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  1. I am working on assembling a Reptus army and am uncertain how to attach the spikes to the back of the warriors and similar models. The spikes do not seem to match or be designed to fit the holes for mounting in the models. . Any advice on how to fit these properly together is appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I am primarily interested in Warlord and Warhammer Fantasy. I expect that I will only need a few buildings, so I would be willing to pay a premium for quality pre-painted buildings, if available. From the comments above, it appears 28mm is what I should be looking for?
  3. I am considering purchasing some buildings to add to my terrain collection and would appreciate any suggestions regarding the proper scale (25mm, 28MM, etc.) and distributors (i.e, websites, stores). Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  4. Vincent Hendricks hosted his dungeon crawl event at the Owlcon annual gaming convention at Rice University in Houston again this year the weekend of February 3-5 with an amazing custom-made dungeon with beautifully painted models! I have played in this event at Owlcon gaming convention for the last few years and it just keeps getting better and better! I had such an amazing time that, after things not going as well as I would have liked for my warband in the Saturday afternoon sesssion, I dropped my last game to sign up for the last slot in the Saturday evening session to try again! I highly recommend this event to anyone who has a future opportunity to play in this dungeon crawl event. It is fun for experienced players and is a great way to introduce new players to Warlord and Reaper miniatures. Vincent ran the dungeon crawl for 5/6 time slots! Thank you for taking the time and effort to run this event again this year!! Note: I have a few crude cell phone pictures I took, but didn't know how to post them to the forum.
  5. Thanks to Vincent Hendricks for an absolutely amazing new Warlord dungeon crawl at Owlcon 2011 at Rice University in Houston last weekend! The dungeon was custom-made by Vincent and had excellent quality and detail. The crawl could accommodate up to 8 parties at one time. Note: Although I have had great success in prior Owlcon dungeon crawls, my party got totally wiped out early in the session this year :( I am looking forward to another shot first chance I can get! Vincent: Any chance you will run the new dungeon crawl at ReaperCon this year?
  6. Dwarflord of Karak Grom

  7. Working on six Crusader Templar Knights for November. Stretch target is to add four Crusader Ironspines.
  8. First, what factions do you play? Crusaders Second, what is your favorite faction? Crusaders Third, what faction do you plan to start playing in the next 12 months? Just getting started, but would like to try the Reptus.
  9. So much for posting here to make me accountable! No progress to report for September :(
  10. I decided to commit to painting a Crusader army in time for the Warlord tournament at Owlcon (Houston gaming tournament) the last weekend of January 2011. All of the models for my list are primed white and ready to paint. I plan to visit the Reaper store over the next few months for some painting lessions. My goal is to paint five each month. If I meet my goal, I will have them table ready in time for the tournament! I hope that posting my progress on the roll call will help me get a good start! I have started basecoating my Templar Knights, but need to get going to get them done by the end of September!! Duke Gerard Halbarad, Priest of Aurelius Sir Malcolm, Lightbringer Ian, Mage Apprentice Acacia, Ivy Crown Ranger Templar Knight X6 Templar Ironspine X4 Templar Unforgiven X4 Ivy Crown Archer X4 Celestial Lion Hound of Judgement
  11. Agree, took care of me quickly to replace a defectively cast figurine :)
  12. I won't be able to attend the whole convention, due to another obligation, however, I may be able to visit on Thursday night. A day pass is the way to go for me and I would probably purchase it in advance, if the option is available.
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