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  1. Lovely work Jim...a few of the highlights are chalky, and the NMM could use more contrast, but it sure is a fine mini and it really pops!
  2. Beautiful job Joy, this one is sitting on my paint table as well....I am using the Bones minis as a way to practice techniques without too much cost investment.
  3. Simple green for plastic and Bones, and I use Pine-Sol for Metal.
  4. As always Derek, your painting and sculpting skills are amazing. I am excited to get my hands on this one, got a friend picking one up for me while she is down for ReaperCon, since I can't make it this year.
  5. Wow! Beautiful work. I agree with Adrift on his critique.
  6. Your work is getting better every mini. Excellent job here and the highlights really pop!
  7. Try what Tailspinner and Qwykslvr suggested. I paint the same way, basecoating with my shadow, or close to it and then using a dark wash to dark line. I then progressively highlight up to my brightest highlight.
  8. They look great. Your really knocking the contrast out of the ballpark lately.
  9. I used to be the same way. Reaperbryan said it best though.
  10. Jah, nice to see your painting up here again. Lovely model as always....metals are nice, NMM on the blade is top notch. I think the OSL if done well, it is understated and I kind of like it. I went and voted.
  11. Lovely work. Great blends. I would like to see even more contrast in the highlights.
  12. WOOOO!!!! DWARVES!!!! Great work here Angela, your kid did a great job picking the color scheme and the painting is really well done. One thing I would have liked to have seen is some freehand woodgrain painted onto the tree trunks and branches, as of right now they lack the contrast and "oomph" that the rest of the scene has.
  13. Great job! Make sure you carry the dark lining in the gills up into the grey area next time, it threw my eyes off when it just stopped suddenly.
  14. Excellent work. I recently added a little one too and have gotten zero painting done, so kudos to you for getting anything completed!
  15. I wish I was going to Reapercon so I could take your classes Rhonda! Maybe next year!
  16. Those are just frightening. Great job!
  17. I was beginning to wonder when I would see another Anne masterpiece! Lovely work!
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