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  1. Thanks Tre! Im glad you like the purple. Thought I would try to go with darker tones on the clothes and try to make the face light to create the contrast and try to draw attention to the face. Now the key is to paint the face well. ;)


    As far as the freehand goes, I have been debating over this for the last day and I want to branch out, but as this will be my first attempt at freehand Im thinking I may hold off and try to paint this to the best I can (seeing as how it is a contest). However mark my words I will be posting a mini here soon with some freehand. You can take that to the bank!!!


    Thanks for the comments on the highlighting, I have also been debating on whether or not to bring the highlights up to white, I respect all of your opinions and appreciate the feedback.


    Now Im off to paint!!

  2. Oh, I remember seeing this guy. Very good looking. I thought he looked a bit different from the original model but couldn't tell what was different. I'm diggin the paint job and the slight conversion.


    How did this guy to if you don't mind me asking?

  3. Awesome mini Ollie! I got to see him at Gen Con, really great, and I could barely notice the pants in person, but in the photo they truly do pull your attention a bit.


    Anyhow, Im totally diggin' the rock. How did you make that rock is that milliput?


    Good stuff!



  4. Freehand!!!??? Gah, why would you push me to go outside of my comfort zone? Its like you want to help me get better or something!? Lol.


    Freehand is definately an option. I may however be placing her on a base where she is walking through a stream. That way the darkness looks more like wetness... I guess I can still do the Freehand anyhow... gah, guess I ought to just man up and give it a shot.


    I do think you are all right I ought to bring those highlights up a bit more. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!

  5. Lookin good bro! I like the color choices. The light is really messing with how the model looks in person. You need to get that figured out before posting this for the contest. As the picture is all they can go off. Good stuff though bro!! (Why isn't this on SW??!?!?)

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