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  1. Thanks for the comments Mama, I will try to get some more done and post more follow up pics within the week. @Josh - Love these dwarves! In the middle of getting my box set done. Had to clip and sand off the pony tails on some of them, but they always seem to do the trick when I hit a lull. Thanks!
  2. This is very well done Mama. I really like the armor and the shield. The face has got to be the kicker though, the eyes especially. Great stuff! May the dice gods accompany this magnificent paint job.
  3. So I've really been experiencing a "painters block" if you will. I haven't been able to get the inspiration, energy, or desire to get any painting done what so ever. I decided to go back to my roots. For some reason painting these Rackham Dwarves has always been able to spark my painting desire back up. Anyhow here they are, let me know what you think. There is my latest Soldier of the Plains. Here is an Alkemy fig I have been working on over the past month or two... slow going due mainly to my lack of desire/energy to paint lately. Thanks for havin a look. Hopefully this will get me back on the painting wagon... or is it off the wagon... Who knows!! Lol. -Grim
  4. I think this is a GW Beastlord from a year back. I've seen this model a bunch of times and really really like the sculpt. I will echo the comments of others the metals really are well done. I like them the most.
  5. Brilliant work! I am particularly impressed with the use of pink, works really well.
  6. I love it, the scene is excellent. Bruti will not fall!!! Great job really
  7. Really well done! I really think you did an excellent job as Mercius said, telling the story here. Bravo!
  8. Love him bro! Nice and Dwarfy, the color of the beard in particular is excellend After looking at the base a bit. Maybe if you wanted to take the flock in the front out and replace it with more of those little 'coins'. They just aren't as prominent on this guy as they are on your other Dwarves. Just a suggestion. Overall I love him. Great paintin' brotha!!
  9. I really like the tone of the flesh. Did you mix some dark blue in with your flesh colors? Really cool effect, all dark and such. Good stuff!
  10. The flesh is really well done! Great job, voted!!
  11. I took these two figs and painted them up for a friend. Tabletop quality. I was asked not to base the figs, as he wants to base his whole army the same. Anyhow here they are:
  12. Oh man this guy looks great!! The NMM is really good. And the pit hair LOL awesome. Keep it up Dagrin. Im looking forward to the finished product.
  13. Really well done man. I love the conversion for the leader, the dirt looks great as well.
  14. Yeah, that is what Gold NMM is supposed to look like! Really great job by Angel. Nice post Tre!
  15. Nice fig her Cyradis. I dig the purples you've introduced. As far as peeling, a good varnish may just do the trick. You want to get a matte varnish though, wouldn't want her to get all shiny.
  16. Lookin good, man those pics are BIG. You got a little bit of blue paint on his elbow it looks like. Im diggin the blue you through on his veins. Good work man keep it up.
  17. Nice work RezZzed. I particularly like this guys eyes.
  18. Very nice, I was ogling these at Gen Con as well. I like the swaps you did with the Mule and the Nomad. And magnus is just great.
  19. Ooops. THanks for the clarification. Leave it to the sculptor to set us right. Oh, and by the way did I mention I love these figs? Just wondering.
  20. I love it Mercius! Very well done! It is obvious with this paint job that you 'get' highlighting and layering. You have done an excellent job, definately the best Ive seen from you. Kudos!! and good luck in the Comp.
  21. Thanks guys, yeah, the scale Tre uses is true 28mm... I think... either way they are teeny tiny. I love em!! I will work on getting some pics with more angles this weekend.
  22. Great looking mini Darius. I like the egg shells, I think the effect comes off really well. As far as OSL, having had no experience with it what so ever, I think it looks good. Oh, and by the way, the eyes are great.
  23. So I had a bit of time last night and this morning. I was gonna work on the robes but realized I don't have any of the purple ( I borrowed it from a friend at paint night)so, I did some work on the rest of her. I think I am finished with her face. Not sure I am 100% happy with it. Those eyes are just soooooooo small. Let me know what you think.
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