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  1. I'm getting one of the 14s for use when I want to paint away from my main station, since they're portable trays. I'm still pretty happy with my hobby holder.
  2. Well, all the retail stores are going to close due to no customers given the current pandemic, so why plan to sell in a market that isn't going to exist? And I'm only somewhat joking here, honestly.
  3. I'm also going to be watching this with interest. I'm happy with what I got from the original Kickstarter, and this looks like fun too.
  4. Yeah, I've got enough paint. I've dropped the kickstarter, and I can look into it again when it launches.
  5. I'll have to keep that in mind. I've got a lot of their spices myself, and an empty bottle from their sandwich spice that probably could be reused for that. There's this brand of Thai curry paste that comes in small jars (not as small as the spice one was) which might be useful as well.
  6. Honestly, they could have stopped with the stretch goals a week ago and I would have been satisfied with the deal - as it is it's magnificent.
  7. Oh, yeah. Quartermaster is a good company.
  8. I'm curious - any chance you've posted pictures of this somewhere online that I could glance at? Hopefully in this forum somewhere?
  9. Heh. Kingdom Death just posted an update cheering Frosthaven on, and even backed the project as well. :)
  10. Fear Of Missing Out - making something an exclusive to get people to back now instead of later.
  11. I've backed this as well. I've already backed Altar Quest, but this is becoming more and more a great deal, just with the base pledge.
  12. Although I agree that Cthulhu: DMD is a fine project, 'shipped on time' is stretching the truth. The project level I backed, for the 'Unspeakable Pledge', was scheduled for July 2019, but I apparently got it in December 2019. Six months late isn't too bad for a Kickstarter project, but honestly it's not anywhere near 'on time'... and really by this point, you would think CMON would have a better handle on sending out kickstarters on time, they've certainly done enough of them. I'm not hugely interested in the project, but even if I were, the number of other projects in the pipeline would cause me to wait. They seem to have eight or nine projects currently in the pipeline already? Maybe they should finish more projects before running another kickstarter.
  13. Ditto on grabbing the early bird, although I might just change my pledge instead of cancelling totally. That said, I really like that wooden box. I'm looking forward to see what else shows up - the project's really taking off for now.
  14. I got mine as expected, and I'm quite liking looking over everything. So nifty! I originally thought that I hadn't gotten any of the dice! But then I found the black dice in the main box under some cards, and the colorful pack of crew dice hiding at the bottom of the box. Silly dice! Whew! All is now good.
  15. Hahaha! February. Well, it's March, and my copy could come here by Friday!
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