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  1. Very nicely done. Very clean and crisp. Nice work.


    As far as a critique... as per your request... I would say you should now look to begin to push your contrasts between shades/highlights. Your model is cleanly painted. Well painted. But its range of contrast is very narrow. Don't be afraid to really push into deep shadows and pull up to bright highlights.


    A good exercise is to try to move from shading down black and highlighting up to white. While this clearly will produce a severely exaggerated range of contrast, it will help you to begin to train your eye and trust yourself with pushing the contrast. ::):

  2. Yea, I think the last time I saw this room so clean was when I moved in. But in this case the room was practically empty. I should take pictures and remind them that this is how it supposed to look.


    It could backfire, your wife could see the nice clean space as that mythic thing 'Available storage space' and decide to utilize it for you.


    ROFL!!! Heed this warning!! Keep a facade of clutter in the place lest it be 'appropriated'... No offense to the ladies, but it's been my experience that to a woman, a "clean desk space" or other such space is "up for grabs"... ::D:


    And you know how having his territory invaded can upset a man. ::D:

  3. If you're pinning, I'd go with a 2-part epoxy. Not a five a minute, but a full several hours curing time epoxy. You'll get a much stronger bond.


    I've had dragons without pins last for over 20 years using just epoxy. Pinning and epoxy-ing... that's a lifetime.

  4. Had them kicking around primed and pre-lined. So... what the heck.


    Stop it! My pun-o-meter is going to overload...


    LOL. Yes, subtle pun-ishment, but pun-ishment, nonetheless. ::P:


    Dude! I love it! awesome job and I am definitely impressed that you used Flight of the Concords!


    Thanks, Lyn! I love me some Conchords, and "Leggy Blonde" kept going through my head the entire time I was painting this. :lol:


    Thanks, all. Glad you're enjoying. ::):

  5. ... post-638-1250963172.jpg --- post-638-1250963184.jpg...


    Ah, ok.... so without so much blonde.


    But in my defense... made you look! :lol:


    A quick little "after work in the evening piece" with which I've been playing while working on my other August pieces. They're Rackham Confrontation mail-order zombie legs. Had them kicking around primed and pre-lined. So... what the heck.




    And for those who like their pr0n larger:






    Oh, leggy blonde you got it going on

    When I see you with your top-half gone

    chasing brains 'til the break of dawn

    draggin' your right foot across my lawn!


    (With apologies to Flight of the Conchords...) ::D:

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  6. A little update: I received my Liriel in the mail today. She's perfect for the role of a young Kvothe. I'll trim the ears, and as Derek suggested, square off the chin a bit. But otherwise -- the bosom is so subdued as to be non-existent, and the swell of the hips is also subtle enough to be overlooked. So I'm quite psyched. My project can begin.


    Thanks, all. ::D:


    BTW -- Lovely sculpt, Derek.

  7. Darrin- It's not so much as me being kind or going out of my way, as it is of using it a paper thin excuse to go into a game store when I damn well know that I've got a couple of hundred minis already waiting to be painted. It's just justification. I'm really not that nice. Just ask my students. :devil:


    ROFL!!! OK, then! Who am I to stand in your way? Get to it, son! ::D:

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