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  1. Just the idea that reaper would be doing these has totally derailed my 4e campaign. And got me to break out my Arnica Montana resin buildings and get back to putting them together and painting them.
  2. These can't come out fast enough for me. I can not wait.....
  3. I wanted to go to Reaper Con so bad... But, that is great news for sure!
  4. Yeah, Thanks! I am so looking forward to new stuff.
  5. I am really looking for more Deadlands minis. The announcement alone almost completely derailed my 4e game. Just the idea of new Deadlands lead has got my mind racing. My favorite game of all time combining with the best miniature manufacturer, it is almost more than I can handle. Is th first wave just the Four Servitors? Or are there more on deck?
  6. I am just wondering how much space the new Slimes take up. For the purpose of basing and such. I play D&D and am wondering if they will fit into the Large 2x2 or medium 1x1 and so on. Thanks in advance... -rich
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