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  1. Yes the Gaan-Ho were very difficult for me to leave out. I have played a version of the list with 2 krung beasts, it always seems like 1 is waisted. For me having the ranged threat is very valuable. I've rarely had the sniper not kill his points, and he works great to kind of herd the enemy to places you want them to go. Switching out the lone uru unit for gan hor definetly has a strong argument for being an improvement on the list, and you would have a few points to spare on a luckstone and a spearman.
  2. Probably the best warlord list...until proven otherwise Reptus - 999 points Jade Doctrine Troop 1 Broodmaster, Dragon Rider Troll Hide T'Kay, Reptus Cleric Raptor x 2 Troop 2 Nakaraat, Hydra Troop 3 Uru, River Troll Chief Pakpao, Clutchling Caster Raptor x 2 Troop 4 Krungbeast Troop 5 Uru, River Troll Chief Raptor x 2 Troop 6 Klahan, Nagendra Sniper This list has yet to loose, in the hands of a novice it's powerful and in that of an experienced warlord player a frightening thing to witness. The basic tactic is simple, iron skin the broodmaster and the hydra, then kill whatever you want. With the troll hide most things need 2 discipline checks to even attack the dragon. With the jade doctrine everything in the list (except 6 raptors) get a defensive version of weaponmaster. You use the raptors to protect your casters and the Urus by either surrounding thier bases to prevent them from being swarmed or using thier provoke to suck up attacks on the offense. Krungbeast is solely for soldiers and easy to kill casters, make use of its trample. The sniper is just that, hide it turn 1 and spend the rest of the fight picking off the scraps. Before anyone screams out this wouldn't have a chance against such n such... just play it once. Looking forward to seeing if anyone plays any games with this list and what they come up with to defeat it : ) I will also be at Artist Con in the next week or so at Reaper HQ for any and all challengers <GRIN>
  3. #1 So if I understand this you could actually base a model with a charge action, and then base a 2nd with a move action in the same turn? #2 was mostly concerning the bonus move on a charge or run. This is all tied to the darkreach of course and tricks with the shadow blade. A 3rd question would be if you cast wings on a target who is in B2B with the enemy and chooses to immediately fly, is that considered leaving B2B? I assume it does?
  4. A couple quick questions concerning the SA Blink. #1 Can a model use the SA Blink and a Move action to get into B2B with a model or can you still only come B2B with a Charge action per normal rules? #2 If you cast the Spell Wings on a model that has the SA Blink does the flying movement also follow the rules for SA Blink? Thanks for your time and info!
  5. Account of Khathan at the first altercation between the Darkspawn and Crusaders. I was sent as an envoy to the Crusaders and accompanied them on thier first march north to battle the Darkspawn. As we Nefsokar had little resistance from these demons and the Crusader force I accompanied was large in number, I expected little in the form of resistance. I would soon be proven wrong and these seemingly chaotic demons attacked with a guided purpose. They flew upon the crusaders carefully picking thier targets, it was quickly apparent that all the foot soldiers the Crusaders brought to bear on these flying beasts would be useless in this fight. One after another, Crusader leaders were plucked from the ranks and torn apart with talon and wing, Crusader heroes and healers were the next targets. As an Assassin I couldn't help but admire thier brutal effeciency. I was able to take a few out the sky with my bow, why they never attacked me I know not. Perhaps a professional courtesy from one killer to another, or the Great Serpent Assassi protecting me. Uriel, the great angel of the crusaders finally joined the fight and was able to drive them off. After the fight was over chaos still reigned on the field of battle. Every Crusader troop was leaderless and unguided, the Darkspawn stoped the march of the entire Crusader army with death of but a few men. It has become apparent to me that a greater demon must be guiding these Darkspawn. I have a fealing my bow will see much use in the coming days.
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