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  1. Just a general tip: always allow things and make things happen in the best interest of the players' fun. For instance, if a player wants something that you may feel is a bit "overpowered" or whatever, go ahead and let 'em have it. If they want to do something a bit over the top or unrealistic, go ahead and let them. Also, try your best to make sure that each player get at least one "spotlight" moment each session. Characters that do a lot of hack-and-slashing will have enough fun just killing monsters and being bad asses. But, the others need something extra each session. That, more than the plot, is where most of your planning should take place. For instance, there should be a lovely lady or two in each town that really find the Tiefling interesting and attractive. Maybe a noble's daughter or something every now and again. Try hard to give him an opportunity each session to make his alluring charm an important part of the session. Make a threatening, imposing, tough guy in the tavern underestimate the barbarian woman. Really make the victory sweet. Make someone challenger her to an archery contest, and let her win if rolls aren't really bad. Stuff like that. Gotta keep 'em all interested, not just the ones who try hardest to get into the game or the ones who like to kill stuff. They're easy to please. Have fun!
  2. GURPS 4e is by great and wide margin my favorite system hands down. It's freaking awesome. Centers on role playing instead of "kill monsters, get XP, get GP, get moar powa!" But, the combat is realistic as well as strategic instead of being a pencil-and-paper video game. I'd take G4e over any other system for any type of game without a doubt. It probably does grim-and-gritty hard Sci-Fi best, though.
  3. Well, I'm following the L2P instructions, but I think I will skip trying to darkline the lips this next go-around. Also, I'll try a 1:1 for the base and a 1:3-1:3 ratio for layering like you suggest. However, I haven't been "layering" at all yet.
  4. BTW, I'm not adding water to my paint unless it's a wash. Should I be?
  5. Thanks for the support! :) But, lol, that mini doesn't have an open mouth! Like I said, I tried to darkline and he came out looking like "a goth drag queen with black lipstick." :) I have every intention of re-painting the face with my good brushes and finishing the mini. I had a lot of trouble seeing without a lamp of any sort. My lighting was poor to even use to read! My next update will be much better. I hope to get it done tonight with my new handy-dandy $8 Wal-Mart lamp! :) Also, I have a camera so I won't have to worry about remembering to bring my work camera home.
  6. Don't have time to reply to the discourse, but I took a pic of my "work." I got a $8 lamp and an ~$80 Nikon Coolpix camera. I'll get the daylight bulb for it and look into magnifying solutions per the suggestions. I promise my second paint will be better. I didn't even try very hard, and I was using the L2P brushes. Still, it's laughably bad. I mean, terrible. Have a trash can ready to hold your puke! Don't say I didn't warn you. Sorry about size (1.1 Mb) and darkness. I have no image editing software at work where I brought my mini to picture so you poor, poor fools who have wasted your petty lives waiting on my progress could finally see just how bad a fist mini can be... ...pretty bad: http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/2267/1000339.jpg But hey, the primer job is AWESOME!!!
  7. Thanks! That was a great tutorial. I'm going to have to get a magnifier or some sort, probably a visor. I'm going tonight to get a lamp and a camera, if I can find both for under $30. I don't want to get a sub-$70 camera w/o a flash, but it seems that's about the cheapest they make them. Not happening. I'm going to get a regular old desk lamp for now and worry about getting a real one later when I can go somewhere with a selection. Might have pics up tonight.
  8. The title of this thread sounds like a good title to a book. :) Wasn't there a guy in a floating chair in Dune? Baron Vladimir Harkonnen?
  9. Tried to post twice and lost both, so this is the short version. :) I painted the hands and the face and liked my work that far, though my drybrushing did a whole lot of nothing and my wash must have been too watery. Then, I got to the part where I was to dark line. Wow. My dude ended up looking like a goth drag queen with black lipstick. It was worse when I tried to do the eyes with "a thin strip" of white. The whole socket ended up white. Questions: do you have to shake up the paint bottles/pots? I shook them like a baby that wouldn't quit crying. That is to say "a lot." When you're done with your brushes, can you just spin them around in the water a bunch then wipe them off on a paper towel and let them sit? I mean, all I did was two hands and a face. They haven't been used much. I know that a thorough cleaning is best, but I'm asking if that's acceptable if not perfect. Can I just re-paint his entire face? I don't like anything about it. It won't cover up too much detail will it? I really need a lamp of some kind to put on my table. I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm a 28-year-old bachelor and have no lamps. None. I had quite a time working with such poor lighting. One of those magnifying lamps would be great. I might pick one up this weekend at Dick Blick or Hobby Lobby. If I can remember, I'm going to take my work camera home and get some shots. Be forewarned: I've so far done a horrible job. Horrible.
  10. Okay. I used my hobby knife to whittle off the little bit of flash and level the bottom of the base out on 06023 Anhurian Man-At-Arms, who came with the Learn-to-Paint Kit #1. I then washed him with soap and a tooth brush. Right now I've got my black Duplicolor primer, and old T-shirt to cover my arm, and the mini sticky tacked to a laundry detergent lid. I'm going outside to get this done. It's 80* with 38% humidity. EDIT: Heeee's primered! :) Looks really good, too. No bubbles or pooling or anything. Just looks smooth. Thanks to Hot Lead, I could tell that for the very first pass, I was holding the can too far away. Should I pull him off the cap I have him tacked to to primer the underside of his broccoli base? EDIT x2: That's what I did and just stuck him right back on afterward.
  11. I won't have enough shelf space to hold all my shameful creations, no doubt! :D
  12. Just want to add my praise to the chorus as well. You're one of my favorite painters on here, favorite period! What GW mini is that? Do you have a link to it? I know that company is ridiculous about their IP, but I'd like to pick that mini up if I can.
  13. ^Thanks for the advice, Kang! Got my primers. Didn't splurge on the gray. Just got white and black. And, I always wondered why people called it "sandable primer." It's "Sandable Primer," proper name. I just thought people were capitalizing incorrectly. I get home from work in about 10 hours. I'll try and start my first mini then. :) If I don't start sometime this week, all I'll have is excuses!
  14. Tamiya is not available to me or I would certainly use it. Maybe when I order the Dullcoat I'll order some of it. Doubt it, though as I'll have a ton of primer by then... The "Hot Lead guy" uses Dupli, so it must be good enough for me! Here's a good topic about primer, though: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/39025-advice-on-a-good-white-primer/ ^Seems a lot of people on here with nice gallerias use Dupli.
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