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  1. Thank you all, that did clear up a lot of the questions. When I did a search on the forums for toughness it took me to some older post that just confused me more :)
  2. Hello All, Just wanted to get some clarification on toughness. Let say I have a Crimson Knight with Tough/2. He goes up against a Big guy that has Mighty and takes three wounds. Because of mighty that makes it six. Does he have to take three separate toughness checks or just one? Does he take them right away or wait until his next activation? If he gets to wait until his next activation, when does he take the test? Beginning, end, whenever I want? If I activate a troop with a mage, can the mage heal him so he doesn’t have to take the Tough test? Can he eat a human ally to regain a wound so he doesn’t have to take a Tough test? Thanks in advance.
  3. Yeah didn't know that, back to the drawning board.
  4. Thanks for the input. I can try and guess at it all I want, but without having more games under my belt, it will be just that a guess. A smaller army that I was considering with less troops would have been this (love the fact that reaper has an online Army Creator for all your theory crafting needs): Necropolis - 994 points Troop 1 Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars Count Vandrian, Crimson Knight x 3 Troop 2 Sir Athak, Crimson Knight Crimson Knight x 3 Troop 3 Eikar, Crypt Bat Syphrilia, Succubus Crypt Bat x 2 Troop 4 Aysa, Ghost Book of Tactics Troop 5 Luck Stone So the thinking is: Troop 1 is a fast shock troop, basically saying just bring it. Having the first strike is important just so they can bloody the enemy and then take advantage of the +2 Mav bonus for bloodlust with their other attacks. Troop 2 just a solid block of warriors Troop 3 fast mobile, being a ranger can't hurt and being able to swoop in do an attack then swoop out is nice. Troop 4 I think I just have a crush on her, something about having a model that can summon other models is pretty cool.
  5. Ok I have exactly one game under my belt, but there is a Tournament that I am planning to attend this Saturday @ The Gamers Realm. I have a lot of experience in warhammer, mordheim, <insert all other GM games here>. Playing that game I saw the importance of having the draws in the draw deck. So does this game lend itself more to a min/max theory in order to maximize draws for turn advantage, if so how does this apply to Necropolis? (Putting this here because I have a Necropolis army going) Most of this thread is consisted of army list, but I would like to know apart from that, what playing style does this army excel at? In other game systems I am used to a highly mobile army where I chose where and when to fight. I can usually turn that to my advantage. I currently have this: Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars Count Vandrian, Crimson Knight Malek, the Hated Sir Dauron, Death Knight Syphrilia, Succubus Crimson Knight x 3 Wraith Harvester x 3 Aysa, Ghost If I want to maximize my Scenario Points I have to tailor the army to both meet the scenario objectives + worry about the other person trying to kill my models. Going to a min/max theory what would you think of this army? Necropolis - 1000 points Troop 1 Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars Chattel x 3 Troop 2 Eikar, Crypt Bat Syphrilia, Succubus Crypt Bat x 2 Troop 3 Sir Athak, Crimson Knight Crimson Knight x 3 Troop 4 Sir Gadrun, Deathrider Deathrider x 2 Troop 5 Sir Gauren the Wrathful Wraith Harvester x 4 Troop 6 Aysa, Ghost Book of Tactics Troop 7 Kaena, Banshee I don’t know if it has enough punching power, I know things will die, but will they help me in the scenarios?
  6. Hello everyone, new to the game, and when I say new I mean I just finished my first game 10 hours ago...yes I finished it at 2am. Enjoyed it a lot and now I am playing around with the online army builder. Now I have a question on this spell: Summon Spectral Minions The Affect starts with UNIQUE - Does that mean I can only cast this ones a game? I want to run Aysa, Ghost and have her summon guys. Anyone have any luck with her?
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