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  1. Hey thanks alot I just bought the new 2nd edition rulebook from my local store here and this game rocks. I love how custom the game is. I love to personalize my miniatures so this is awesome. I also totally understand that things need to make since on the miniature since that is kind of the whole point of the miniature. I also understand the need of the base bieng the same. My local store doesnt carry either of these dragons at the moment so I will have to order it online. That brings me to another question. Will Lavarath fit on the same base as Argyrian? Also is there a possible Mercenary figure I could substitute Lavarath for The only big figures I really see is are the stone giant and minataur wich dont really fit the dragon rider so much. Are there more Datacards than the ones in the base rulebook that I have? Chris
  2. Yeah Im sorry I should have said this before but that forum topic is what actually spurred this question. Wich makes me feel stupid because I this question should have just went in that topic as well. So if I just put a rider on the Elven dragon Argyrian it wouldnt change the rules on the dragon but I could use the miniature with just a rider added right?
  3. Hi everyone Im am new to this forum and I am sort of new to warlord as well. I was just wondering if there was anyway to use the awesome Platypod, Echidnox and Kyra and lavarath minis. What I really would like to do is to change out Kyra with a Reaper DHL character that I have used for one of my favorite DnD characters for forever. Is there anyway do do this? I just want to be able to use these miniatures In warlord. Is there any way? I would prefer it if I was able to use them in tournament play as well. Thanks, Chris
  4. wait what? Is this official? You can proxy anything now? That means anything from the reaper line right?
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