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  1. Amazing work. So beautiful.


    Congrats on two really lovely pieces. The green skin is amazing. Your blends are beautiful. And such nice detail.


    Me likes-ee very much.

  2. Sorry, Kids. I can longer make the 28th. I'd like to say regrettably, but I'm actually quite thrilled by my change of plans.


    I'll miss y'all. It's been a long time for me. But I'll catch everyone at the next one. Again - I'd be thrilled to host anytime Mike's sweet spot isn't available.


    Aahhmm... perhaps I should rephrase that last thought... :blink:


    Anyhow...maybe I'll have to look into a summer BBQ/Paint shindig. I'll start thinking on that.


    Have fun!


    -D. :B):

  3. <Stepping from behind the curtain>


    Keep me posted. I'm down.


    On a side note - while Dargrin DEFINITELY has the best space for this... such an amazing game area... If there's ever a need to move the venue, I now haz house. And have plenty of space for painting and wargaming. So bear in mind if you have a conflict, Dargrin. ::):


    See you all soon.


    <Resuming Lurk Mode in...




  4. Wow! Very striking. Very lovely. Great color scheme. The red of the gems offsets nicely against all the blue. And super "wet" effect on her armor. She looks icy. Very nice job!!!


    Definitely ranks as one of my, if not the, favorite renditions of this model. Great work.

  5. So Wow! My order from Reaper is already here as of yesterday afternoon. I placed that order TUESDAY! That's some fast delivery! Way to go, Reaper!


    Anyhow... I've got my exchange models here and should be able to begin prep before I leave for two weeks on Monday. So I'm psyched.


    Also got a Warlord rulebook in that order, so next N.E. Paint Day maybe I'll be able to get schooled by Qwyk or Vil or someone, eh? :;):

  6. Exceptional model. Very well done. The patterned green armor is super.


    Those Warhammer models are so complex and have so much detail, and yet you pushed beyond just painting it to add your own detail. Great work. Bravo! ::):

  7. Very beautifully rendered. The high contrast is very attractive and adds a lot of character to this piece. With the murky waters and dark base, it appears as though he's standing under the intense glare of a full moon. It really tells a story. Great work. Gratz on a lovely piece.

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