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  1. Just wait until all of leaves finish changing colors. I would.... but someone seems to have drunk it all...
  2. this looks more like using the chips as a cat brush. But the inside of the computer is probably filthy anyways.
  3. Yes it was. She was on hand and received her Auction Sophie immediately after walking in.
  4. Did I miss the other bubblehead at the con!? I'll be your huckleberry
  5. Paint Day was had; there were 9 attendees throughout the day and several interested passerby. Pics
  6. Additionally, if someone wants to set up a paint day closer to themselves, I have no problem making the drive to hang out and paint with you. I know we used to paint at the Hobby Bunker, but I don't know their space situation at their new location. This month is bad for me (multiple weddings to attend), but I'm free most Saturdays (other than the 2nd Sat of the month). Either way looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it.
  7. As a reminder, this Saturday is Paint Day. Lookimg forward to seeing those of you who can make it. It will continue the RCon high for me.
  8. So is this supposed to be a punishment for you? Cause if I'm the one singing, that's what it will be. And if cursing bothers you, I should have picked a different song. I will know better for next year.
  9. Somehow I missed this during the entire Con. There is just literally too much going on to see everything.
  10. In years past, I would work up until the day before I flew out (work Tues/fly Weds) and fly home on Monday and back at work on Tuesday. Then I wouldn't take enough vacation throughout the year, be over my max yearly carryover and get paid out for the overage. I finally wised up this year and took the full two weeks surrounding the convention.
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