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  1. I'd take some but I don't think they would survive the cross country trip.
  2. I like. Looks good for Starfinder terrain. Backed.
  3. Yup, I checked my PMs, it was four years ago August. Anyways they are going gang busters now.
  4. Picture dump from phone. I'll go back and annotae everything else from my computer. First we see the eventual entrance to the garden. (I'm fencing it off so the baby wood chucks don't wreak havoc this year. All the others over the years staayed to the back yard, but this years bunch seem much more adventurous. Running the left side we have some sort of Japanese sweet pea; we will usually plant these twice in a season. Up front are the container herbs. They will come inside when the weather turns cold. They are Awesome Wife's domain, so I would have to go look at the labels to see what they are. Then we have 2 rows of strawberries (10 plants and the bush beans. And then a cabbage. The garden abuts our property line with the neighbors so Awesome Wife planted a bunch of ornamentals and flowers along the line so the neighbors have something pretty to look at. The garden was originally a raised bed twice the size that straddled the property line and our previous neighbor shared the gardening duties with us. When she was preparing to move last year, we stole most of the soil, reduced the size so it was only on our property and put in the flowers. Right side of the garden, shaded in early morning, but then gets sun for the rest of the day. Here like a pumpkin, a watermelon, two squash and a zuchinni. As well as a start of a compost pile. (the previous one was a pain to get stuff out of and was in the back yard. This one is just vegetable matter so should smell much at all. To the left of the gourd land, we have cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes (front to back). We also lined the front of the garden with marigolds as they deter some pests. Angle shot showing the front of the garden. front to back you see the cukes, peppers and way back there are our lettuce. Also showing great signso of growth this year are our concord grape vines. @Mad Jack has a neighbor that planted the original grape vine 20-30 years ago and they were beginning to strangle out the trees on his property. About 3 (?) years ago he mentioned that he was going to be cutting the vines out of his trees (because the grapes were attracting every yellow jacket in a 20 mile radius), so I jumped on and messaged him that I would help in exchange for ripe grapes. Awesome Wife and I left with about 10 lbs of grapes and 3 vine cuttings. Last year we have one tiny bunch of grapes, but this year we have the start of dozens. The next piece of garden infrastructure after the fence is a grape arbor/trellis. And then looking down the back of the garden, you can see the asparagus, tomatoes, onions (half from last year, or was it two years ago?) and just by the grape vines my row of pickling cukes. Yes, I planted 10 pickling and 6 slicing cukes. I buy 4 cucumbers at the store for salads and by the next day I'm lucky if I have half of one left. That's it in a nutshell. I can get exact varieties of things if anyone is interested (and I have a garden map that drew up around here somewhere; I must have put it somewhere "safe"). I also have the blackberry canes, the wild raspberry canes, high and low bush blueberries, a wild grapevine that may bear fruit for the first time this year, peaches, apples, pears and cherries. And we just got some red currents that need to be planted. I can post those too if anyone is interested. And then there are all of the flowering plant/shrubs and trees (including close to 35-ish lilacs alone). Again that is Awesome Wife's domain so she would have to make that post.
  5. So with things starting open back up, it looks like my Starfinder game is going to start up again, this time with a new campaign. So if I haven't painted a mini for my character yet, I will do so. Either an uplifted bear mechanic or a magi-tech construct witchwarper. So something fun either way.
  6. I will have to go take some pictures of our efforts. You appear to be further along in the growing season than I am.
  7. That sounds delicious. I'm going to have to have a stout during my game tonight now. (spoiler: I usually have stouts with my game)
  8. "We should explore out to the tip. We do not want to miss something important to our survival or a way off of this island."
  9. Game is supposed to be Kingfinder in Spaaaaaaaace!!!!!. So I theoretically could come to on a colony ship.
  10. Just wanted to thank @Serenity for these updates. I invariably forget the times and dates of the streams (especially in this current work from home environment) and miss them. I would miss so many more if not for the regular updates here in this thread.
  11. Rob Dean box has departed for the next stop on it's sold out cross country tour!
  12. and the Rob Dean box is in the hands of the USPS with an estimated delivery date of Monday.
  13. Selections from the Rob Dean box. -A ruined building -DSM-5119 Roose Bolton -Bones Overlord Cavalry -Lady with book and rapier -Bear of unknown provenance (I just decided before opening the box to create an Uplifted Bear for Starfinder) Box should go out tomorrow, all things permitting.
  14. Much(room) birthday happiness to you!!!
  15. Rob Dean box has arrived! Let's see how quick I can turn it around.
  16. I may actually get to take part on the intended day for a change. The con I normally attend then was canceled. Now to decide how crazy I want to be.
  17. Well, if you make it 20 years after retirement, that's a rough amount of what you get. Or did under the older system. Things are somewhat different now.
  18. Surprising set of times for my last order from Hasslefree minis. Placed order on May 26th. I knew it could be a while as shipping is a one man affair with the one man living in the unit and only able to get to the post office once a week. Received an email saying my order had been shipped on June 5th. Received my order today, June 8th. So either the email saying my package was shipped wasn't send the same day the package was, or I just had a 3 day trans-Atlantic delivery.
  19. If you want to grow your channel, you may want to participate in the Discord and link your channel there. There a separate section for streamers. I'm not on Discord often but those who are seem to be pretty supportive of fellow Reaper fan's streams.
  20. Crab is good eating! Sabine is most likely towards the rear as usual. Init (14+1)=15
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