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  1. 50073B & 50045 ?? Yes, Like jesse. Threw down money for him already. Might get a few more copies though later on. The BBW however.. the head behind the back kinda kills it for me :(
  2. Again still.. I want to see more animal hybrids that arn't so bloody cute. Like http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/50211/sku-down/50211 is pretty nice. My only beef is the blasted W on his jacket, if I was any good at modding I could remove it though. Its finally a Wolfman that doesn't look like a very hairy person and is neither feral or a "nearly" naked sexy female. Another good set http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Dark%20Heaven%20Legends/sku-down/02900 Even better that they are bone yard (cause I really only want the fox) but again, not bloody cute and not totally feral or "nearly" naked female. Course I'm an oddball, but that is what I'm looking for in miniatures, oddball minis. Like I'd absolutely throw down money for a medium sized (For DnD/Pathfinder/Iron Claw) for a werewolf in victorian style clothing looking very proper. I'm currently getting ready to throw down some money for miniatures that fit my oddball bill here in a few weeks.
  3. If you know me and no one here really does (comes with not posting) you would know I tend to play "furry" characters due to boredom of playing normal races found in 3.5's PHB. (NWN killed them for me) So I've been looking for werewolf models that aren't super wild and naked females or feral. Ones that are "civilized" enough to look like PCs. I've found a number of them here now, but I need medium size and I can't tell the dimensions of most of the models. (I know a few that are in fact large sized.) Why is there so little info on models or is there some secret code to show me the way?
  4. Somethings I'd like to have.. People in masks. Like a flat faced one you can paint a design on. Then half human/animal hybrids. Like Catfolk and werewolves, but like in cloths. And preferably more male characters, as its so bloody hard to find characters that fit a Gnoll or Lupin character who isn't female and wears cloths. Especially some in cloaks or heavy armor. On talk about heavy armor, I'd love to have more heavy armor characters where you cannot see any bit of flesh. Then Characters who are half into a shapeshift, like a changeling becoming a drow. Maybe a little amorphous features. Also would be nice to have rogues that arn't elves, halflings and the like. And some who use a little different weapons.. like garrote. Kobolds two fisted shooting crossbows. Characters with a more submissive stance to them. Kinda like the top left here. http://sprites.technoized.com/images/sprite/ro/acolyte_m.png Characters with coats.
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