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  1. Yeah, I have to admit I was a little conflicted when I heard that they were moving production stateside. I'm all for made-in-the-usa, but half the reason I supported the Bones KS was in hopes of making more sculpts available for the LE line. Though I suppose it's still possible to ship the molds to China for LE production and have them returned for more Bones production in the US. It might even be that the figs would be sculpted here and shipped to China for painting. Or maybe they could be painted in the US without too much of a price hike. Wishful thinking? Yep, it's the best kind. :-) I'm still going to keep my fingers crossed for a "Paint All the Bones" Kickstarter.
  2. Now that the Bones are (mostly) delievered, I was wondering if there's any news to be had about the future of the LE line. I'm hoping for a new Kickstarter to get all the Bones into the LE line, but almost any news would be good news.
  3. I'm with you, DarkUncleBoh. A Legendary Encounters Kickstarter would be fantastic (assuming it's at least a few months away, so I can recover from the Dwarven Forge KS. My wallet's a-hurtin'.)
  4. The first stretch goal was posted as an update yesterday (a jungle-themed mercenaries set!). The post helps explain the credit system as well: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1941357427/dungeon-crawler-minis-tidal-wave-dcm/posts Basicaly, it boils down to one credit per set, with bigger sets (like the first one) counting as two credits. So, if they meet the first stretch goal, and you have 12 credits, you can buy 12 of the Mercenaries set, 6 of the Tidal Wave set, or some combination of both. Alternate paint jobs are getting thrown in for free, and how many of those you get depends on the level you pledge at.
  5. They just previewed the first set of stretch goals. A four-figure mercenary set. The Amazon Warrior looks really slick: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1941357427/dungeon-crawler-minis-tidal-wave-dcm/posts
  6. On Auggie's site, they're about $3 for the prepaints and $1.30 for the unpainted: http://www.auggiesgamesonline.com/Dungeon-Crawler_c_321.html http://www.auggiesgamesonline.com/Dungeon-Crawler_c_253.html I couldn't say for sure, but I imagine the Kickstarter prices would be the same or (hopefully) a little less.
  7. I know. The way they worded things is a little cumbersome. Over on another forum, he's been clarifying things a bit. Basically, pledging gets you some or all of the new set (either painted or unpainted depending on the reward you choose.) Some reward levels give you credits that you can use toward other sets that will be revealed as stretch goals. Each set will be one or two credits, depending on how big of a set it is. They're also adding sets of alternate paint miniatures to various pledge levels as rewards as the KS goes on. Hopefully it will become more clear as the KS progresses. I'll admit that I had to squint at it a while before it made sense to me. :-)
  8. Hi all, I just wanted to let everybody know about a new minis Kickstarter that just launched yesterday: http://www.kickstart...-tidal-wave-dcm For the initial goal, they're doing a pirate/water themed set that includes some male and female human pirates, a mermaid and a huge water elemental. They're being produced in both prepainted and unpainted versions, so there's a lot of flexibility. They have stretch goals planned as well, but haven't said what they are. I have their earlier sets, so I can vouch for the quality of the work they do. Judging by the icons they're using for stretch goals, there may be some terrain (huts, wagons, etc.) on the horizon in addition to the regular figs. Anyway, there it is. I figured that Reaper Kickstarter backers might want to take a look...
  9. The restocks are awesome news, as are the new releases. I'd just hate to see the line suffer because of a perceived lack of support or interest on the part of Reaper. I know there's only so much you can say about a release of 4-5 figures, but there are lots of other things you can do to generate excitement. For example, since each reorder gets a new paint job, each paint job is effectively a limited edition. That's a pretty big selling point that hasn't really been highlighted. I remember reading a while back that there were something like 100 sculpts that were selected to be part of the line eventually. It would be cool to see them so we could speculate (or even vote) on which ones are next. If it's going to be 6 months between releases, there has to be something to hold interest and fill the time, or people will forget the minis are out there (as, admittedly, I sometimes have).
  10. I've been a fan of Reaper Miniatures for a long time. When I got back into gaming about ten years ago, one of the first things I did was purchase a ton of Reaper minis, because I wanted figures for my game, and Reaper had the best sculpts out there. Almost all of them are still sitting, unpainted, in boxes in my basement. I love them, but I just don't have the time or the talent (mostly the time) to paint. So, when WOTC came out with the D&D miniatures line, I jumped on board. I put up with the random packaging, the less-detailed sculpts, and the sometimes (often) disappointing paint jobs, because it meant I could do something I hadn't been able to do before: field a lot of finished-looking figures. My spending changed, and WOTC got an obscene amount of my hard-earned money. Now, D&D Minis are on life support. Drastic changes in packaging and distribution, followed by no new product in their catalog for well into next year, leads me to believe that their day is done (and I'm not alone.) Those of us who were looking to Heroscape as a substitute just found out about that game's cancellation. In fact, it seems that the future of WOTC miniatures now lies in sets of cardboard tokens (shudder!) All of which presents Reaper with a HUGE opportunity. The market is out there. There are lots of potential customers waiting for a good, reliable source of quality pre-painted miniatures. But right now, there's not one out there. Sadly, not even Reaper. You've got the quality part covered. The sculpts are the same, highly detailed stuff we've come to expect from Reaper. The paint jobs (with only the earliest figures being exceptions) are excellent. But the wait between releases has been torturous, and after two (three?) years, we only have a comparative handful of figures to show for all our patience. My point is this: Your products are great. The customers are out there. So please, please, PLEASE give the Legendary Encounters line the support and attention it needs to thrive. I don't pretend to know all (or any, really) of the difficulties involved in producing plastic figures, and I'm not dumb or arrogant enough to believe that I can tell you about how to run your business. But to the layman, it seems like the hardest part is behind you. The production process has been established. The sculpts already exist. Distribution channels are already in place. Those of us who know the figures exist think they're great. And you have a large potential market just waiting to be tapped. It's hard to understand why the releases are so few, so scattered, and so seemingly unsupported. I, for one, want to give you my money. There are others who would like to give you their money, too, and more still who would gladly do the same for a product with regular releases and adequate marketing. Please don't let us down!
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