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  1. Really cool! I love the colors. Youve managed to bring out a lot of the character in the sculpt. Keep it up
  2. I like it! That fig reminds me of Mum' Ra from the Thunder Cats. Keep it up
  3. The faces are great! Where did you find these models? are they Reaper figs?
  4. is constantly thinking about painting his miniatures.... just rarely gets around to it.

  5. I really like the base coats. Going to be interesting to see how this fleshes out. Keep it up!
  6. Ha ha, well that makes sense then. Keep on paintin' man!
  7. I think your techniques are great, the green and yellow blending is really good. Im not diggin the color scheme though something about the green, don't mind my silly opinion though. The execution of techniques done quite well.
  8. An improvement for sure. The scepter looks great.
  9. So cool! I love the little story you wrote. Pulls you in. Im a dwarf man myself and am glad to hear the stunties pulled out the victory. Great battle report. I love reading reports like this.
  10. That skin tone is coming along really well... I have never seen that blacklining technique before... very interesting.
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. I will try to get some of the shadows a bit darker as that seems to be the general issue. Ill try to post an update soon as I get some more time to paint. @Scotty- Just trying to keep up with your stinkin' Reptus horde...
  12. Ya, this kit from GW is pretty cool... not to mention all of the nice Bits you get :D Interested to see how this comes together.
  13. Looks good. I would agree when you work with washes its best to water them down, water them down a lot. I really liked how he was lookin before you laid down the wash. The wash kind of hid a lot of the detail work you did. Good work though specially for your first mini. Keep it up!
  14. I prefer to think of it as Patriotism! ...and also your never too young to help out in the mess hall.
  15. I really like the blue. It really pops IMO. I also am diggin' the shield. Keep it up!
  16. Ireally like the source lighting on this guy. Good job.
  17. Wow! That sword is crazy cool. I love the reds and purples. Awesome. The NMM gold is great as well. Coooooooool!
  18. Love the unorthodox color choice on this guy. The base is looking promising.
  19. This is an awesome thread! I love watching you build your reds up. Overall looks great. Great idea. Keep it up!
  20. Thanks for the comments guys. The wood grain is Calthan brown, with a wash of Gryphonne sepia, then a wash of badab black, then a very very very thinned down gretchin green wash, followed by some highlights with Khemri brown. Glad you like it As far as the contrasts... this seems to be the most difficult part of painting for me, I could probably go a bit darker in my shadows I have been painting for probably a little over 5 years now. Got a group of Warlord players so I wandered over here to the forums and lurked for awhile. Glad to get so much feed back so quickly. Thanks again I will try to update as I go with this guy. -Grim
  21. Ivar Wants YOU!! To Join in the fight for Taltos!! Join the Dwarven Infantry Today!
  22. Hello, been lurkin' for quite awhile, decided to post to get some feedback on ol' Ivar. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Grim
  23. Ya, good ol' Ssudai is nothin' but Griffon bait I think my worst performing model that I ALWAYS bring would have to be my Bear Riders... choke choke choke... it is sad really. It may be my poor tactics, however I like to blame it on the dice
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