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  1. That seems like an odd move from WotC, but I suppose it's all about Hasbro's bottom line. Wow. - Ark
  2. crpGeek, When I started into minis, I was worried abut scale and read up on it and just got more worried. But after buying minis, I mix my WotC figures and Reaper figures a liberally on the gaming table with no problem. Humans have a natural variation in size anyway - and monsters - well - the rule of cool outweighs the rule of measurement. I feel that finding suitable metal replacements will be easier than you think. Now the batch of Halo ActionClix minis I just bought look like giants next to the Reaper minis (dangit,) but that is another problem entirely . . . - Ark
  3. If you are talking about the recent Castle Ravenloft board game from WotC, those figures included are 28mm scale. They appear to be using the same molds as their D&D minis line - just using a harder plastic. Judas Bloodspire (14016) would make a fine Strahd von Zarovich, btw. - Ark
  4. I was hoping my 15 minutes of fame wouldn't be that. Oh well . . . So did you make it out this time Bryan? Shawn
  5. As stated in an earlier post, I went to Zombie Walk Dallas 2010 and had a good time. I dressed as an upstanding radioactive zombie in a bright orange jumpsuit. ---> Fine Upstanding Zombie (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=168855299796395&set=t.105390279501156) The image link above is important for identification purposes, as you will see soon. Today I was sent video of the Walk. I was featured at the end. The very, very end. ---> Video (http://www.youplusdallas.com/stories/deep-ellum-zombie-walk) I've always been described as a bit high strung. I don't know what those people are talking about. Shawn
  6. Just got back from Zombie Walk Dallas and it was a blast. There were hundreds of people there - perhaps not the 4000+ they were shooting for, but certainly enough people to disrupt traffic for a bit. The flash mob zombie attacks were fun. I recommend it to anyone who like to dress up and groan a lot. :) Shawn
  7. I've noticed that zombies and Reaper seem to go hand and hand, so when I heard about the Zombie Walk that there may be people on these boards who are interested. Zombie Walk Dallas is happening on Saturday, October 16th. Apparently lots of people dress up like zombies and stagger around Deep Ellum, and somehow I've been convinced by friends that this would be a good use of my Saturday. How could I argue? If you are in the DFW area and enjoy staggering and scaring people, then more information about the event is available at www.zombiewalkdallas.com . (I think other cities hold this kind of thing too.) Shawn
  8. I had the good fortune of knowing Merlon. He was a great guy and has a wonderful family. We played D&D together for two years and he was one of the most fun players a DM could have. Merlon introduced me to Reaper, and convinced me (rightly so) that ReaperCon was a great use of four days. I will miss him greatly. Shawn
  9. Oh yes, that is quite awesome - but the cardboard ones at REapercon did give it a more 'rustic' feel. :)
  10. I'd like to give this a try, even though I have 1) No experience with 3.5, and 2) No experience with PbP I do, however, have an overactive imagination. So, is there room still left? -Ark
  11. As for an entrance to a 'realm of time,' how about . . . A big whirling sand vortex in the middle of the desert. Just jump in (and survive) and you fall through what is actually a gigantic hour glass that deposits you in that realm. How to exit? Simple - just reverse time and get sucked up into the vortex. :) Ark
  12. Thanks for the information. I'll take for the win . . . Doktor Froschmeister Seasoned, 20 XP Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d4 Skills: Intimidation d6, Investigation d6, Knowledge(Chronography) d6, Knowledge(Engineering) d6, Notice d6, Repair d8, Shooting d8, Taunt d8, Weird Science d8 Pace: 5, Parry: 2, Charisma: -2, Toughness: 4, Power Points: 15 Hindrances: Elderly, Bad Eyes (Minor), Ugly Edges: Arcane Background, Gadgeteer, New Power, Power Points, Strong Willed Powers: Bolt, Entangle Equipment: $50, Normal Clothing ($20), Tool Kit ($100), Handheld Computer ($250), Flak Jacket +2/+4 ($80) Doktor Froschmeister is a ancient, hideously scarred, almost blind, gimpy engineer with an obsessive desire to control the flow of time (for obvious reasons.) For most of his life, he has been working to perfect his "ChronoVerser," a device designed to reverse human aging. It does not, however, do that. The ChronoReverser's only real value is as a weapon to 1) rapidly increase aging in a very localized area via the OldenFlabiMacher setting (Weird Science: Bolt) or 2) slow down time in a region via the TimeGeHaltenator setting (Weird Science: Entangle.) He's not the best of field agents - working and sleeping in the lab most of the time - but take what you can get in an emergency. (Specifics subject to the GM smacking me upside the head and making me change something.) Ark
  13. Hey Froggy, In creating a character for this, any hints as to time era, tech level, geographical coordinates - etc? Are all the Time agents futuristic kinda people - or would Genghis Khan, Abraham Lincoln, and Og the cave boy be potential Agents - assuming some wacky back story? Thanks, Ark
  14. Okay, so no chanting at ReaperCon . . . :) On another, strangely coincidental note - I was at Half Price Books and saw a Reaper title I'd never heard of - Dark Haven Legends: The Eldest Son. I picked it up because it looked cool and had great art (I'm a sucker for that.) It was published back in 2001 under that whole d20 3rd Edition D&D open thing. While I haven't read all o it, it appears like a really interesting adventure - full of intrigue and npc machinations and combat with spiders and skeletons. The back even has lists of suggests Reaper minis to use for and npcs, monsters, and pregen pcs (imagine that :) ) I was surprised to stumble on it - and it really seems quite cool. I'm thinking of translating it into 4th edition of Savage Worlds or something for the group that I play with. - Ark
  15. Hear hear, I agree, Reaper needs an RPG. (Hmm, that rhymes even . . . could chant it over and over again at ReaperCon till one is delivered.) :)
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