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  1. pm sent i'll grab a mini as soon as i can just let me know thanks ^.^v
  2. you are awesome. do you use anything in your basing besides just epic sculpting skills?
  3. BRavo! encore! i like the DC comic feel of her
  4. looking like i need to step up my own painting. looking at you and DKS makes me feel like a 2nd grader with a brush and some water colors. great job!
  5. DKS is amazing that way always helpful, and not mean about it. i think you've done a good job here for a first time working on it OSL. it's a pain to get right.
  6. dang good job! like it very much! are you planing on using it for Table Top play?
  7. oh how waterloo would have been different if napoleon had had dragons! very nice
  8. I very much concure with the above statements. very well done, if i had a beard that I would have to get a new girlfriend as mine would shave me in the night. awesomely done i like the tones you have in the flesh as well.
  9. Could be fun I'll see what i can scare up to paint from the dregs of my unpainted box (it seems to grow ever fuller) i'll have to steal a friends camera >.> <.< anyone want to be my friend? =P
  10. I'm totally in. Me likey the exchanges!!!!
  11. looks great!though I'd hate to see the crab that crawls out of the shell next to her =P. and i love the sea star in her hair it's different enough to bring attention to it though not so bright as to say holy bleeeeeeeeeep! once again looks amazing.
  12. hey she looks great though if you would like a hint on the "hint of blue with more gray." i found a method that works great for me, paint it the blue that you want to peek out then gray brush over it with the gray will take the center stage and the blue will be muted nicely but still give a good effect. it's hard to use though, as dry brushing is harder to control, and tends to spread to other areas before you know its happened. so there are my two bits hope they are helpful
  13. looks lovely, makes me want to go paint, can't really see alot of details in the eyes though. that is about my only thing i can see, and that is more then likely due to camera rez then anything. everything else is absolutely amazing. makes me feel like i need to improve myself, witch is always a good thing.
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