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  1. Will the Reapercon date stay the same even though Origins moved their 2012 show to Memorial Day weekend (May 30-June 3)? With that move, will Reaper have a booth at Origins 2012?
  2. Will there be a con special on Master Series Paints? If so, how many paints for how many dollars, and is it build-your-own sets? (I remember there being one last year, and I've seen it at GenCon...I just cannot remember the details!)
  3. Hi All! I bought some older Reaper minis and the tabs to use as Swag Points just say "Reaper Proof of Purchase" or lists the reaper web address. One just has the Reaper logo. Can these still be used as Swag Points at ReaperCon? Counting the days until the show!! Melissa
  4. Thank you! It really excites me to know that I'll be getting that kind of feedback! Being a new painter, I'm really looking forward to some construcive criticism. I can't wait to come put and meet everybody!
  5. Hello, Will the painting contest be split by painter's experience level? This will be my first time to ReaperCon, and I have only been painting since August 2009. I plan to enter the contest but want to know what I'm up against.
  6. If a newbie misses out on tickets to the beginner level seminars/workshops, is there still a general area where folks are just painting and she can sit, watch, and learn...maybe even paint along?
  7. As for the contest entries: Is there a limit to how many? ( I thought I might enter two or three...nothing outrageous!) How long does the mini stay for judging? I might not make it back to the show before leaving town on Sunday.
  8. Hello All! I also have a few questions about ReaperCon: Do I bring my own figures, paints, or brushes? How long is each workshop? Is there a gaming schedule available? Is there a painting contest open to beginners and do I bring a mini I already painted? I can't wait for my first ReaperCon!
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