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  1. *hugs* Not sure what else to say but hang in there. Be here as much or as little as you need. We all understand.
  2. Six-ish months ago? And the cause was a really good book. By the time I finished, it wasn't worth goin got sleep as I had work. I did leave early the next day though.
  3. My hat is off to you! I helped my Dad with his patio, but he bought pallets of bricks so I only had to help tamp and lay then out (and cut them on a wet saw). I was young and unbroken back then, I shudder to think how my body would rebel if I tried it now.
  4. Last soup that I had was Campbells Tomato Soup with my grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner last night. Last soup *I* made was Snow's Clam chowder (with extra can of clams added). In between those two, Daughter Dilvish made beef stew from scratch. Next soup made might be 13 bean soup; if I remember to pick up some salt pork to go in it. We already have the beans.
  5. Actually some of the ranger sub classes are good. Beastmaster is worst, but monster hunter can lay down the hurt with their Slayer Prey.
  6. I had seen either a KS or and ad for a set of prints to turn filament spools into buildings somewhere. Digital Taxidermy was the KS. And someone has some gaming inserts for spools on Thingiverse.
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