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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. I will try to get some of the shadows a bit darker as that seems to be the general issue. Ill try to post an update soon as I get some more time to paint.


    @Scotty- Just trying to keep up with your stinkin' Reptus horde...

  2. Looks good. I would agree when you work with washes its best to water them down, water them down a lot. I really liked how he was lookin before you laid down the wash. The wash kind of hid a lot of the detail work you did. Good work though specially for your first mini. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.


    The wood grain is Calthan brown, with a wash of Gryphonne sepia, then a wash of badab black, then a very very very thinned down gretchin green wash, followed by some highlights with Khemri brown. Glad you like it ::D:


    As far as the contrasts... this seems to be the most difficult part of painting for me, I could probably go a bit darker in my shadows


    I have been painting for probably a little over 5 years now. Got a group of Warlord players so I wandered over here to the forums and lurked for awhile. Glad to get so much feed back so quickly.


    Thanks again I will try to update as I go with this guy.



  4. I continue to tote along Ssudai for my games. He never seems to get any spells off, and he's so dang squishy I have to dedicate valuable troopers to protect him.


    He has gotten a few very clutch spells off before though, keeping him firmly implanted in my builds.


    Ya, good ol' Ssudai is nothin' but Griffon bait ::D:


    I think my worst performing model that I ALWAYS bring would have to be my Bear Riders... choke choke choke... it is sad really. It may be my poor tactics, however I like to blame it on the dice ::P:

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