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  1. Carmine Carmine grunts as the statue finally slides onto its plinth. It hadn't exactly been heavy, per se, but certainly awkwardly shaped and difficult to carry without accidentally groping the likeness of Erastil. The antlered man stares back impassively, showing no sign that he's aware of the trouble he caused, and Carmine murmurs a brief prayer to Iomedae before turning away and leaving the chapel. Back out in the street, his stomach growls. Perhaps the pastries have already burned off. He strikes out for the Polished Diamond.
  2. Carmine "And I am Carmine," He sweeps a a bow towards the older woman, taking care not to crease the carpet or propel anything off of an adjacent mantle. These days, it seems like all he's been doing is introducing himself to polite strangers. "That is quite a work of art you've created. I will take the utmost care with it." Crossing the room, he hefts the statue by the base and begins to make his way back towards the church, calling a quick farewell to Laessa as he departs.
  3. A passing vampire helps you out. Unfortunately, now you're allergic to the day shift. I wish I could overcome my writer's block.
  4. Carmine "Actually, I think I can help you. Mother Astia sent me to assist in moving the statue."
  5. Carmine Facing towards the robed man, Carmine bows. "Good morning. I am Carmine; a humble servant of Iomedae. I come from, um," he hesitates, "all around. I don't suppose you're here to help me move the statue?" (sorry, Vil. The old game thread was still sitting in The Gathering, so I had no idea that this one had sprung up.)
  6. Carmine "Certainly. I'll attend to it directly." Carmine does an about-face and strolls off to see Laessa.
  7. Carmine Carmine smiles and sweeps a quick bow to Mother Astia. "I was about to ask you the very same thing. I am newly arrived here, and there appears to be a festival on. Perhaps I could be of service to the church in preparing for the celebration?" Across the room there's a faint clinking of coins disappearing into one of the donation boxes, and Carmine murmurs a habitual "bless you, miss," before returning his attention to Astia.
  8. Carmine Carmine wanders into the chapel. A few minutes of quiet reflection never hurt, and perhaps the clergy inside might be looking for help with festival preparations.
  9. Carmine It's dark and there's no roof and she's hanging by her heels from the gibbous moon, watching him. Carmine looks up at the Voice of Iomedae, who's wearing a floral dress, and then down at his surroundings. There's nothing to either side of him but meadow, grassy and rolling. "Nice place you brought me to. It beats tundra." His nose itches, and although it's much too early in the season for hayfever, in dreams anything is possible. "You like it?" She sounds delighted, but then a frown wrinkles her brow. "I suppose it is a little bland. I could add some spice?" "No, really, it's okay." That's what he starts to say before the goddess preempts him. There's a puff of brightly colored smoke, and alligators rain from the sky. The meadow welcomes them with fleshy thumps. "Better?" "Uh...yeah." "I thought so." She grins and her head rotates like an owl, doing a full one-eighty to survey the reptilian carnage. She would be quite pretty, for a meddlesome hallucination, if she didn't insist on doing things like this. "I just wanted to set the right tone." "Well, uh, good job." Carmine looks down at himself and is pleased to find that his body is formless. It's much better than discovering that he's temporarily become a stack of gold coins, or a flamingo. "If I might ask, what did you want to have this talk with me for?" "Weeellll...." She draws out the word until, abruptly, the moon becomes a puff of flower petals and the Voice drops to the ground beside him, breaking into porcelain pieces. Inside the rubble, fractured lips move. "I just wanted to give you fair warning. Your life's about to get interesting. Ta." With an icy surge of dread, Carmine wakes up. - "Good morning to you too, Marissa." Carmine scoots into an available chair at the bar. "If you could just wrap up a few for me, I'd be much obliged." After exchanging a modest handful of change for the scones, he gathers together his gear and heads out into the street, looking for the local church of Iomedae. Maybe he can volunteer some help if they're involved with the festivities.
  10. Mika and Carmine could've traveled together, if she was anywhere near Chelaxia or the Shoanti lands. I'd like to glance at a description of her character, though. Also, my backstory 'short' is now eleven pages long and completely non-canon. If people are curious, I'll post it when I finish, but for now it's probably alright to go ahead without it (long story short, Carmine doesn't die.)
  11. Carmine's going to have been fleeing from Shoanti lands, and he might have bumped into Logen or Razevan along the way. This should all be explained by my backstory short, which is currently growing into a right beast (four pages and no sign of stopping? Sheesh.)
  12. Alright. Lil' bit of backstory that I want to clear with you before developing it further. None of it is intended to dramatically alter the game state, dictate world-changes, or grant me any sort of advantage (not that I'd use a backstory to do anything but get my character in deeper trouble than he's already in.) As always, these are possible elements that I want to work into my character and subject to DM approval. 1) Not too sure on Chelaxian culture, but I've gone with an Italian naming scheme for my paladin (Carmine) and his family (the Sforzas.) He's pureblooded, from Chelaxian lands, and from a noble family. He's also something of a runaway. 2) Carmine's father, Carlo Sforza, in an esteemed duelist and politician. His mother, Strega Marianna Sforza, is a witch. They are both very much still alive, but live in Chelaxian lands and are not actively involved in searching for him (the circumstances of him leaving went something along the lines of "hey, I had a religious revelation. Kay, thanks. Bye.") 3) Carmine is an only child, and when he was a newborn Marianna Sforza forged a pact with a minor Infernal to watch over him and guard him from harm. In exchange, she sacrificed her vision. Now, instead of seeing through her own eyes, the Infernal does. Pledging himself to Iomedae did surprisingly little to negate the attentions of Carmine's guardian devil. It doesn't actively manifest around him or communicate with him, but occasionally little signs of its presence turn up; a whiff of brimstone in the air, smoldering footprints on a carpet, a thimble full of goat's blood cast against a wall. Disclaimer: this is not intended to confer any sort of advantages whatsoever. If anything, it should show up occasionally as either character fluff or a disadvantage, depending on how okay you are about working with it. 4) The earthbreaker that Carmine wields is a gift from the Shoanti. Needless to say, this will take some convincing and my backstory short will be primarily dealing with this. I'm beginning production on it today, and I'll hopefully have an update on when it might be done by tomorrow.
  13. Okay, char should be all set except for name and backstory write-up.
  14. Whoops. Looks like pathfinder has more than a few cosmetic differences from 3.5e. I'll be patching up my sheet asap. I'm also going to be writing a (very out-of-canon, very loose) backstory vignette, which should take slightly longer to complete. Hopefully I'll have it up before the game begins.
  15. Char skeleton coming together slowly. Here's the sheet in progress: http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=184005
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