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  1. According to last years rules, entries could be from any manufacturer. I haven't see a list of this years rules yet.
  2. Had a good paint day at the Citadel in Groton yesterday. Largest turn out to date (14 painters). Saw a mix of projects being worked on from busts, chibis, old Darksuns minis, Warhammer Fantasy, and Wizkids and Reaper minis. Also there was a Middle Earth Fantasy Battle wargame round robin (6 armies) with some nice terrain, and a Battle Tech game going on.
  3. Yes. They have a bunch of other nice terrain.
  4. Speak of the devil. This is at my FLGS today.
  5. I have seen pictures years ago of wargaming scale models of helm's Deep as well as some other cities in Gondor. Will have to see if my Google-Fu is strong enough to find pics. ETA: And after rereading I see you actual question was about Orthanc. So, an 8+ ft model is buildable, but even if it is technically accurate by scale, I think that is it wouldn't look quite right to our eye based on the size of minis. I don't see why a 4ft version wouldn't work just as well. At 8ft, I think it would dwarf the minis to such an extend that it wouldn't look right. But I could be wrong. You could try a cardboard mock up (maybe with concrete footing tubes?) and see which height looks better to your eye. I'm not so much a stickler to exactness in either my terrain building or mini-painting (which is why I rarely do historicals), and much prefer to go with what "looks right".
  6. Got room and flights today, so Awesome Wife and I should be attending. Unless youngest spawn changes her mind and decides to go somewhere far for college and I have to move her in that weekend.
  7. Next paint day is on the 11th at the Citadel.
  8. Good, I was supposed to be on top of a submarine today testing a periscope, but it was too windy for them to install it yesterday. So I'll be up there tomorrow or Tuesday instead. I was not disappointed to have my overtime for today cancelled.
  9. We had a great paint day this past Saturday. Of the regulars, I was the only one in attendance for various reasons, but we still ended up with a table of nine painters. Most of use were from CT, but there was also attendees from NH and RI. We might have had more, but it was wargaming day for the historical guys and they were running an ACW table nearby. I have set up a re-occurring paint day at the Citadel on the 2nd Saturday of every month, as that is when Ken (one of the owners) said there should be a little more space (the shop was packed last Saturday). Of course, I am very much willing to go to other stores to paint as well, all some one has to do is schedule one and I will be glad to make the drive. Pictures of the attendees and paint jobs below.
  10. Thread arise from the digital grave! Well, it's been a while. Hope everyone is doing well. I am missing my NEMPA peeps. I know a saw a couple of you at RCon this year, but those who were unable to make it were sorely missed. I've set up a paint day at the Citadel Game Cellar in Groton CT on the 21st of January from noon to 5pm. I know that the store keeps getting asked when there was going to be another paint day, and I've been itching to get back to some regular meet-ups. The goal is to get something going on a monthly basis; whether that is monthly at the Citadel or rotating through other places in the region depends on what people want. Hopefully I have given people enough heads up for scheduling. Looking forward to seeing those who can make it, but if you can't, no problem, I'll be attempting to schedule things of a more regular basis. I hope the holidays treat you well and hope that this coming year is filled with joy and contentment for you all. -Jeff
  11. Evidently I was feeling minimalist this time around. Might have something to do with the explosion of minis I have in my work/ storage space. Mimic mini and a few stickers.
  12. Chaoswolf box on the way to Chaos Scorpion. Lots of Chaos going on with this box.
  13. liked in solidarity...at least they have different colored wire. I had to build a 64 pin connector once with 32 strands of black/white pairs. That is why I had the shop order a label maker for shrink tube. Labeled those suckers as I built them. Still seated a couple of pins wrong; but to be fair I was working on one end any my coworker was working the other.
  14. Missed the last one, so I'm in on this one! Connecticut as well, No box starter no international at this time If need be, Mad Jack and I are close enough to each other that if he is before me, I can ship and there wouldn't be any worries about having to drop out.
  15. Been going to the Ren Faire the last few weekends. It was cancelled today due to weather, maybe tomorrow?
  16. I've been to two that I can think of. First one was a friend of my brothers; was in a backyard and was medieval themed (for the bride and groom). The reception was indoors. The other one was a windy rainy day at a gazebo at a town park. Me and another guest ended up driving to home depot for a few sheets of plywood to cover the mud puddles on the path to the gazebo to keep the bride from getting her dress/shoes muddy. Reception was afterwards at a restaurant, followed by the bride and groom serving pints of Guinness from behind the bar of their favorite bar.
  17. That's my wife's family; her dad is the eldest of 10 kids and they all went on to have 3 or more children (except for Auntie Nancy aka Sister Mary Francis for obvious reasons). Her Moms side isn't quite as large. She has so many cousins that she didn't bother trying to remember their name until they could talk. Me on the other hand have 2 cousins. Made the guest lists for our wedding interesting. "You need to put all your family on there." "That is all my family, plus the guys from the boat that I'm inviting, and my friends."
  18. Should have been Unit3d Art and Gaming. Booths 3 and 4 according to the RCon handbook.
  19. I quite liked the announcements. My wallet, on the other hand...
  20. Badge and ribbons get hung from curtain rod. Patches and buttons go on my Nerd Vest or Reaper Keeper. Other things like pens and stickers or note books pile up in a box until I need them.
  21. Back at work myself. Seems like they decided to save all of the work for when I came back, as due to various reasons nothing got done while I was gone. May be a busy short week.
  22. Awesome Wife and I have stopped for food and are now home safe. My wallet, however may have sustained a fatal wound, now that a look at the damage from the vendors. But what a battle it was!
  23. I got blackout this year! I also finished the card...😈
  24. haldir, Awesome Wife and I are on the way to the hotel from the airport.
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