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  1. The game was Arcana Unearthed and the mini manufacturer was Iron Wind Metals. The race was called Litorians and there seem to have been at least 5 sculpts (3 male and 2 female). They don't seem to be in production anymore but there are some low quality pictures on Noble Knight.
  2. Call it 13 then. I can't open my character sheet at work and don't want to hold up story progression. ETA: +2 con so 15
  3. There was a game put out by Monte Cooke (I think) that had lion-men as well as some sort of giant. I want to say that Ral Partha made minis for it. I have one of the giants at home and can try and see what I can find. At work so don't have access to any of my normal sources.
  4. Her hide armor being not conducive to swimming, Sabine will help with rowing the raft. (Can't remember if you can roll a Profession check untrained; at work and no phone, so can't look it up) Profession Sailor: (13 +5)=18 (minus whatever penalty for untrained)
  5. Five can also be pronounced "fife", at least according to the RUTH (Radio Users Telephone Handbook) manual that I qualified with.
  6. Braver man then me. I'm not trustful of my fellow man to set foot anywhere close to a movie theater anytime soon.
  7. West Nile for mosquitoes, Lyme is from ticks. Still beat the Lone Star tick disease that causes you to become allergic to read meat.
  8. It is dreary and damp here today. Was up early to bring middle daughter to work this morning. Then a good DnD session that ended with a portal to Abyss opening at the Grand Finale of the Story Telling and Music Festival. Will have to see if we can get the Queen away safely when we pick up in two weeks. Random Youtube trolling now has me on an Indigo Girls kick and have been listening to them fro the last hour or so. It's been years since I listened to them and and are still amazed by their harmonies. All in all, a great Saturday. I have to go make dinner something soon and then who knows? I may actually get something accomplished. Or just continue to laze the day away. Either one seems equally probable.
  9. I have....many. Enough that I don't want to spend the amount of time that it would take to quantify them. Between the Bones and Wizkids minis (and a number to GW and other brand box sets) I think that the plastics have finally out numbered the metals. Unless I count all of the bit from RCon shopping as their own metal minis ( have like something like 50 cats alone).
  10. I can't get on the website to look (at work currently), but Iron Wind Metals has many of the older RP sculpts. Or Ral Partha Europe (if they still exist; I haven't looked at them in years).
  11. Tides are crazy. It always seemed like high tide when I went on liberty, having a slight incline on the brow. Then when you can back to the ship, it was low tide and you have to navigate 45+ degree decline, after a night of drinking. More than one person ended up in the drink despite the lifelines. More than one person slept it off topside rather than attempt it (or the ladder down the hatch).
  12. I have an Ender 3 Pro filament printer. I haven't used it in way too long, mostly because things are piled up in front of it. It's on the list of things to do, especially as I've backed a couple of terrain KS and need to get printing.
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