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  1. Thanks everyone. I tend to use "magic wash" that I got from the Warstore for shading.I mix in a varying amounts of the black version of the wash in with the brown depending on the desired effect. If I need to make a wash with another color, I add flow improver. I haven't tried GW's washes, but have heard mixed reviews. I have started experimenting with a bit more layering and blending, but am not very good at it yet, so I still use washes. I will likely continue to do so with the units that I paint, but have tried upping the detail on the centerpiece models. The whole highlighting based on a l
  2. Welcome to the boards, the friendliest mini painting site on the interwebz. I am not the most experienced painter here, but will be more than willing to offer you any help and advice I can.

  3. I have been painting for a while, but my painting has been for purely "table top" purposes sufficient to have a decent looking largish army on a table. Of late I have become more interested in the finer points of painting am trying to hone my skills. Can someone explain the difference to me between an "ink" and a "wash" and generally what one would be used for vs the other? Thanks in advance.
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