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  1. Now that I'm playing a fighter who wields two swords in a D&D game, I've become aware that there are very few male human minis with two swords who do not also have (a) a cloak and hood, or (b) a wardrobe from the Conan of Chimeria collection. There aren't even a lot of figures who are easy to mod that way. Most fighter-types with a single-hand weapon also have a shield. Also, I want more young male wizards. (That sounded way less sexual in my head...) Lots of Wizard figures are old guys with long beards, but most PCs tend to be on the young side. David G.
  2. 2 hour slots are actually just about perfect, leaving some time for choosing characters, getting up to speed, and a little time to run over since nothing ever takes as long as you think it will. With your permission, I'll take: Friday Table 10 at 9 AM and again at 7 PM Saturday Table 10 at 9 am and again at 7 PM If you only want me to have one slot per day, give me the same slot both days, but I don't care much whether it's the morning or evening. I need to be sure the table is big enough. The board is a little under 5 feet wide on its longest side. And since this seems like a nice place to drum up players, here's the mission briefing: STRIKEFORCE OMEGA: TEAM 1 Mission Briefing Situation Report: At 0700 Hrs, GMT, two days ago, LORD KYMERA issued a global terroristic threat. If every nation on earth does not submit to rule by the KYMERA organization, he will unleash the BLACKSKY virus, an engineered pathogen with a 99.999% fatality rate. OMEGA TEAM 3 obtained a sample of the virus, and efforts are underway to create a vaccine or an anti-pathogen, but those efforts will not bear fruit before LORD KYMERA’s deadline. The OMEGA Surveillance unit, codename ARGOS has located the hidden KYMERA base, Shatterskull Island. Intelligence reports indicate that LORD KYMERA is on the island himself, along with members of his key staff including DOCTOR POX, CONTESSA INCARNADINE, and the assassin known only as NIGHTFIRE. You will reach Shatterkull Island with no more than 1 hour before LORD KYMERA’s deadline. LORD KYMERA never bluffs. He will unleash the BLACKSKY virus by 0700 GMT today. He will no doubt accelerate the timetable once he detects your intrusion. Objectives: 1) Assault Shatterskull Island, penetrate the KYMERA facility there, and stop the delivery of the BLACKSKY virus by any means necessary. This mission is listed as CLASS RED HIGHEST PRIORITY. Release of the BLACKSKY virus is an Extinction Level Event. Should you be unable to stop the launch, activate your HOTBUTTON beacons, and OMEGA Base: HIGHRIDER will commence orbital bombardment. This will result in massive civilian casualties, and is an absolute last resort.
  3. Is it too late to sign up to run a game? I just finished my giant, three level minis board, and the brave agents of Strikeforce Omega (America's last line of defense) are all set to stop Kymera, the global terror network, from launching their doomsday missile. Savage Worlds, 4-6 players, 1 hour slot. I,d be happy to run it multiple times David G.
  4. I only ever paint at Paint Club, so I have all the colors. (Well, not literally.) I tend to use quite a few since I can just grab entire triads and be fairly lazy about figuring out my own shadows and highlights. I didn't realize just how many different shades ended up on a single figure until a few weeks ago. I was painting "Cobra" the modern ninja for my now almost complete GI-Joe homage game. I decided he'd be blue, and his equipment would be grey, except for some green goggles. Total number of bottles of paint needed to paint a figure blue and gray with just a little green? Seven. If I was less lazy, there'd be fewer of course. I could do highlights and shadows myself, and get quite a bit of use out of the clear colors for making custom colors, but I was still surprised by just how many individual hues appear on even the simplest of minis. David G.
  5. The moment I saw Legendary Encounters figures, I knew I'd be buying a bunch, and I hoped I'd get the chance to buy modern and sci-fi figs. I'd love to see the various aliens, zombies, and particularly the "generic" military types like the Nova Corp guards and the Nine Suns Henchmen. I actually have a ton of fantasy plastics since I liberated all my Mage Knight figures from their clicky-bases, but I could use sci-fi, modern, and supers bad guys. Since I never really got into the other clicky-games, I don't have as ready a supply of those. :) David G.
  6. I like my larger bases, anything over 2", to be square for D&D play, which is mostly what I use minis for. So I mostly go with basswood, which is available in several sizes and thicknesses. I cut the wood to the size I want and sand it a little, then just paint it black. (For me, asthetically, I prefer my figures' bases to be simple. A really awesome grassland with little shoots of plant sticking up looks cool, but totally out of place in the dungeon, or in town, or on the elemental plane of fire. A nice, simple black circle just kind of fades into my mental background) I don't have any collosal figs, so I haven't tried it, but if I did I would probably use four 3x6 inch sections wafered together with wood glue. For Large, when I rebased all my mounted Mage Knight figures, I went with 2" washers, with 1" washers glued over the top to cover most of the hole if necessary. A little primer and black spraypaint makes them look quite nice, and they're responsive to magnets, which comes in handy. David G.
  7. You probably need serious heat, like heating a pot of water on the stove until it's nearly boiling, or microwaving a mug of water for 30 seconds or so. If you have a heat gun, you might use that instead. I've never actually done this before, but back in my Mage Knight days, I read about people doing that kind of thing to fix or mod their Mage Knight figs. Pure guesswork tells me you'll want something with which to manipulate the sword into the desired shape, like broad tweezers or needle-nosed pliars or something. David G.
