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  1. I really like it. It's got a good kick I like the flavor. It's got a hint of the barrels they age them in (bourbon) so there is a tiny bit of burn.
  2. "We shall endeavor to be worthy of the trust you have placed in us." Karl says as he takes the letter. Pausing, he considers; "Will the Carnival be performing today? With all that is going on, I'm undecided if it would be safe or not."
  3. Ku Amd I went to the pharmacy that our doctor called prescriptions to, that called to let us know they were ready and I get to the store and it is temporarily closed.
  4. That lizard man is such an improvement. It looks like a completely different sculpt. Wow!
  5. Shipwreck sounds good unless we need to spend more time with NPCs
  6. Yep. Everything in the rack is Reaper paints. With the exception of a single bottle of Vallejo Matte medium. I may put my Secret Weapon Washes in as well.
  7. Happiness is a freshly organized paint rack. Or course just after I finished I found another box of Pathfinder MSP so I had to pull the skin tones out and put them in the foam try to make room for the rest of the paints. I am sure to find other paints that I missed bit I hope I can add them in the open spots. I don't think I can get another rack of the same type anytime soon. I also managed to revive my bottles of Polished Bone (from when MSP first released) and Pearl White.
  8. The 2x2 tiles I print as is on my Ender. No supports, no raft, and they come out fine. Well usually. I have had a few failures but that was stuff that wasn't the printers fault. I haven't printed a whole lot else besides the tiles and clips (a whole spools worth) but those are good. I organizing so I have a pile of stuff in front of my desk with the printer, but I intent to get back to printing sometime soon.
  9. Well, I get to see first hand how messed up shipping will be. Just placed an order from Hasslefree. I know that it won't be shipped immediately as Damon is currently living in the unit (at least that is the last I heard on FB) and is only getting out to the post intermittently. Then It needs to make it's way here. It's nothing that I need immediately; just some not Supernatural figs that I figured I would paint up for my super-fan sister-in-law. Plus other cool figs that caught my fancy because if I'm making the order, I might as well make worth the shipping.
  10. I am pretty sure that all of the bases are made at Reaper HQ.
  11. "Well, I am sure that you all are fine upstanding folk, and that any accusations against the members of your carnival are false. I suppose I, I mean we, if the other agree that is, can try and get down to the bottom of things. Murder is bad for business all the way around. Least of which mean one less paying customer! We would of course require access to all individuals so that we can rule them out. Do you know the sheriff here in town? Are they investigating as well? And what do you know of these rumored circumstances? Any information could be useful in determining the actual perpetrator."
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