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  1. I attribute it to the fact that many were stuck at home and had fewer distractions preventing them from making choices. Plus having an excuse to get out of the house and to the post office to mail the box out. At least that's my reason.
  2. looked it up. $119 pre-order price, with a deal of 3 kits for $300
  3. Managed to remember to take sime pictures today: First we were somewhat lax on weeding. There is the pile for today. Squash and one little pumpkin vine. Peaches The concord grapes are plumping up nice. Couple of apples Pears And the black berries And cukes and tomatos from the harvest today. The candy land tomatos went straight from plant to Awesome Wifes mouth.
  4. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  5. I have participated in the past, but I had a DnD game today until about 1430, then had some yard work to deal with. By the time that was done, I decided that I was too tired and sweaty to make the 40min drive to my FLGS. (40 min drive from home, about a 7 min drive from work; I go there more often from work). Also, while the materials are free to the patrons of the store, I'm pretty sure that the stores have to buy in to get the "kit" of materials. Hence why some stores don't think it's worth it.
  6. Have my name immortalized at the Reaper Factory? Yes please! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92362-reaper-factory-communty-expansion-project/
  7. Pretty sure it's the "you are elfing kidding me" expressions on their faces at the suggestion.
  8. This literally happened last night after the mystic (monk) needed to leave the game because of a work call. So my plate wearing cleric with the glowing circlet of holy symbols took point.
  9. I will avoid the cop out by saying it varies. So I'm going with a middle of the road 5. I typically plan things for a certain time/date, but I don't really bother planning any specifics unless there is some sort of deadline involved (i.e. classes at RCon). I find it much easier to just wing things when I get there. Generally I find the experience better if I leave myself open to any developments rather to have to pass up things because I have already made detailed plans. Again, depending on the importance/expense this can vary dramatically.
  10. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
  11. Listening to techno played on acoustic guitars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIrkhJut4Ew Only thing I knew by name so far is Sandstorm.
  12. I need to know about the pantheon so I can develop a cleric/paladin that honors the tenets of their god/gods to the best of their ability. Or a heretic that just wants to watch the world burn. Either option is equally likely.
  13. Style: Jeans and T-shirt. Pretty much all of the time unless it is hot and humid, in which case I'll put one either jean or cargo shorts. The last couple of weeks of hot weather I have realized that most of my t-shirts are gamer-black and that doesn't do well working in the direct sun so I am on the look out for lighter colors. Original plans for this week end were going to be Middle Duaghter's High School Drive By Graduation Ceremony on Sat, followed by a small grad party on Sunday. The graduation has been postponed to Monday due to weather, and Middle Daughter wants to push the party until after she actually has her diploma in hand. So I now have the weekend free. Maybe DnD on Sat if the others didn't already make plans.
  14. Much birthday happiness to you!!!
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