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  1. This is a paint job I'm doing as a birthday gift for a friend's Pathfinder character. It is apparently some sort of bleached out gnome that looses it's coloring. Hope that's starting to come across. He got to choose the mini and I do the painting! Haven't started on the animal companion yet...
  2. Another mini I finally finished up! I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out. *Edited: I got better pics
  3. I had picked up this mini from the paint-n-take at Gencon this year. I ended up being called to a speed painting competition, so didn't get to touch it at the time, but finally got around to it. *Edited: Updated the phots
  4. thanks for the nice comments and feedback!! there are 3 total minis in this lizardman pack and i plan on doing the other two in similar fashion. i've been working on trying to make my minis "pop" from several feet away, while also have them look good up close.
  5. Finished mini. Comments welcomed. Work in Progress thread: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/40135-reaper-06047-lizardman-command-new-pics/page__p__569526entry569526 Thanks for looking!
  6. i really love these minis. the color choice, battle damage, and attention to detail are superb!
  7. 1) individual figures mostly, though advice on how to ship up to 12 would be helpful. 2) yes, painted 3) loose thanks!
  8. Hey all- I am looking for advice about how to ship minis, and figured this would probably be the best sub-forum. What do you package them in? How do you ship them? I haven't shipped one before, so I feel like a total noob. Thanks!
  9. fun sculpt! overall it looks very solid and the gems look great! i would have liked seeing some glowy effects from the big blue globe. cheers!
  10. Here are a few updated pics! The first two are after all the base colors have been put on. The second two are after some shading, etc, has been done. As always, critiques and praise are welcomed! ;)
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