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  1. OK. Planning my route for Saturday. Does anyone know if there's an on ramp to I-93 from 111? If not, Mike -- How do you get to Nashua when you go? Mapquest has me taking 101 north to 93, which just seems a long way out of my way when 101A can shoot me to 111 in more or less of a straight line. I just don't know if I can get on 93 from 111. Count down is on. See y'all soon!
  2. Great store! I practically used to live there when they were in the Royal Ridge Mall in Nashua. Got my first set of minis there. Definitely a candy store for the modeling junkie. So many nifty tools and gadgets and supplies. Very easy to get carried away spending on sanding sticks, knives, sealants, terrain materials, etc., etc. You'll be in range of the store on Saturday, Kara. In answer to your question, I often use 2" eye pins for jewelry making. You can get them at Michael's. They're softer than sewing pins, so easier to cut. And they're slightly smaller in gauge than most paperclips, so they fit smaller connections. For tiny parts (like on Rackham metal models with slender wrists), I clip a length of my drill bit off and use it. I have a bunch of 1/64 Polished Jobber Drill Bits that I use in a micro pin vice. The bits are quite long and threaded only on the lower third. So I clip the shafts and use them for pins on tiny pieces. You can find them online.
  3. Beautiful piece. Very, very well done. So attractive. Congrats on very nice NMM and an all-around lovely scene.
  4. Totally bang-up job on that mini, JW! Rock on! He's excellent. And the amount of detail you added to bring him alive is just fantastic. I mean... wood grain on the haft of the spear? Awesome. Congratulations on a superb fig. Excellent, excellent paint.
  5. Definitely second this opinion. What a crock that movie was.
  6. My biggest disappoint? Cthulhu (2007). The Shadow Over Innsmouth is probably my favorite H.P. Lovecraft story, and while the film worked well to capture the creepiness of Innsmouth, I really found myself challenged to get into this film. And I can't quite figure out why. My disappointment had little to do with the changes to the story or the addition of gay themes. In fact, I felt the latter really helped make the main character's sense of alienation from his hometown and roots tangible, especially to a modern audience. I think maybe it was the acting? Tori Spelling aside (which is just a clichéd criticism ), I had a lot of trouble believing the main character's motivation as to even staying in town. And a lot of the other characters just... fell flat. Seemed lifeless. And maybe the acting was supposed to be subtle in order to enhance the mystery behind characters and the town. Make them suspicious and alien. But I just felt a lot of the story was listless and insipid. It didn't grab me the way I'd hoped it would. And maybe that's the problem. I brought too many expectations to the table. But then, I'm generally pretty good about viewing a piece for what it is, not what I want it to be. Just the same... blah. Lifeless. Such a bummer.
  7. Exceptional. What a beautiful piece. Thanks so much for sharing. Your work is always lovely.
  8. This figure is looking totally kick-@$$. Very nice job. Keep going!
  9. Gold NMM --> Reaper Pro Walnut --> Vallejo Flat Earth --> Vallejo Ochre Yellow --> Vallejo Light Yellow --> Vallejo White --> Winsor & Newton Titanium White Bronze --> Reaper Pro Walnut --> Vallejo Red Leather --> Vallejo Dark Flesh --> Vallejo Ivory Or equivalents from any line. Drop the Light Yellow to make "antiqued" gold. Add green/green-blue to tarnish bronze.
  10. Ah, gee. Thanks, Mike. I don't know what to say...
  11. Your paint is very clean. Nice job. The key to NMM is contrast. Contrast on the metal area itself and against surrounding areas. That is to say, there should be movement from very dark to very light across the surface on most painted metals (assuming a full light source) and contrast against the areas adjacent to the metal. I'm not being clear. You can make a dot of white on a bit of earth brown gleam like gold if this surface is abutted to a darker region featuring muted highlights. Just a dab of paint will read like metal if the surrounding area is more subdued. So... your piece's breastplate. Keeping the flesh highlights away from white... If the purple of the center was darker the gold trim would gleam hotter and read more like metal if the underside of the trim moved from dark brown (walnut) up and around to earth brown to lemon yellow to white and your edges were trimmed in a light yellow/white. Just remember to keep your whitest white for tight spots of glinting reflection.
  12. Very sorry for your loss, Maltique. I hope you can find some comfort and peace in memory, friends, and family.
  13. Very cool. I like this mini -- meaning both the model itself and your paint job. The color scheme is nice, but the blending on the lower robes really brings life to whole piece. Nice work.
  14. Freehand is definitely nice. And all of the pieces are attractive. Nice work.
  15. Welcome to the boards. This figure is nicely done. I like your loose application of shadows and grime. The figure looks well traveled. Furthermore, the ruddiness of the face is excellent. Clean up that sleepy eye, and I'd say the face would be near perfect. You could do a bit more the pick out some highlights on the beard to draw out some of the strands. As previously said, you could work to bump all of your highest highlights. The fact that the fingernails are white definitely diminishes the pop of any other highlights. Bump them down. Otherwise, I think you're on the right track. Darkline for sure, too. Absolutely. Nice work.
  16. Very nice. The dancing girl stands out, but what really caught my eye was the light of the torch on the goblin. Very nice. Keep pushing that kind of stuff. It looks very nice.
  17. Oh! Do not make the man with the flu chortle so!!!
  18. Very nice work. Quite attractive. Gratz on a lovely mini! (and stellar improvement!)
  19. Dem gud lookin' boyz. And nice work on the tank, especially.
  20. Wow. Stitching is fabulous. Couldn't tell it didn't belong there. Nice work. Don't let your interest wane fully. Almost done. And he's great. Just a bit more before abandoning... Very nice work. Have a safe trip.
  21. Well, I'm still working on my August figures (go figure ) as I am slow, slow, slow. So... I will endeavor to: Finish the 3 witchling stalkers presently in production (bases finished and all 3 basecoated, shaded down and highlights now in progress) Finish the Rackham goblin simply because he's based, basecoated, and pre-lined. Then I'll try to either get my Kvothe project done (using a converted Liriel Silverlocks) or else a Lord Ironraven I have primed or else whatever happens to distract me from everything else. You know... Oooo, shiney!
  22. Super pieces! The paladin takes the cake, of course. Just magnificent! Gratz on that light source.
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