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  1. Probably. You hear people saying "eat lead" all the time in the movies...
  2. I lthink a big shift in the numbers was the lack of the gaming population. Last con, all of the game tables for the societies/leagues were packed (PFS & SFS and AL). While I did see some representation the tables didn't see as full and I had heard that some games had to be canceled due to lack of players or GMs. I would venture that a large number of those extra 1600 were gamers whose main focus is not painting but gaming. I know that I talked to a bunch of people at the game tables last con that didn't paint. RCon die-hards might be more likely to show up for this years
  3. I should have taken the whole week off. Went back to work today, got up and on the road earlier than normal, then hit construction on Rt 2A past the casino, took me 25 minutes to go one mile. Finally got to work 5 minutes late, realized that the mask I had was missing a string, so had to go back to the car for spare mask, then had to walk around the building as my normal means of ingress was still locked. Still, looks like things did not fall apart without me (though I had plenty of questions about stuff that should have been taken care of while I was gone) and I have time to jum
  4. I was supposed to go back to work tomorrow. However, Awesome Wife has a Dr. appointment and her car is in the shop (she broke the right front control arm and axel the day before we left for TX), so that is the perfect opportunity to push off my return until Friday. Now to make room for my loot.
  5. Pretty sure it is a feature not a bug. I seem to recall that the carts will get purged every so often 24-48 hours as measure to keep the inventory numbers straight. I think the item is deducted from stock when it is placed in the cart to prevent over selling items. I prefer to have to put stuff in a cart rather than to place an order and get told that some of the items are now no longer available (has happened on other mini sites). The wish list is where I put all the stuff I want, but am not ordering right now.
  6. I think this may be the first time I missed out on sign ups. Have fun everyone! I may have things organized in time for the next one.
  7. I'm plannimg on returnimg with Awesome Wife next year. I'll go back to takimg classes and a few games as well. I had no class this year, or game amd spent tthe time just shopping and socializing. I did manage to participate in a half dozen Hobby Hijinks and was on stream for the Barry Party.
  8. Just landed in Chicago. Dinner and then on to Hartford.
  9. At Lobe Firld with a milk stout and waiting to eat and then board in two hours.
  10. We're gonna grab something as we havent had anything since the Silverlime Diner in Baltimore at 9am.
  11. On the ground at Love Field Luggage then to the hotel.
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