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  1. Oh for Pete sakes. Just throw me a number Lucas is looking for mini rights. Any one know? I know Paramount raped FASA when they did there Star Treck "Starship Tactical Command simulator" with ships based on the 1-3 movie era (six figures cost, plus yearly). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek:_Starship_Tactical_Combat_Simulator Not to be confused with "Star Fleet Battles" by Amarillo Design Bureau, who were able to get a much more reasonable licensing rights through a third party.
  2. BTW, is Reaper trying to get the Star Wars Mini Game? Or other rights? Or as they say in the software develop industry "Its just Vapor Ware"?
  3. Originally Percentile system, converted to d20 for simplicity. Forked the game into 2 branches, standard and basic. With the basic system using an adapted simpler stream lined rules and fighter sheets based on the standard game for faster paced system. All other rules simply mapped over without issue. Got a blip on the sensor (a marker on the board, the opponent has how many fighters are assigned to the group). Need to go in for a closer look (Y-Wings have long ranged scanners, and A-wings have advanced sensors) depending on the situation , one may work better then the other.... Every other fighter has sensors to, but Y-Wing, A-Wing, TIE-Advance and TIE-Bomber have above average sensors in one way or another. Any how you do not know what is in the Blip or Blips until you have successfully scanned it. Moving in for a better chance to scan, all of a sudden, an unknown blip appears 25" (based on measurement not hexes) at your 5 o'clock position... What the... Random scenario generator combined with die rolling at the beginning, and affected by what type of fighters are on each side. The Imperial player got a favorable result from the random Scenario generator, die role, good sensors, or a combination of the 3. What do you do now. Charge head long and hope to wipe out the blips in front of you and keep flying right through them in a hopes to mingle them with the the ones on your back side to try to keep the engagement in a situation you don't have to split your forces? Or split them up. You decide to charge all units head on... Scanning... Moving closer... Scanning... Got a positive ID.... DECOY BOYIES.... Out of the blip behind you, 14 TIE Interceptors emerge.... "IT'S A TRAP"
  4. I tried to add on to an existing topic but it did not want to seem to add my reply. Ok First the Best Sci-Fi RPG is the one the GM makes the most fun out of. I have seen great GM make fun games out of really bad systems. And I have seen Bad GM ruin Decent Game systems. That said. It depends on the type of sci-fi... .....Post Apocalyptic? .....Dystopian Sci-Fi (cyberpunkish). .....Sci-Fi / Horror .....Sci-Fi Mech .....General Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic..........Would probably be Rifts. Dystopian................... Shadowrun or Cyber-punk would be most first choices. I highly recommend a hardly heard about game "SLA-Industries" Sci-Fi Horror...............Probably some adaptation of Chill Horror RPG. Or a game grounded in GURPS Sci-Fi Mech.................Forget Mech Warrior and Battle Tech. Take on "Heavy Gear" from Drop-Pod 9. Great for miniatures and Mech RPG. http://www.dp9.com/ Much more believable and realistic then Battle tech. But still fun and Fast. Sc-Fi General...............Battlelords of 23rd century by SSDC, is probably the best overall PRE-MADE compromising Sci-Fi RPG However, Over All Choice.......Get a great game system that is highly flexible and allows multiple Genres..... Build as you need. GURPS would be the first one to come to mind for a lot. But I recommend the "Hero Games" system. Used by the superhero RPG "Champions". A game design way ahead of its time that allows for easy adaptation for any genre, especially if you have an experienced GM that knows how to make it work.
  5. Well if Reaper is interested I spent several years developing a 3d Space Fighter combat system for Star wars. Had hundreds of platesetters. So if they are looking for a base rule set. I might be able to help. Asteroids, Deathstar trench run, random scenario generator. I actually did something most flying craft games never make use of... A Wing Man, and what their true purpose is. Used everything that was supposed to be on the fighters I had rules for in the games (Sensors, Scanners, R2s, reinforced hull (Y-wing)). Applied rules of initiative (once you have the initiative you tend to keep it unless you really mess up. And rules to negate initiative and help insure a more even spread of when what side gets initiative (this was done to help take luck of the dice out... If they so choose to use this rule). And winning via lucky initative roles were reduced, putting more squarely on the players to think about tactics and maneuvering.
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