  8. I think there's still quite a big place for LE minis. In fact, I will probably be buying some more myself in the future. The LE paints are better than any of the D&D minis I can pick up cheap on the secondary market, and still inexpensive enough that I don't feel like I'm wasting too much money feeding my little dude habit. If I was doing minis gaming, where the presentation of your army is so important, they wouldn't be useful to me at all, but I'm a table-top roleplayer. For minis, I'm looking for two things. My PCs: I want a nice, table-quality mini. I'll buy metal, most likely. I've painted a few Bones now and I like the way paint goes on metal better if I'm worried about detail. Similarly, if I had a major NPC who would show up a lot in a campaign I was running, I'd probably do a figure for him. (Only then my players would kill him just to spite me...) Generic spare PCs: I'm in the Bones Kickstarter at the Vampire level. I doubt I'll need to buy one for years. :) But for them something I paint is okay if I'm in the mood to paint, or a pre-painted will do. It's usually just temporary or something I'm bringing to a con or whatever. Simplicity and cost are more important than appearance. Monsters: All I want is something easily recognizable and fairly representative. There's no way I could afford to buy, say, ten hobgoblins with exactly the weapons my stat block says they have. If I have ten painted orks, they'll do. If I have ten painted hobgoblins, that's awesome. If I have ten blank counters with "Hbg Strkr" or whatever written on them, that's okay. But painted minis look nicer and are a little more fun. And since I don't have the time or inclination to paint ten hobgoblins for one adventure, then ten gnols for the next one, then ten deathknights for another one and so on, prepainted minis hit a sweet spot for price, appearance, and convenience for me. Pre-painted minis seem really aimed at gamers with needs similar to mine. If you're only going to use a given figure a few times, it's not worth as much investment as if you're going to use it over and over again at every game. David G.
  9. That's a great list. I pretty much echo the whole thing. Lots of generic figures of use to a GM, and I suspect GMs are Reaper's primary customers (discounting wargamers). Minis probably have a sales distribution not unlike RPG books. Every player needs a mini for his character (or several, if he's a player like me...) but the GM also needs figures for NPCs, generic goons, and monsters. I don't mind paying five or six bucks for one character, but I couldn't even try to afford the many hundreds of bucks I'd have to spend to buy a horde of orks. Right now I hit up the secondary market for old D&D and Star Wars figures. When I run a modern/sci-fi game, the bad guys are often portrayed by Mandalorian soldiers. I'd totally love to be able to have a bunch of orks, a bunch of zombies, and so on. And in the bright future day when you have Chronoscope figures, I'll do the same with soldiers, cops, Nova Corps guys, and clowns. (Don't ask) I only wish I could get painted ones, but I'll take Bones figs. I'll also second the common sentiment that larger models will probably work well as Bones figs. The weight of the pewter does get serious fast. David G.
  10. Unless we all have a terrible falling out, the new, improved Radio Free Hommlet Road Show will be back. Our first year, the notice was kind of short and we just showed up and hung out. This year, we had some games to run that we thought worked well with the Reaper Con schedule - our Fast Crawls. (Incidentally, Reaperbryan named the RFH Fast Crawl. We told him what we wanted to do, and he came up with the cool name for the schedule.) We used this time to study what we were doing so we could do better next year. We'll have a better payout schedule for Reaperbucks. We hope to have representational minis for the characters, and improved character packets that make it faster to find the character you want to play. We should have banners that make it easier to find us, and a few new maps for the Fast Crawl. We'll almost certainly have a huge bounty encounter like the dragon. I really hope we record at the Con again. That was fun. I'd like to get a con-goer or two who'd like to talk about gaming and about his (or her) history with Reaper and Reaper Con. (Don't ask me about this right now. There's no way I'd remember we said we'd interview you a year from now.) :) I think you'll like it. DM David Radio Free Hommlet PS: nytflyr, are you the same guy who uses that handle on RPG.net? I'm David Goodner over there.
  11. The Fast Crawl was kind of funny. For a regular game, win or lose, you got 10 Reaper bucks for playing. Bryan told me that was average for an hour-long session. There was a way to earn up to 20, but nobody did because we under-estimated how long the encounters would take. We'll come up with something better for next year. I like the way the Warlord table was doing a thing where your character won treasure, and you got to keep what you won. We'll probably try to think of something along those lines. The humongous bounty on Tim's godawful dragon was a late addition that Bryan offered. It wasn't actually what you got for playing, and as far as I know, only two teams scored the big bounty all weekend (one on Saturday, another on Sunday). We also learned some things about how to make that really work. We all had a great time. Some of us are still recovering. I, for one, bought way too many minis. DM David Radio Free Hommlet
  12. Sooooo many fora to keep up with. I should have been paying attention so I could answer questions like this. Bryan pretty much explained it. The RFH crew is coming with a bunch of encounter groups and dungeon maps and pregenerated characters. Reaper is generously providing miniatures. We have two tables running, and each encounter should last around an hour. We figured that'd be better than 4-hour sessions since it lets more people play, and it means you don't have to skip out on a bunch of classes just to play one game. The characters are 3rd level, I think. That's a good level because you start to get a little more cool stuff than at 1st level, but not so much that it's overwhelming to keep track of. (You'd think I'd know what level the characters are since I'm organizing this thing...) We'll have five different maps, and several different sets of monsters, so every run should be a unique experience. And you get loot (in the form of Reaperbucks) :) David Goodner (aka DM David)
  13. Radio Free Hommlet will be pleased to donate the official d20 radio dead VCR. It's been sitting on my shelf for over a year now, and going out as parts for a mini painting contest is almost as good as a viking funeral. David Goodner (aka DM David)
  14. Welcome to the forums!

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