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  1. I've always wanted to to try the Dark Eye. My old gaming group used to try all sorts of new games in the before times. Another game that I've never had the chance to play but wanted to. I've got a different problem for a change. I've got one player worried that their character class is too strong or broken (Twilight domain cleric) and another that wants to pick a particular feat (Fey Touched) but is concerned that he doesn't yet have good in game/role playing reason to acquire it. So my players are super engaged. I guess that they are leveling up as players.
  2. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  3. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  4. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  5. The default multiple purple gradient the phone came with. I haven't bothered to change it.
  6. So my super large box for my RVE order arrived Thursday and slightly less than half it's volume filled with these, all connected in a single strip. It was longer than my house! I know because I stretch from wall to wall of the finished basement.
  7. I got mine from the front step before too much snow had accumulated on it. So good for me. Now I just need to inventory the boxes.
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