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  1. Excellent miniature. Very lovely! Congratulations on a super piece. The NMM is exceptional for a first try. You should be very proud.
  2. My tally for the month as of last night: Tomb Wraith finished. Bonus zombie legs finished. Witchling Stalkers well under way. Bases complete. Basecoating and all shading phases complete. Rackham Goblin in partial production. Base sculpted and mini mounted. All primed and pre-lined. So... not likely to finish by tonight. But September will dawn with good progress behind me.
  3. LOL! That's great! He looks like he's totally ready to draw down! And why? With a gattling gun for a nose??? And yeah, the hat had me howling. Great work.
  4. That's good to learn. I never knew before. Great tip. Thanks.
  5. I hear you. Pushing the contrast can be nervewracking. "Have I gone too far?" "Is this cartoony now?" Just remember -- this is painting. You can always glaze to bump in either direction. Now naturally, you don't always want to go up to white. This is just an exercise to practice training yourself. Truth be told, I rarely highlight up to white. Nor do I usually ever shade to black. I generally reserve white for the topmost glints on metal and instead highlight up to ivory, or a tan, or other lighter colors. I save black for the deepest, deepest shadows on something I actually want to appear black or for darkening colors. Generally, I use walnut or another dark brown for shading my deepest shadows. I figure you can't go any lighter than white or any darker than black, so I save them in the event I need them in the end. At any rate, try the exercise just to push yourself. It also helps to think about light periodically throughout the day when you happen to think of it and to pay attention to how things around you are lit. You'll be surprised by the range of contrast. Try to replicate this. You paint well. You're ready to push it a bit, IMO. Good luck!
  6. Exceptional work. Very, very attractive. Gratz on a super piece.
  7. Very nicely done. Very clean and crisp. Nice work. As far as a critique... as per your request... I would say you should now look to begin to push your contrasts between shades/highlights. Your model is cleanly painted. Well painted. But its range of contrast is very narrow. Don't be afraid to really push into deep shadows and pull up to bright highlights. A good exercise is to try to move from shading down black and highlighting up to white. While this clearly will produce a severely exaggerated range of contrast, it will help you to begin to train your eye and trust yourself with pushing the contrast.
  8. This whole line has had me in stitches. A crowning achievement of humor, sir!
  9. It could backfire, your wife could see the nice clean space as that mythic thing 'Available storage space' and decide to utilize it for you. ROFL!!! Heed this warning!! Keep a facade of clutter in the place lest it be 'appropriated'... No offense to the ladies, but it's been my experience that to a woman, a "clean desk space" or other such space is "up for grabs"... And you know how having his territory invaded can upset a man.
  10. Maybe in passing... I can't wait, either!
  11. I have two table lamps I can bring and a stand lamp or two if necessary. Just let me know. Also -- if folks want to bring finished minis to share/discuss, we should do that, too.
  12. If you're pinning, I'd go with a 2-part epoxy. Not a five a minute, but a full several hours curing time epoxy. You'll get a much stronger bond. I've had dragons without pins last for over 20 years using just epoxy. Pinning and epoxy-ing... that's a lifetime.
  13. I says Tyrion Lannister. Totally. But I'm already outvoted. So frak y'all.
  14. Now you're talking! I'll bring a little libation myself. Can't wait!
  15. Wow. Classic RP models for sure. Nice to see! Very bright, attractive paint work. Nice job.
  16. PM received. Thanks! I'll bring my own stool and can bring table or stand lights if we need more lighting options. Just let me know what we have room for.
  17. Ah, Happy Birthday, indeed, Kit!!!
  18. I see no raptor, so I assume you didn't mean velociratpor... that said... really like the final guy. The blue and the orange make for a great composition. Very attractive. I mean for a big ugly dude.
  19. It is a great idea. And well executed. Nice job!
  20. Looking very sweet. Love the eyes for sure.
  21. Stop it! My pun-o-meter is going to overload... LOL. Yes, subtle pun-ishment, but pun-ishment, nonetheless. Thanks, Lyn! I love me some Conchords, and "Leggy Blonde" kept going through my head the entire time I was painting this. Thanks, all. Glad you're enjoying.
  22. Super work. Very well rendered. Gratz!
  23. First time NMM? Surely you're lying. It's beautiful gold. Very well done.
  24. That's really beautiful. So striking. Congratulations on a super model! You are very talented. And welcome to the boards.
  25. ... --- ... Ah, ok.... so without so much blonde. But in my defense... made you look! A quick little "after work in the evening piece" with which I've been playing while working on my other August pieces. They're Rackham Confrontation mail-order zombie legs. Had them kicking around primed and pre-lined. So... what the heck. Enjoy! And for those who like their pr0n larger: Oh, leggy blonde you got it going on When I see you with your top-half gone chasing brains 'til the break of dawn draggin' your right foot across my lawn! (With apologies to Flight of the Conchords...)
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