'm a long time listener, first time caller for CAV. I've had the 2001 edition rulebook since 2001 and haven't bought any figs yet. I just found My rulebook and am waiting for my army to arrive for assembly and the ritual painting of the colors. I shall forever be a merc for hire! Honestly from what I've seen, the faction cavs just aren't as cool as the open market stuff. And honestly guys, are your men really making a living working for a "faction"? Your missing out on making money your way! Anyway, here I go into this new/old game.
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