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  1. Thanks everyone! Had an easy work day, I nice steak dinner and just sitting down to play some DnD.
  2. No need for the sad faces. This is the mildest "cold" I have ever had. Hopefully that means that I am Covid free. If not, my company is good about paid time off for this, and I get to work from home until it runs it's course. And I'm adding another book to my total.
  3. Waiting to go get my Covid test. Co worker was positive last week, and I started feeling cold symptoms on New Year's Eve through now. So I get the the today and tomorrow off until I have a negative result. All of the take home tests are sold out, so I get to go get swabbed from my car. One the plus side, I did have the time this morning to pull my Kindle Unlimited history and list the books I read over the last year. 144 books; not including any physical books I happened to read. I'm going to try and keep better track this year.
  4. Thanks. Been away first due to other things and then because it had been so long, and that fact that the forums were blocked from work. Then I realized that it was silly, I wasn't obligated to catch up on 3 months of posts. And I discovered that the forums weren't blocked at work any more and I'm one of two people in my office for the week and a half. So here I am. When I'm not working my way through the Witcher novels my kids got me for Christmas that is.
  5. *blinks* *looks around* Hey, I remember this place. howdy everyone. Hope y'all are doing well. I've been busy with other stuff but should be around a bit more regularly. One the plus side, I've got more reading sone over the last few months than the last few years. Looking forward to the New Year.
  6. Hanging out in Bangor, Maine waiting to go to a wedding. Local game store doesnt open until noon so I'm off in search of breakfast/lunch.
  7. I might need one of those shirts... (I seem to have acquired a reputation as a drinker at the con, might have something to do with Kraken; however I rarely drink at home)
  8. Best piece of advice I had for painting faster was to use the biggest brush possible. Don't use your size 0 to basecoat that cloak. I have found that a size 1 or even 2 with a sharp point can be used to paint every part of a mini (I sometime go smaller for eyes). Large areas I'll use a flat. I realised that an ok job can be done in a short time after doing speed paints at RCon. I didnt have the option to go over, and it forced me to focus on the main areas and not worry about end result. I was just trying to get everything painted. And surprise, it looked ok.
  9. Been waiting for conditions to be set for a job since 8am. Just got the call saying conditions are set. Cool, I can leave as soon as I have the paperwork verifying conditions. Now waiting on paperwork. In 10 more minites I wont jave enough time to complete the job. Sigh.
  10. Probably. You hear people saying "eat lead" all the time in the movies...
  11. I lthink a big shift in the numbers was the lack of the gaming population. Last con, all of the game tables for the societies/leagues were packed (PFS & SFS and AL). While I did see some representation the tables didn't see as full and I had heard that some games had to be canceled due to lack of players or GMs. I would venture that a large number of those extra 1600 were gamers whose main focus is not painting but gaming. I know that I talked to a bunch of people at the game tables last con that didn't paint. RCon die-hards might be more likely to show up for this years limited con, thus more participants and entries per capita. But to know for sure you would need to send out and receive surveys and do some real number crunching rather than rely on my theory crafting.
  12. I should have taken the whole week off. Went back to work today, got up and on the road earlier than normal, then hit construction on Rt 2A past the casino, took me 25 minutes to go one mile. Finally got to work 5 minutes late, realized that the mask I had was missing a string, so had to go back to the car for spare mask, then had to walk around the building as my normal means of ingress was still locked. Still, looks like things did not fall apart without me (though I had plenty of questions about stuff that should have been taken care of while I was gone) and I have time to jump on here (site was blocked from work when I left, is good now) while waiting for the next job.
  13. I was supposed to go back to work tomorrow. However, Awesome Wife has a Dr. appointment and her car is in the shop (she broke the right front control arm and axel the day before we left for TX), so that is the perfect opportunity to push off my return until Friday. Now to make room for my loot.
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