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  1. I’ve been asking for years now but I’ll throw it out there again. Can we please get the two Icingstead frost giant warriors in bones?
  2. A big ole miniature for Talos the man of bronze! Oh and the iceingstead frost giants. I've been asking to see them put back into production for years.
  3. Pretty please can we see a return of the Iceingstead frost giant warriors?
  4. Those giants do look pretty tasty. I'm just a little worried that their size and aesthetic won't fit with the Iceingstead lot.
  5. For a good while now I've been interested in building a Iceingstead army for Warlord. However the frost giants that would form the core of my warband have been out of production for some time. I assume the plan was to move them to the Bones range but that hasn't happened. I've tried to contact reaper directly with this question but have never received a response. I do hope we see these miniatures return sooner rather than later.
  6. Apart from the fellas in the DHL line I am having a lot of trouble finding minis that will work for hobgoblins. I came across Otherworld's hobs but they are just a little too old school for me. I would really appreciate any suggestions.
  7. Many of the modules and adventures I run call for undead dwarves orcs elves ect. As far as I know there aren't any non human undead currently in production by anyone. I know WotC did some for Chainmail and GW had some for Mordheim but both of those ranges are long gone.
  8. I've noticed that just about all the new black orc models are bareheaded. Heavily armored warriors with no head protection have always been a pet pev of mine. I was hoping we might see a pack of alternate heads for these guys with a number of helmet options. Until then I may have to try my hand at sculpting on a few helms myself.
  9. How about a soldier who travels back in time from a wartorn future to stop a time travling robot assasin? Maybe name him Kyle something. Oh and hes in love with the woman the robot is trying to kill even though he only knows her through an old picture. Sounds a bit crazy I know but its still a better love story than Twilight.
  10. I certainly love the price on these figures! The casts are also very clean. I have been running into trouble working with the soft plastic. It seems to have a bit too much give. This makes for very tricky business when trying to use an exacto knife on them. I've also run into trouble while trying to drill out the hands for weapon swaps.
  11. Hobgoblins! These are my favorite goblinoids and nobody else makes them. I would also like to see some generic gnome warriors. All the non-Bloodstone gnomes right now are bards or spellcasters. Some nonhuman townsfolk would be nice. Elves dwarves kobolds, you name it I want it.
  12. More Superheros. Especially some that can easily be converted to look like popular characters. Perhaps some sort of crimefighter with a bat theme?
  13. I'm just getting back into Warlord after a long break and I was wondering if a set of siege rules had been developed for the game. I remember there being a few basic rules for battering rams and ladders but not much else. Something that allowed a player to design their own stronghold by assigning point values to defensive structures would be awesome. If nothing official or even semi official has been released I guess I’ll take a stab at designing some rules myself.
  14. I really like the fact that some of the great minis from the DHL range are being added to the Warlord game. There are though a few of my favorites that haven't gotten rules yet and I figure that other people have a few DHL minis they'd like to see make it into the game. So post the minis you've been dying to have rules for and a short explanation. 1. Hobgoblins. The DHL hobs are by far the best ever made. Also having some disciplined troops would be a nice change from the mobs of orcs, goblins, bugbears and gnolls. 2. Kobolds. There are a ton of these little guys in the DHL range and they are adorable! Plus I love how reaper went with the old school dog look rather than the lizard type. 3. Derro. What would go better with evil insaine gnomes than evil insane dwarves?
  15. He reminds me of an evil Steven Hawkings for some reason.
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