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  1. ReaperCon 2014 ... Be there Thursday. See you soon!

  2. ReaperCon 2013 I should be there... Yes!

  3. ReaperCon 2013 I hope.... I was sorry I missed last year.

  4. ReaperCon 2011 was great I can't wait for R'Con 2012. Be good find me on FB too...

  5. Great work Froggy! Thanks for giving me the link on FB I was at work when I got it.
  6. Great job Sir! The sheer effect done very nicely!
  7. Thank you Bryan! I guess I had assumed the schedule would have been like last year... my bad. I appreciate the pdf to know what to shoot for. Thanks again.
  8. Gaming tickets and schedule? I can't seem to find the sign-up yet?
  9. Oh my! The miniatures look awesome especially the blonde warrior on top. I also love the Hirst Arts Dungeons too. I use Hirst Arts molds too since I bought my 1st 2 back in 2006 and now I have 50+.
  10. Froggy These new miniatures looks great. I really like the flamethrower soldier and the Imp looking girl on top. Keep up the great work. Someone is sending me some cool Daleks from Scotland too. I can't wait to paint them up. Did you ever paint more of your Daleks yet?
  11. I will be there for some gaming of Pathfinder and Star Wars. This will be my 2nd ReaperCon. I had a blast last year. I would also love to get some new cool minis and make some new friends.
  12. I would like to get some gaming paper too. I will have to buy a couple of rolls during my visit.
  13. If all works out I will be there Fri thru Sun. The kids get out of school on Thurs. I look forward to meeting everyone in person and painting and gaming with everyone.
  14. I will be going thru Caddo,OK. I live in Pryor,OK.
  15. Thank you for all the helpful information. The comments really helped my wife. She said she likes to paint. She is also picking out miniatures she would like to get. It helps I have an old Casket Works Catalog. Vacation approved for my work and my wife's work too. Motel is picked out. I will watch out for Bryan on stealing babies. It all sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait to go.
  16. Thank you everyone for all the desired information. I have shown my wife you responses and she did say she likes to paint. She has done some console/computer RPGs. I should have said this earlier my wife and I will also be with our 2 daughters (gamer daughter 12yr and a very active 1 yr old). So I hope a cute baby is welcome. BlueWeasel- I have been told directly from GM Chris ,TG, GM Dave and GM Brev are planning to attend. I look forward to meeting them in person and gaming too. Rastl- I have always thought you painted awesomely. I need to take some of those painting courses and I'm willing to learn. I look forward to seeing the big Hirst Arts Dungeons too.
  17. Hello Everyone, This will be my 1st year to attend ReaperCon. I'm curious what events are usually held and other things to do? Just curious is there anything for the non-gamer wife to do there at ReaperCon? Also I would love to meet and game with my friends and others from D20Radio... such as those from Order 66, Minis Mayham, City of Doors, and Radio Free Hamlet. I would like to hear from D20radio fans that are planning to attend. I'm also looking forward to making new friends from all over. What does ReaperCon Cost for admission? gaming? Thank you in advance.
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