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  1. I suppose that what I meant by "as a DM, I'm a host player" wasn't so much that DM's are host players, but that because I'm a DM, I have minis and terrain and maps and extra dice and so on, thus it's easier for me to be a host player as I already have the materials to meet the requirement. Most of the people in my circle that are host players also DM (using minis and terrain to varying degrees). As far as encouraging new players to help out with terrain...I suppose it depends. While I understand that expecting the DM to carry the entire burden for terrain and such can be expensive (dependin
  2. Well, as a DM I fall into the "host" category you have posited. Even as a player, I usually have a case of minis, terrain and a battlemat in my car and I have let DM/GMs of games I have played in use them. I have had multiple players at my LFGS go "Oh it's a XXX? I have that mini in my locker, give me a sec" and plop it on the table. And the one guy that leaves his entire Dwarven Forge set at the shop for people to use. And the stores collection several hundred of pre-painted mini was donated by @Mad Jack. While I think that (in my experience) there are more guest players than
  3. I get up at least 2 hours later than my week day time. It really depends on how late I stayed up the night before (I'm a natural night owl, but force myself to to be in bed by 11pm on work nights). On the weekends/vacation, that goes out the window.
  4. I'll eat either. Though eldest is allergic to turkey, so goose would be good for the whole family.
  5. Just finished up my morning 5E game (the players went back to try and clear out the Kobold warren in the old Dwarven trade halls; 24 Kobolds dead so far and they have weathered the suprisingly well, but the specalist kobolds are on their way (shaman, sorcerers and swolbolds). Then I have a couple hours or house/yard work before my evening Tomb of Annihilation 5E game. Submariner's tan is just caused by the build up of the amine that scrubs CO2 out of the air. Leaves a thin brown film on everything. Awesome Wife knows when I I have been working on a boat for more than 2 hours any giv
  6. Ra'Astar follows along keeping a eye on our back trail.
  7. Well first example is that Sleight of Hand doesn't really control lockpicking, that would be covered under the Thieves Tools tool proficiency. Knock does have the advantage of being able to open barred or stuck doors as well as those that are magically locked.
  8. there is an auction, however it utilizes ReaperBucks, which can be earned for playing games, taking classes and taking part in various other events. It takes place at the end of the day on Sunday. It can be very hit or miss being able to win an auction as there are groups that pool their ReaperBucks and go in for the "bigger" prizes.
  9. Any word if the panel is going to be a thing? Want to make sure I dont double book myself.
  10. I'm interested in playing. Scheduling always being the difficult thing.
  11. I watch Reper Live most Thursdays. I have sculpted a pumpkin in greenstuff for the Sir Forscale challenge a number of years back.
  12. Depending of the terrain, my Desert Stride (may move normally through non-magical desert, hill and mountain terrain) may come in handy.
  13. I know that my store received Wave 14 two days ago. he hadn't finished unpacking it while I was there, so I don't have any report on how things looked.
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