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  1. I'm a fan of D&D: DM Edition myself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBtnLznwZW4
  2. Sabine moves up to X 12 and waits peering at the reptile and seeing what it does.
  3. Much birthday happiness to you!!! May the coming year bring you many more happy tales to tell!
  4. Yesterday was my buddy Adam's Ampuversary. He was driving down the road and the lady coming the other way decided she needed to turn into the hardware store he was passing. She turned right through him and his motorcycle. Cost him his leg. He in now back to working 32 hours a week as an ER Nurse, so he's made about the best recovery anyone could I you haven't already given it away, I wouldn't mind giving the game a try. Finally caught up. Power was out for about 30 hours due to the tropical storm. Tries firing up the generator and it appears to have seized (it's 9-10 year old, so not totally unexpected). So I went out and bought coolers and ice as the freezers we starting to cool off. Of course that just meant that 2 hours after I transferred everything over the power comes back. I should have bought the coolers yesterday.
  5. Ah, so you were the reason that that port call was cancelled for us. It all makes sense now. So you're a cat. I mean, of course you are, but this is just another confirming sign.
  6. Disease check: 78 Survival 8+9=17 Stealth 6-1=5 Nest sounds like the most likely threat. The shipwreck likely isn't going anywhere.
  7. But you are being productive! You're double posting!
  8. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  9. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  10. Order placed. And not a black t-shirt to be seen! (I already have enough black gamer shirts and this summer had decided to show me how...unwise... wearing all black can be)
  11. If your giving your date a tip, is it really a date or a business transaction?
  12. We switched to laminate floors due to our eldest's allergy issues, but I have had a Kirby for 22+ years now and other than bags and belts, I haven't needed to do anything for it. My folks have one older than me that is still going strong. It was definitely pricey but I figure it is the only vacuum I will ever need to buy.
  13. A hot day means that I don't want to be running the stove or oven indoors, so something grilled or smoked. Steaks, burgers, sausages or brats. Grill or nuke up a potato or slice some cucumbers and Bob's yer uncle.
  14. Update to question for the 25th: FLGS still had stuff so they made it Free RPG Weekend. And had a discounts of stuff on top of things. So my picks are in the Acquisitions thread. 26th World Building. I have world built often enough, to lesser and greater extents. From shared world building in a homebrew system with my friends (my buddy Tim fleshed most things out, and we each detailed the area where we ran adventure in the world) to building my own world recovering from The War of the Twelve where a battle between the 12 most powerful wizards in the world over the location of an upcoming magical conjunction destroyed the know word and the survivor fled over the mountains to the relative safety of the frontier lands. I tend to start with an big picture overview: land masses, topographical features, snapshots of the existing nations that the PC would know about; and then detail the starting area and work my way out. That way, I only spend time detailing things that the player will actually interact with. I'm very comfortable flying by the seat of my pants and making thing fit into the the already defined structure. And if things don't make sense, well, the the PC's were obviously misinformed about it. Was it intentional? WHAT ARE THEY HIDDING!!!! I haven't run much stuff in my own world lately. I usually have it be generic enough that it fits whereever the game is playing or in FR as I've been doing a bunch of Adventure League these last few years.
  15. While Ebberon has it's own book (assuming 5E?), it doesn't have all of the classes and races that are in the PHB. Between the PHB and the Ebberon hardcover you should have everything you need to play. the Ebberon book mostly has the new class (Artificer) and race information, and the rules for Dragon Marks. If you make a character without any of that new material, you don't even really need the Ebberon book. I have most of the books (all the rule/moster books and a good few of the campaign hard covers) so if you need specific info, shoot me a message and I'll be glad to help. If it is 3.5 Ebberon, it's been so long that I don't remember if it duplicated infro from the PHB. I don't think that it did.
  16. Well, hit up the FLGS for some Free RPG Day (after) goodness. And bought some stuff of course. My purchases: Minis and brushes for Youngest Daughter: Amd the Free RPG Day haul. My daughter gets the library stuff.
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