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  1. Thank you! Nothing very ground breaking about my metal technique. I use the Army Painter Warpaint Metals. I base with Gun Metal and work my way up to Shining Silver. My final edge highlight is Citadel Stormhost Silver. After that I start glazing Nuln Oil Gloss thinned 1:1 with P3 Mixing Medium. Thats it.
  2. These two bruisers were painted up to represent a pair of Half Orc Brothers. I've never been a big fan of artwork showing Half Orcs with very green skin. I needed make sure that the human side was visible. This meant a lot of glazing with lighter flesh tones over an Olive Drab base. I think it worked?
  3. Dr. Doom by Knight Models for the Marvel Miniatures Game.
  4. The first miniature painted by me for 2017 is Volk the Bastard from Hasslefree Miniatures. I hope you like him.
  5. Ok so I took another run at Krass Omenthrall, in the form of Benedikt Hellhorn, Evil Warrior. Krass and Benedikt use the same base sculpt although Benedikt is more interesting. I stuck with a similar scheme for the armour but I took it a bit further as suggested. This time I added a desaturated red to the edges of the armour, symbol and skull. I used a similar red for the cloak. No OSL this time and a slightly more interesting base. This is NOT for my friend. Just sayin'
  6. I really appreciate all of the comments. They've given me a lot to think about and how I approach certain aspects of what I'm painting. Another takeaway from is how every person has a very different opinion on painting miniatures. I think that is the beauty of the hobby as a whole. Such drastic and different views are what makes it so diverse and interesting. Some liked my OSL and others pointed out the technical flaws (I'll pay more attention to how I do it in the future for sure). Some liked my colour choices while others didn't care for it as much. It's all good. I take nothing negative awa
  7. Fantastic from top to bottom. My favourite is the lady at the top. Great looking metal too.
  8. I love this. That blue is gorgeous...
  9. A big thanks to everyone for the comments and critique. I'm taking it all into consideration. A big thanks in particular to Corporea for the small tutorial and advice. I'm taking a screen shot for later. I feel much better about it. Thank you!
  10. Yes pretty much this sums it up. He is a very direct person. Too much so at times and yes I am used to it. I suppose it just hit a chord this time around. Our relationship is fine which is the most important thing and I'm glad for that. Make no mistake though I'm not likely to paint anything for him again. As it was suggested earlier, he isn't a painter so his expectations are... different. Actually his perception of just about anything is often... different. I should have anticipated this or been at the least prepared for some negativity. Thank you for the thoughtful response.
  11. LOL I nearly choked on my dinner. Thank you!
  12. Ok a little back story. I was given this mini several years ago to be painted for my best friend. His plan was to use it in an upcoming Pathfinder campaign. For whatever reason, that I can't remember now, the game didn't happen. I didn't care for the mini any way and since we weren't going ahead, I didn't paint it. He didn't seem to care either so all it was all good. Fast forward to today. I decided, to give it a go and paint it for kicks and surprise him. This was the result. So I send him a pic of the finished mini. His response was very unexpected. He HATED it. He gave me a very scathing r
  13. I'd be more offended if they were painted poorly. They are not. They look great.
  14. I'm a person of colour and I'm not offended. Half Orcs could come in any mix of human colour. I think orcs of just about any lore would mate with just about any human, orc or anything else that crosses their path. I can't imagine an orc being too picky about something as trivial as race.
  15. I like what you've done with this. The rear shot is particularly eye catching. The red reflection on the shield is excellent.
  16. I've always liked this min. He looks good. The shiny cloak actually looks kind of bloody which is fitting. I'd leave it like that.
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