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  1. HA! I could but I would end up loosing interest in painting then. Giggity.
  2. Very beautifully rendered. The high contrast is very attractive and adds a lot of character to this piece. With the murky waters and dark base, it appears as though he's standing under the intense glare of a full moon. It really tells a story. Great work. Gratz on a lovely piece.
  3. Man... You guys never let me have any fun.
  4. Very nice. I, too, like the goth look of Sophie. Great pieces. Moor hound is really rocking. Very dire. Great work.
  5. Great job on Cassie, Meg. She looks super. And for a speed paint, the school girl is very, very nice. I love the sweater. Great job all around.
  6. Nice pieces. I particularly like the barbarian, but all three are very nice.
  7. Very nice. Great color scheme. This is one of my favorite models. I've been meaning to paint mine for a while now. You did a great job. Just super.
  8. Finished the 3 Witchling Stalkers, but put the Rackham goblin aside to begin my Halloween figures, of which there are four. But what they are, I'm not going to tell you. So... goals met? Eh, considering that the WS's were spill over from August... ah, well... not great shakes. But hey! I'm painting! And it feels good!
  9. What is the matter with you people??? How is it that NOBODY has asked "What happened??!?!" Those of us with major schadenfreude *need* to know. :lol: (Especially before my sophomoric mind takes this places decent folks dare not tread... )
  10. Very, very, very cool! I like it a lot. Great work!
  11. Very nice. She's beautiful. Great color choices.
  12. Good tip! I'll be sure to remember that! Thanks for unit advice. I'll definitely do Sonnia, but I guess if I'd need more models for a legal unit... well, the likelihood I'd go forward with finishing it out is slim.
  13. Hey! Thanks, Gang! I appreciate you thinking of me!
  14. Thanks, everybody. Glad you're enjoying them. I'm thinking of getting a Sonnia or Samael to add to the group so that I have a Guild Unit. I don't know - game-wise - if that would be a playable group for Malifaux. If you know, please say. Otherwise, I just think having a unit around for show or local competitions would be nice. Thanks again.
  15. I'll agree the eyes need a bit more white. She looks like she has a demon in her! Otherwise, very nice. The red cloak looks lovely. Nice work.
  16. Very nice. The red of the cockpit glass really picks the head out from the body. Nice work.
  17. Very nice. Very clean. Great addition of detail. Nice work.
  18. A number of pieces I like in there, but how did you do the star/galaxy effect on the bases of the starships? Very nice!
  19. LOL!! The clown is a riot! Nice work. The orc looks particularly nice.
  20. I'd say something about the armor, but I think that line of commenting is worn out. Seriously, nice job. He looks seriously brutal. And that red is very nicely shaded and highlighted.
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