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  1. So, I have neglected my friends here at Reaper for quite sometime... My sincere apologies... Here is my latest work Let me know what you think Visit my blog for more pics, angles, a different background, and all around goodness... and follow if you feel the need :) (it'd be much appreciated) http://geek-garage.blogspot.com/ Again, my apologies for my neglect... I am ASHAMED..... Thanks for lookin, -Grim
  2. Yeah Dude is freakin HUGE!! Great work on him bro. Hell of a project.
  3. @Jabberwocky- Thanks! I've been mocked before for my "Rainbow" faces. I think I finally made one work :) @Shakespeare- Thanks I really appreciate your comments.
  4. Beautiful job Anne! The face and the skin tones pop out at me the very most, but the whole piece is excellently put together. Well done indeed!
  5. Really turned out very nice. I think I agree with Anne, they both look great, I do like the darker one just a bit more. Something about the shadows on that one just work a little better. All in all a great job. Would hate to see a swarm of these bad boys staring down my Templars.
  6. Well done, congrats on completing her! As I said in your WIP, the back of the fig is awesome, the cloak and feathers present a nice contrast. I dig it! Job well done!
  7. Really like what you have done with the wings very cool effect. Keep 'em coming!
  8. I always love to see alternate schemes. The hard part is making them work, I think you did a great job with this scheme as it works very well IMO. GJ
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone! Great encouragement for me, and much appreciated. @Mercius- alright that will be absolutely free... coming right up!!! (However with the stuff you've been putting out recently I don't think you need it :) ) @Jay- What kind of Dwarf doesn't drown himself in a good Ale before battle?
  10. Thanks for the comments and the kind words you two, always appreciated. Posted up some bigger pics, might change your minds
  11. Well I finally finished him. Thanks to all who followed the WIP. Here he is: and for those who would like: http://www.coolminiornot.com/269746 Thanks -Grim (Edit* Bigger pics... see my mistakes GAH!
  12. Its DAIN!!! This is one of my Favorite Dwarf sculpts around. You did a wonderful job, especially on the face, he looks like a battlehardened vetaran of many Dwarf wars! Great work here Dagrin! I have this guy primed and sitting on my painting table, but so much detail in such a small fig. Congrats on getting him completed!
  13. Great job, from start to finish. I really like what you've done. Yeah, to change the skin tones would have made the fig a little less readable, so you made the right decision there. Good stuff, as was mentioned the conversion was so well done, you can't even notice that you modified the fig(s). Fine work.
  14. I really love the way the contrast works on her back, the black and white looks really great. Excellent work on both the freehand and the feathers. Really good stuff. Keep it up!
  15. Excellent paint job! I love the attention to detail... all of the little termy heads are all highlighted up. Great work! Congrats on getting a mini in your personal collection completed.
  16. I love this model. Such a great giant sculpt. I like what you have done with him. I have to say my favorite part is his bandaged hand. Great job on those details KayBee... keep it up!!
  17. Looking good so far, love the color palette. Keep it up!
  18. Looks good. Now for the PAINT!!!
  19. I really dig this. Great idea, and so far excellent execution.
  20. Nice job bro. Dig the face, I know its hidden but I think I can see some red on the cheeks... looks good. Also dig the OJ colorscheme.
  21. Well, I actually found a bit more time for my Soldier of the Plains over the last couple of weekends... here is my progress, not finished yet, and as such would really appreciate any tips you may have on improving this guy. Thanks a million again to all of you for the kind words of encouragement, they have helped to give me inspiration to pick up the brush!! -Grim
  22. Thats an old school Rackham Confrontation model. Brilliant my friend! His eye!!! its piercing my soul! Love the shield!
  23. Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments. I should have more pics this weekend.
  24. I like it bro! I dig the fact that all of the dolls are a different color. Kudo's on the first fig finished in '11! Already have me beat by one fig!
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