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  1. Esmenas climbed to her feet, trying not to look surprised. It had been a good long while since anyone had gone out of their way to make her feel welcome, at least without ulterior motive. Ordinarily she'd be suspicious, but she didn't think this woman meant her any harm. After brushing herself off, she said, "Hello, I'm Carsiela Getate", introducing herself with the pseudonym she had been using at the inn. "I'm a bit of an independent trader; I travel around, buying local pieces of interest, and selling them where I can. For example-" She pulled out of her pocket a pendant reminiscent of a Shoanti tattoo- "I picked this up in an exchange with the Shriikirri-Quah, from a woman named Desda. She told me the symbol brings good luck to foreigners". This was actually true; Esmenas preferred to start every con with a bit of truth. It gave her credibility, and this was the woman she most needed it with. If the head of the town council trusted her, she doubted others would question her. She saw Pyra's face light up when she saw the trinket. Let her come to you, Esmenas thought. No need to seem overeager. "I'm hoping to sell some pieces like this tonight. Do you know what kinds of people will be at the festival, so I know what types of pieces to bring?"
  2. Esmenas felt bored and a little hungry. She'd been laying low for too long, and itched for even a little mischief. In the midst of the crowds setting up, she saw a well-dressed, pompous-looking gentleman barking orders at everyone around him. Perfect. She usually didn't steal from anyone who looked like they couldn't spare it, but this man obviously could, and the hustle and bustle of the setup made it almost too easy. She moved through the crowds as best she could, eyeing the bakery across the way. She bumped clumsily into the gentleman, and he stopped mid-order to give her a "watch where you're going!". She wondered as she continued through the crowd if he'd even miss the few coins she nicked from his pocket. Doubtful, she thought. She spent half the coins on her breakfast- delicious fresh-baked pastries from the bakery. She perched on a low stone wall as she enjoyed the spoils of the morning and watched the chaos of the setup. Then she strolled down the way to the town's main temple, smiling innocently at a black-haired human man on her way in. She dropped the rest of the stolen coins in the donation box, another occasional practice of hers. She wasn't loyal to any one particular god or goddess, but she figured it couldn't hurt to drop a few coins in a temple box or a beggar's cup once in a while. She wasn't totally selfish.
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