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  1. Looks like the figure has a flesh turtleneck pulled over his face. Ya, I'm going to go with that. That's what it looks like to me, too!!! tell you what -- wish I had one of those! It gets cold up here in N.H. and lips chap fast!
  2. Oh, I would urge you to try it. It's actually quite fun and not all that difficult. Just get a good recipe for rust and verdigris and go to town. For rust, I use: Vallejo Black Red mixed with Reaper Pro Walnut --> Vallejo Black Red --> Vallejo Black Red mixed with V. Orange Brown --> Orange Brown --> OB mixed with V. Deep Yellow --> (then maybe) V. DY dotted. For Verdigris, I use: V. German Uniform --> V. GU and Reaper Master Deep Ocean + a light blue --> more light (ice/sky) blue to taste. (I stole that from Jen Haley, so you know it's good. Thanks, Jen. ) Just remember to highlight over your rust and verdigris effects to let some of the metal come back through. But really, it's fun. Try it. It goes a long way to popping a mini, too, for such an easy trick. I swear to you, it's not magic.
  3. Thank you, Mama. I wish I could speak intelligently to how I make my color choices, but I'm more of a "try this and see if I get lucky" painter than I am an educated painter, especially when it comes to color. I need to do more study there. I will say that I do neutralize a lot of my initial "base" color choices, both by mixing in compliments and by shading with compliments. The robes, for instance, are based using Vallejo Orange Brown mixed with Vallejo Azure. This base is then shaded with Vallejo Oxford Blue and a mix of Vallejo Oxford Blue and Reaper Pro Walnut. When first based, the robes were quite a bit more saturated than they appear -- quite orangy -- but once the Oxford was placed in the folds as shadow, the robes really desaturated. Must be a trick of the eye or light. I can't explain. But I do find abutting compliments to a color really subdue that color (much like mixing the compliment in would). That and I use a lot of Reaper Pro Walnut for shading, lining, washing, glazing. It's a go to color for me that makes its appearance on every model I paint (and in heavy applications). Anyhow, the Orange Brown is repeated across this mini for harmony. I used it as the base for a number of colors -- the face masks and gloves, the boots, all of the rust effects. And for this reason, I think I gained an all over appearance of desaturation -- that is one color comprises the base of a lot of colors. It was simply mixed with compliments and grays/browns to change it. Add to that the bluish greys found on metals, and maybe the appearance of desaturation is furthered. I don't know. I'm guessing there. (???) Maybe all that blather will help you on your next attempt at a low-sat mini. Good luck. And thanks for the kind words.
  4. Very cool. And more of that awesome snow. I love how it's painted.
  5. Nice clean paint, indeed. Nice work. Though I don't understand the sculpt's face. I like that base, too. What is the rock made of? Rock? Plaster?
  6. Oh, quite attractive. I like this color scheme quite a bit. Surprising in choice, but it works very well. Nice work.
  7. Very lovely. He came out beautifully. Nice work.
  8. Thank you, all. You're very kind. And the minis are sealed, so the drool will just slip off. Seriously, though. Thank you. And yes, the bases are scratch built. Made of cork (of course), balsa "boards" that I weathered and damaged, small plastic piping and beams, a bit of glue and sand. Regrettably, I blew it using Envirotek Light for a water effect on the little "dock" base. The static grass growing around the posts in the green goo wicked up the water effect to become a big blob on each post. So, lesson to you all. Static grass 'wicks' Envirotek Light. I guess you have to put grass on after the fact? (Anyone with tips on using this stuff, please fire off and school me). Oh, and Meg -- I love lamp.
  9. Fimo (available at Michael's and other craft stores) works like Playdoh but can be hardened by baking. There's Milliput, too. It's a two-part self-hardening product that works closer to Playdoh than Green Stuff and doesn't require baking.
  10. Very nice. Base is great, but color choices are super. Nice job.
  11. Nice. The freehand is nicely rendered. Good work.
  12. Very cool. Very nice. The patterning is great.
  13. So these guys tickled my fancy and while I don't play Malifaux, I decided to paint them. I'd planned on doing more freehand detail on the robes -- some arcane symbols, some more patchwork, and such -- but I think I've put too much time into them at the moment and need a break. So here's how they stand at the moment. I may go back and tinker with more detail once I've refreshed myself on other figs. Or not. We'll see. In beginning to paint the details that are there, I began to worry that they would get too busy quickly, especially with how small they are and with the many fold on the robes. Anyhow, here they are. Witchling Stalkers (front) Witchling Stalkers (back) And a bit bigger (if not a bit reduced in resolution)... Wtichling Stalkers (front, large, click to biggen) As always, anything you want to say (tangental or not)... fire away. Enjoy.
  14. Three Wyrd Witchling Stalkers as finished as they're going to be for now. Pics pending. Onto Rackham Klune Militiaman, I guess. Or something Halloweenie...
  15. Mm... Gettin' on the road to pick this bad boy up! Race you!!! Best Couch in History on Craigslist Last line of description is the best! Warning: Some strong language and innuendo.
  16. You can Dullcote before you're finished painting, Kara. It'll help protect your work to that point. A lot of painters do take this precaution, but I find paint doesn't stick as well to dullcoted paint than it otherwise normally does. I've been able to peel up paint and remove it, which is helpful for correcting freehand mistakes. And dullcoting for this reason is actually quite helpful. Otherwise, I paint to the end before sealing. So if you're fighting adhesion now, I'd recommend you mix in some mat medium to your paint. It'll help improve adhesion and knock off some shine.
  17. Well, no surprise there. We whizards are known for our exeptional sense of style when it comes to headgear.
  18. Meg -- Transportation -- feetz Catz -- none out of freezer Staying in -- Yes. See #1. Job -- Um. Yes, please. LIkes to travel -- See #1. Kids -- None that I know of. Ex-wife -- they haven't found her... yet.... Clingy -- Girl, I got things to do. Bathes -- err... WoW -- oh, &$%*@# it!!!!
  19. Indeed. But I believe it was my inadequate ability to... err... um... apparate... long distances and frequently that soured you on the union. Blast this muggle blood!!!
  20. Always the damn bathing with you... Le sigh...
  21. Beautiful as always. The sculpt's upper half isn't so interesting (no fault of Angorak's unless we ping him for not painting tattoos ) but teh bottom half is super -- both sculpt and paint. Very lovely. And I love that snow. What is it??? I think I've asked that before, but I have I ain't so bright as to remember the answer.
  22. and he knocked it out of the park! Very well done. Thanks for sharing.
  23. No! Man, I never get to have any fun! @ John Lee -- I've been eyeing them, too. I've thought to make a chess board of them, but don't know what I'd use for the other side... Maybe Confrontation Clan Mid-Nor? Maybe not... Likely another idea that'll simply be shelved under "someday", but fun to consider.
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