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  1. So... I think the Baba Yaga's Hut broke into the cabinet last night and opened a box of crackers... there's crumbs leading from the cabinet to the box of bones. I don't think a hair dryer or boiling water is going to fix this one. I may try hobbling it tonight.
  2. John Fiala

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    Good for you! I'm at the point where I've lost more than 30 pounds, and I'm coming up on having lost 10% of my starting weight, which is an important milestone.
  3. Chicken hut quality standards have really gone down in the last two thousand years.
  4. Well, I arrived home today to find a package the size of my daughter, weighting in at about the same weight I"ve lost since the start of this year. :) Unboxing was.. wow. So much stuff. So much plastic. I may have overdone it, I seem to have many-many figures. I opened Baba Yaga's Hut this morning, and was disappointed that it doesn't stand on it's own feet - I'm going to have to mount it on something. Anyone know what size base you need for this thing? It's a really lovely hut too, I'm tempted to try and get a second one and chop off the legs. I liked the detail of having a trap door on the bottom for easier egress. Edit: Oh, and I didn't get any duplicate paint, so that's a relief.
  5. Yeah, I was worried about needing the restroom, but actually the time just flew past for me, and I didn't have to go at all until it was done with. It just didn't feel like a 3 hour movie.
  6. Ha! When I got the big Millenium Falcon lego set, my daughter (7) loved to hide in the box and have me drag it around.
  7. Woo! 30 pounds of shipping just landed in my mailbox! I guess the shipping container landed! Insert happy dance gif here. I'm wave 2, and I just got postage, so they're making good time!
  8. Well, by getting both paint sets, I at least probably won't have to worry about getting the wrong paints, although it would be highly amusing if I were wrong. So we're up to 1128 pages as of this post - how may pages did the previous Bones Enthusiasm thread get to?
  9. I've got a ticket for Saturday afternoon! How necessary is watching "Ant Man and the Wasp" before this? I've seen everything else. (And I almost asked about Aunt Man and the Wasp. :)
  10. Huh. The cold must not bother them anyway. Do Dark elves get cold resistance?
  11. John Fiala

    The Path to El Dorado - Aztec Dungeon Tiles

    I dunno, without Tulio and Miguel, it just isn't the same. :)
  12. I'm stuck waiting for news on when the Yaga the Hutt will show up again, even though I got into wave 2! I totally understand Reaper's choices in shipping, and agree with them, but I gotta say it's a bit disappointing to get in so early and still have to wait at what feels like the end of the line. Oh, well. I've had worse things than late miniatures happen in the last year. If this is the worst thing that happens to me in 2019 then I will count myself lucky. My daughter has too much Easter candy, but searching for eggs is so much fun! I think next year I might pick out some miniatures for her to find, as well as other small toys.
  13. I'm really fond of that film. Apparently it's based on an English YA novel.
  14. John Fiala

    Cats & Catacombs

    Wow... those are nice sculpts of the cats.
  15. Well, fudge. I got the hut, but I don't think I got the other two. I guess I can just put this thread to sleep until the container comes in.