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  1. Excellent. This is your best work I think. My favourite at least.
  2. Nice work! I can't wait to get my hands on this one!
  3. I love the new Frostgrave models. Simple but effective! Can I get a Barbaric Splendor?
  4. This is another one of those models that sat around unfinished for no real reason. I didn't care much for the weapons that he had so I did a swap out. I think the sword is from one of the Reaper weapon packs (it was so long ago I don't remember). The axe is extremely old. It was from Ral Partha's Bilidums Ogre Marauders box set. Anyone remember that? No? Didn't think so. I'm surprised that I still remember. Can I get a Barbaric Splendor?
  5. I never noticed that until you mentioned it. That is pretty funny. This might mean you are old like me...
  6. I really should and I will try to do so more often. Its just that I'm soooo lazy. It has been added to my growing list of new years resolutions.
  7. I really like this model. I think I see him as more of a shining good guy Paladin than a dirty tree hugging Ranger (that isn't a knock on Rangers. I love Rangers). I think it's the ridiculously huge square jaw line that does it.
  8. This was a fun commission. The client wanted this guy to look a little like a Shao Lin Monk.
  9. Very cool. Silver Sable is an oldschool favourite of mine. I noticed on your blog that she has stats. What game will she be used for?
  10. This is gorgeous. The bright greens really give her a glowing magical look. Even the purple wings have a glow of their own.
  11. You really put some thought into these and it shows. I plan on stealing your rooftop idea.
  12. I need to get me some of these Scibor Dwarfs. Nice work!
  13. I like it. The gold has really warm look/feel to it. Good contrast with the blue cloth.
  14. Another pair of forgotten half finished minis. I'm clearing up the half finished pile bit by bit. I should have done some OSL on the Winter Elf. Next time...
  15. I can't claim the diamond pattern. They're part of the sculpt. Thank you anyway!
  16. I know that feeling all too well. I have at least 10+ minis that I'll likely never post.
  17. Have you ever had a mini that you started painting and then put it aside and forgot about it? You pick it up again several years later and decide to finish it only to realize that you have advanced quite a bit as a painter. You really don't want to strip it and start over so you trudge through and complete it. This is that mini for me. I can't say I enjoyed coming back to it but I am somewhat of satisfied with the results. It wasn't easy, it wasn't fun but it's finally finished.
  18. I really enjoyed painting this guy despite the huge monster of a mold line down the middle. I played my first game of Frostgrave with this guy as my Wizard. I didn't win but he did survive along with every model in his band of Treasure Hunters. If you've played Frostgrave then you know that this is an impressive feat by itself. The only casualty was a lone Zombie that he summoned.
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