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  1. I know there are several current and former members of the Navy that frequent the boards. These video's have been making the rounds at my base and I figured that I would share the wealth. The best way I can describe them is "Submariners in Spaaaaace!", but most of it should be applicable to anyone who is familiar with military life. My favorite parts are the Navy to English translator bits. Hey Shipwreck Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
  2. I started when I was in 5th grade so that puts it around 1982 (I'm 35 this month). My family had just moved to Nashua NH for my dad's work and my new friends had just gotten the basic and expert boxes. We quickly moved up to AD&D and any other game we could get our hands on (Star Frontiers, Gamma World, Traveler, Elf Quest ect.). In high school after a move across the river, I stopped playing D&D due to "book bloat" and we started playing a RPGs of our own design (FUCS Fiendishly Uncomplicated Combat System, and SLURP Somewhat Logical Uncomplicated Role Play). After I joined the Navy, game time was reduced to when I came home on leave or long week ends. I started playing 3rd edition with the guys on my last boat, and now that I don't have time to home brew a gaming system I don't mind the "book bloat" of D&D so much anymore. Now if I could just find the time and some opponents for Warlord....
  3. And by "Bubbleheads", I mean submariners. I ran into my Command Master Chief at the FLGS the other day. He is building a 1:72 scale model of the USS Growler (I think it comes out to 54 inches in length). He was looking for paint, and we got to talking about our hobbies. I told him that there might be some miniature he could put on the deck of his model. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what scale 1:72 would correlate to for miniatures, and since I paint fantasy or historical figures, I don't have much knowledge of manufacturers that would produce those lines. I'm not sure if anyone makes submariners specifically, but I'm sure that any WWII sailors in the proper scale could be made to work (just paint them dirty and add a coluple drops of diesel fuel ). Any help would be appreciated. Jeff
  4. Still a lack of snow here in CT. It's finally cold though. All of my students from down south and out west were complaining about it. And they have yet to see a true New England Nor'Easter. Heh, heh.
  5. Those are some pretty cool designs. But nothing fancy is really necessary. The best time that I had gaming (role or war) was using nothing but an old ping-pong table. Now there was some real estate! Room for everything including a weekends worth of soda cans and pizza boxes. Now that I have traveled down memory lane I'm jonesing for a game. Feb 11th can't come soon enough.
  6. Joined: Apr 24th 2003. Post Count: 51 (52 with this one) Reason for not posting more: I only post when I have something relevant to say. I will probablly post more once I start painting again. I think I have painted 4-5 figures in the last 3 years 9 (whereas the numbers that I have bought <shudder>). My glacial pace has alot to do with my being on an operational sumbarine for the last 4 years or so; that would also somewhat explain the low post count. Mostly I lurk, try and soak up some knowledge to apply when I get back to a semi-regular painting schedule now that I am back on shore duty. I suppose that I initially planned on posting more, but RL (or the Navy's version of it) always seemed to interfere. There are probablly several others out there like me I suppose.
  7. Depends how long ago the paints were packed. The new LTPKs have been switched over to MSP. The ones at my FLGS have stickers on them that saw something to the effect of "Now with Master series paints". If your getting the ones from the Online store they should be MSP. Hope that helps. Jeff
  8. Congratulations!! Persistance and hard work pays off. I'll second the TSP contributions. I've been doing them ever since I went back in the Navy and have been quite pleased with the performance over the longer term. I've been increasing my percentage with each pay raise as well and it works great. Here hopeing that wverything continues to go well for you. -Jeff
  9. Thanks to all for the quick responses. I'll try the Zap a Gap first since I have a bottle I use to assemble minis. If that doesn't offer a permanent fix I'll go the Silicone RTV route. Thanks again.
  10. Hero. If your only work out is by moving your miniature collection around, is it considered pumping lead?
  11. My wife (She Who Must Be Obeyed), has one of those backlit pieces of art, kinda like a night light. the glass pane is normally glued to the body of the light. A while ago it fell off (my kids have been pleading the fifth as to how). SHMBO keeps gluing it back on with her hot glue gun. Unfortunately, when the light is on for an extended period of time, the glue softens and one again the cool piece of artwork is in two pieces. With all of the crafty people here, I figure someone should have a recommendation for a high temp glue suitable for this application. It will have to fill a slight gap. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jeff
  12. False representation. Bird in the hand, or two in the bush?
  13. Could be worse. I have a friend whose daughter "painted" the hallway, rugs and bathroom and her baby brother in, 'ahem', bodily waste. Evidently, said baby brother had a stinky diaper, and she tried to change him and thought that it would be good for finger painting.
  14. I'll second just about anything by David Webber. The Starfire series, already mentioned, was good, but the Honor Harrington books are great. Lots of sweeping fleet actions, along with glaxay spanning political drama. A very good read. John Ringo is also a good military SF author. His breakthough series (A Hymn Before Battle, Gust Front, and others that I can't remember the titles to) deals with our first contact with a galactic alliance. They want our help becouse they are being invaded by the Possleen, a centauroid race that sweeps over entire planets eating every thing in sight. The Alliace will give us galactic tech if we fight the invaders as none of the member races are suited to fighting. Oh yeah, and Earth is third in line on the invaders advance.
  15. Thanks for the map. I logged on today and all three of my charecters were dead. Presto chango reincarnation. Moved about and ran out of AP. Logged on after lunch and all were dead again. They wern't kidding when they said you will die..........alot Still its kind of obsessive. I keep checking back to see if I have refreshed any AP every 15 minutes or so. Just need some XP to level up now. Thanks for pointing this out to us. It is causing me much loss of productivity.
  16. I joined as well. Jelrek is currently stuck in the sewers. Should have read that there is nothing in the sewers before I ran out of AP.
  17. Crunch-Waffle has some nice Native Americans sculpted by Gael Goumon Crunch-Waffle The Suicide Warrior and the Ranger with club might fit waht you are looking for. Sorry but I have not figured how to post pictures yet Suicide Warrior ranger Hope that helps.
  18. *singing off-key* "20-20-24 hours to go-oh-oh, I want to be sedated". Just got some weird looks from my coworkers. Sword, Axe or Mace?
  19. Nice. Very amusing reading while I sit here at work. If you like these try the de-motivational posters at Despair. A couple of my favorites: Achievment Wishes
  20. Not today. (But I still have 1.75 hours) Will you paint a mini in the next 1.75 hours?
  21. Because it would so cut into my painting/gaming time. Death from above, or death from below?
  22. I don't mind the remakes. Let's face it. While Reaper has always had top notch models, sculpting has come along way over the last 10yrs or so. I've got no problem shelling out my hard earned cash (well I'm on shore duty now, so it's not that hard earned now ) for a model that is cleaner or modified if it fits with the plans I have for modeling or gaming. And some the the "retreads" are completely different. Look at the Stern Kestrelman minis. They are vastly different from each other. Yes they share the same name, but I use rename my figures when I use them for gaming anyways. I say keep it up and give the consumer more choices. I for one am still leery of conversions and this makes it easier on me.
  23. Just wanted to say that I'm glad Reaper Vision is back. So often I wonder how others paint a mini from all angles. And the sorceress is amazing. If I could just paint skin that smooth, I'd be sure to paint more. I'll definately check in every Friday just for this feature (not that I don't visit the site everyday as it is ). Thanks for the effort on this one Kit. It's just one more example of Reaper leading the pack.
  24. Yes, and I don't want the cure. Your lead collection, does it weigh more than you do?
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