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  1. Thank you. I'll make it up to y'all this summer. BBQ & paint. Stay tuned.
  2. Amazing work. So beautiful. Congrats on two really lovely pieces. The green skin is amazing. Your blends are beautiful. And such nice detail. Me likes-ee very much.
  3. Sorry, Kids. I can longer make the 28th. I'd like to say regrettably, but I'm actually quite thrilled by my change of plans. I'll miss y'all. It's been a long time for me. But I'll catch everyone at the next one. Again - I'd be thrilled to host anytime Mike's sweet spot isn't available. Aahhmm... perhaps I should rephrase that last thought... Anyhow...maybe I'll have to look into a summer BBQ/Paint shindig. I'll start thinking on that. Have fun! -D.
  4. <Stepping from behind the curtain> Keep me posted. I'm down. On a side note - while Dargrin DEFINITELY has the best space for this... such an amazing game area... If there's ever a need to move the venue, I now haz house. And have plenty of space for painting and wargaming. So bear in mind if you have a conflict, Dargrin. See you all soon. <Resuming Lurk Mode in... 3... 2... 1...>
  5. Oh! Hey, everybody. Forgive the delay (in all things). I have been jammed up. New house and things. But yeah! I'd be down for a N.E. Paint Day. Absolutely. Just keep me pinged, Mike. I was glad to get your note! -Darin.
  6. It is the cheese. And the cheese is lonely for the good 'ol days.

  7. No profile comments, yet? I can't believe it. For shame! Here's one, son. From a guy who misses you.

  8. Hey Phil. Miss the good 'ol days. Kev and I hope you are well.

  9. (De-cloak) Congratulations, Meg. All the Love & Light & Happiness to You & your Man.
  10. Mine has arrived from Lawgiver. A very attractive assassin in purple. Thanks, Lawgiver! As to mine going out. Still late, but coming along. You may all mock me, ridicule me, disparage me as required. But it will go out soon.
  11. Mine will be late. My apologies to its intended recipient. I promise to make it worth your while. Life/home searching has taken priority. My sincerest apologies. Shakandara - PM sent this past weekend.
  12. Still working. Doing my best to make it a worthy piece.
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