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  1. Breaking in the new smoker. Burn in was successful and the ribs have about an hour to go. Food, then DnD with a new stout to try. Great end to a surprisingly chill weekend.
  2. This is what I am working on. Letting the pumice paste dry now.
  3. I feel you. Good morning to you too. (from the afternoon locally)
  4. Did I manage to find a spot to fasten a rope?
  5. Should be the iconics. I saw a June release list somewhere (here, FB or Discord)
  6. Just announced on Reaper Live: They just finished making the last batch of Survival Kits. When they are gone they are gone.
  7. I've got the clothespins, but I needed to hold things upright while the glue set. I didn't even think about printing bases though. It's a good Idea for things that need odd/larger sizes. Though now I'm thinking about it, I suppose I could jury rig them to stand up. But I have the parts holder so that way is easier for me.
  8. So last year I picked up a dozen of those plastic succulents at the Dollar Tree. the intent was to make some scatter terrain for jungle games (i.e. Ghost Archipelago). In an exceptional quick project start for me, I actually started them tonight! In totally unrelated news, I learned that hot glue takes longer to dry than you think. Luckily I have one of those GW mini holders with the arms ending in alligator clips and they were able to hold things in place until the glue set. I got a half dozen of them made up and after I finish them I'll post them in the conversion and terrain section if anyone is interested.
  9. "Thank you for the information and your time Sheriff Feldane. you have been most gracious with your assistance. I think that we should be able to find our way to the two locations without your assistance, unless of course, you think that Mrs Walder would be adverse to our looking around with your presence. Did anyone have anything else they wanted to ask before we leave?"
  10. Ran by the FLGS yesterday and grabbed some Bones and Wizkids minis as well as some greenstuff as the only stuff I can find to so old I can't mix it. Also ran by Harbor Freight for some consumables.
  11. "Good morning Sheriff, I am Karl Ritva-son and these fine individuals are Kendrin, Aronen and Darkaya." He points at each of his companions in turn. "We were just informed about the unfortunate tragedy that occurred last night by Mistress Almara of the Umbra Carnival. She is sorrowed by the events, but insists that her people were not involved. So much so that she has asked us, as impartial parties, to look into the matter and find the perpetrators. As such we are here to introduce ourselves and to offer our assistance in apprehending those involved, whomever they may be."
  12. "Should see if anything is salvageable." Sabine says as she casts about for a secure place to tie a rope near the edge of the cliff. "And we also need to look around to see if we can find the berries that Aerys wanted." Nature check to see if Sabine knows anything about the area Viper's Nettle is found or if it actually works as a cure for alcoholism. (9+7)=16
  13. And that is the difference between us. I realized the irony immediately and hit the like button because of it.
  14. PM sent with address for next leg of the journey. No rush, just wanted to send it while I was thinking about it.
  15. Actual beaver tail is considered a delicacy in some places. I've never had the opportunity to try it.
  16. Picked up several things today. Levis %505 Jeans. I'm wearing holes on the outer front pockets from my money clip. Logitech Wireless Thumb Trackball. My pointer device of choice; I was tired of switching the one I have now between my laptop and desktop. And I backed and downloaded the Cosplay Humble Bundle. I may not use it immediately, but I'm sure some of my kids will. And I also just acquired Borderlands 2 from the Epic Gamestore. Not sure when I will play it, but the price was right: FREE.
  17. My 15 year old made a fried naan bread earlier this week that was sooooooo good. First time making it too. I suspect it will become a frequent thing.
  18. Nope. Special plans? Well I actually went into work today. Does that count? Of couse the job I came in for has been delayed due to extra work needed before I can het to my part so I get to try again tomorrow. I'm going to hang out until the Exchange opens base, then pick up a few things on the way home.
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