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  1. Does reaper sell cases for paint?
  2. Advice please, when I paint my figures the faces look chalky. How do I get to look smooth
  3. A matte finish on the completed item keeps it from looking like a cartoony, shiny toy. Think about how new toys look, whatever color(s) they are they are also glossy and shiny. A matte finish helps your miniature look like it might be real—only very small. Most full-scale things are not glossy. thank you so much,
  4. What does matte do for paints and how do you use them.
  5. Yes i am just starting to paint for fun. Thanks for the tips. I have started to work on some faces 40mm civil war and all the books and things i have read say wash the face, so that means cover it all, with paint that has been diluted a great deal. I will read the articles, again thank you
  6. Would some please tell how to wash a figure, do you put it all over the miniature, on selected areas only? Also on highlighting the face, do you put it on a selected area only
  7. would you be so kind as to tell how you do in and in what order
  8. i need some advice with painting caucasian faces, they come out too dark when i use the methods i have found on this site. I use the reaper paints triads, rosy skin tones, medium skin tones, and the dark skin tones. I use the shadow first diluted at 3 to 1 paint to water, then use the skin diluted 1 to 2 paint to water to hit the high points. Then the skin highlights diluted even more to hit the high points again. I use this formula for each of the different types of skins but they don't come out right. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I am now using distiller water and I was using 5 to 1 paint to water. I will try to post some pics later this week but will try your tips. Thank you for your kid reply.
  10. I am using reaper and Vallejo paints. I think I am not thinning them enough. I use about 5 to 1 paint to water. Thanks for the help
  11. I have painted several faces, new to this, and the faces seem to come out blotchie with the colors seeming to be not smooth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. thank you, i will try and do some tests i am just starting out to paint figures, you would do shadows all over then skin in most of the areas and then highlights for nose chin and cheek bones forhead
  13. I just purchased the reaper face paint triad skin tones (3 in each one) and want to know how to use them in what order on the miniatures? Example, Rosy Skin, Rosy Highlight, and Rosy shadow.
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