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  1. It might not be too bad if it's only a little too big. No reason an evil goddess can't be leggy. I'm looking at this at the moment; there are other sculpts, but I can't tell the difference with only the one image. Took a while to find a Ral Partha skeleton with a naked posterior, but there are indeed a few options. I think I'll see if the skeleton above isn't too big first, though. Nice, but definitely not for this conversion--the hips are kind of wonky.
  2. I'm trying to build a miniature for an avatar of Urgathoa, Pathfinder's goddess of undeath. Her upper body is well-formed and curvy, but below the waist, she's nothing but gory bones. The visual is predictably gross and probably NSFW. I've already got the perfect torso (Also NSFW). The challenge is finding a skeleton whose lower body matches. I'm not going for anatomical correctness, but since this is an important piece I do want something proportionate. Most of the skeleton minis I've found wouldn't work; the trickiest part is the pelvis, which needs to be wide enough to look feminine. As well, I'd rather have legs that are delicate over those that are stable, as I plan on supporting the model from behind with a bit of scenery. Can anyone think of a skeleton that would fit these restrictions?
  3. She's taller than I was hoping, but with a little green stuff the Cthulhu doll girl would probably work best. Though I'm tempted to find a use for a few of the others...
  4. Not miniatures for little girls, but a miniature of a little girl. I'm looking for a 25mm miniature of a creepy child in a gothic dress. The ideal mini would be holding a doll, but it's been hard enough just finding minis of children at all.
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