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  1. Ah, ha! :lol: :lol: :lol:


    I love that you used the Geico slogan! LOL!!! Those are some of my favorite commercials of all time. ::P:


    Very nicely done, of course. Beautiful. How did you make the flowers (and is that a flutterby?) in the shrubs?... (strongly resisting bush/shrubbery humor here... must... not.... reveal... sophomoric tendencies.... gack! :;): )

  2. All right. As promised -- Pics from the N.E. Paint Day at Dargrin's home.


    Honestly, there aren't that many. I think we were all pretty busy painting or playing Warlord. But here's what I have (in order around the very spacious and very cool gaming basement):



    Our gracious host: Dargrin



    Dilvish the Deliverer






    Yours truly



    Wandering Child






    Fuzzy Craig






    Battle pic 1 (someone will need explain)



    Battle pic 2 (someone again will need explain)



    Beer makes for happy.



    More beer makes for more happy. (Is it any wonder Dilvish was rear-ended while driving??? ::P: JK)



    "The rules say WHAT???"

  3. Looks like a great time, how many people showed?


    It was a great time. I think we had... 9 from the boards. A fellowship! ::P:







    Wandering Child



    Fuzzy Craig (and his wife and adorable lil' girl)


    And not to worry, despite her best efforts (yet again) I have photos of HT. :devil:


    But hey gang! We forgot a group photo! Oh, well.


    Thanks again, Mike! Your home is beautiful, BTW.

  4. Definitely loads of thanks to Dargrin and his wife, Kris (spell?), for their hospitality! Thank you, thank you, both! ::):


    As always... a pleasure to see everyone again and to meet new folks. I had a great time and hope we can all do it again very soon (with any luck in my pending new space...)


    I have pictures, even of Helltown. They are pending. I'll post soon enough, likely in Dilvish's thread HERE


    Looking forward to the next one. And if anyone is ever in the Peterborough/Keene area, just holler. We can slap some paint. ::D:

  5. It's likely there're all sorts of people who like this film (not yet mentioned in the other thread), but among folks I know there are few. So here goes:


    The Gods Must Be Crazy.


    Talk about a giggle fest for me. I lose it just thinking about the rhino putting out the campfire. :lol:

  6. Wow. That's quite a beautiful miniature. Very well done. Jen must be thrilled. Great color selections. And even better paint. Very clean and well done. Would certainly care to see closer pics as well as one of the back.


    Great work.


    This was my first time playing with water effects and boy what a learning process that was. :grr:


    I feel you. I only recently started playing with water effects, too, and believe me when I say I totally screwed up a finished custom base. :angry:::(:

  7. There is. I've taken it many many times. It used to be out in the middle of nowhere, but last time I went through, there was a Dunkins nearby.


    Hmm? Sorry? You're saying there is a better route than 111 to 93? Oh. Do tell (Mike?)


    And let's see... what am I bringing. Well... 3 Wyrd Witchling Stalkers, nearly finished but for their swords and final detailing/highlights on robes (if I don't finish tonight)... 1 Rackham Goblin Warrior, primed, based, and pre-lined.... maybe my Liriel to begin prepping for my Kvothe project or else something Halloweeny (it's nearing that time, after all)... and I suppose that's all I need. Maybe one or two others I have primed in case I get bored with any of the above. The figures for prepping will depend on whether I want to pack files and sanding gear... I may be too lazy to break it all out.

  8. I've tried putting my first assemble mini together and what do you know, I broke the bit off in the joint, pretty close to flush. Now I have to see if I can pry it out or drill right next to the stuck bit. There was plenty of cursing going on, luckily I don't have kids ^-^


    Been there... Too many times. :wacko:


    You'll learn to become very patient with hand drilling... A few twists... back out... clean the bit out... back in... a few twists... etc. Slow, I'll grant you, but keeps you from transforming into the Hulk when you snap a bit off in the damn model. (and always flush, right? Never so you can use the bit as your pin and forget about it...)

  9. OK. Planning my route for Saturday.


    Does anyone know if there's an on ramp to I-93 from 111?


    If not, Mike -- How do you get to Nashua when you go?


    Mapquest has me taking 101 north to 93, which just seems a long way out of my way when 101A can shoot me to 111 in more or less of a straight line. I just don't know if I can get on 93 from 111.


    Count down is on. See y'all soon! ::D:

  10. Hobby Emporium, Inc

    440 Middlesex Rd

    Tyngsboro, MA


    Right next door to Trader Joes.


    They are primarily a model train store, but they have all the requisite matierials you need for most mini related projects.


    Great store! I practically used to live there when they were in the Royal Ridge Mall in Nashua. Got my first set of minis there.


    Definitely a candy store for the modeling junkie. So many nifty tools and gadgets and supplies. Very easy to get carried away spending on sanding sticks, knives, sealants, terrain materials, etc., etc.


    You'll be in range of the store on Saturday, Kara.


    In answer to your question, I often use 2" eye pins for jewelry making. You can get them at Michael's. They're softer than sewing pins, so easier to cut. And they're slightly smaller in gauge than most paperclips, so they fit smaller connections. For tiny parts (like on Rackham metal models with slender wrists), I clip a length of my drill bit off and use it. I have a bunch of 1/64 Polished Jobber Drill Bits that I use in a micro pin vice. The bits are quite long and threaded only on the lower third. So I clip the shafts and use them for pins on tiny pieces. You can find them online.

  11. Blair Witch Project ... was hyped up as the scariest movie and blah blah blah... I watched it... and to this day I still want those 1.5-2 hours of my life back.. that movie doesn't even belong in the garbage bin i thought it was so bad. I'd rather watch galactica 1980 reruns all day.


    Definitely second this opinion. What a crock that movie was. :angry:

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