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  1. ps. I have never seen a #30/0 brush...

    Nor have I, but I'm really excited. I use a 20/0 for brown/black-lining now and was just thinking the old girl needed to be replaced. Unfortunately I couldn't remember for the life of me where I got it. Now I guess I only need wait for this release. Very nice. I'm totally psyched.

  2. That's a great set, if only for Drizzt. I still have mine as well and definitely wouldn't let Drizzt go. So I guess in saying as much, you'd be better off breaking up the set as Lady Tam suggested, although you may get stuck with some of the lesser known figures.
  3. Someone on this board, I forget who (my apologies) made a figure some weeks ago with flagstones on it (I think the figure was Monique the vampire). At any rate, I asked this person how they did it and they told me they used plastic card stock (like that from a credit card) and cut it up and painted it. If I can find the thread, I'll post it here.
  4. I once prided myself on my excellent vision. Check that--My superior vision. However, age (as if at 31 I'm getting over the hill!  :D  ), extensive computer use, and loneliness have slowly eroded my vision so that these days I wear glasses and find the need when painting to use some kind of magnification.


    I have two types of magnification -- a magnifying lamp and a set of magnifying lens set in some headgear. The lamp I do not find all that useful. I bump it, it jiggles, and I end up smearing a daub of paint across a favorite detail. The headgear, on the other hand, I find far more useful. Indeed, I generally forget that it's there until I look up at the television or my paint trays. However, of late, the hinge on the headgear has been wearing out so that the visor slips to my nose peridically and I find myself constantly adjusting it. That and the headband isn't the most comfortable being nothing more than a strip of plastic. So, I've been thinking of finding something new.


    Now, I must admit, the gear I bought was extremely cheap (purposefully as I wasn't sure how the whole contraption would work out), so it isn't any surprise that there are some drawbacks. But now that I know I like this set up, I wanted to ask others what they use (if anything) and what brands they would recommend. I see some very expensive units online and wonder if they're worth the money.


    So, if those of you using such items wouldn't mind, could you please tell me which brand you use, the magnification rating if you know it, a ballpark figure of the cost, where I could find such an item, how much you like it (dislike it) and why, and will it work for a four-eyed dork (ala the glasses fit inside)?


    Thanks so much.


    -The Whiz.

  5. I just do not like to see high standard pieces not get recognized for whatever reason, be it cheating, ballot stuffing or maybe just malcontent.

    And I don't blame you, Zaphod. It boils my blood as well. But please don't take my comments as an attack on your position. You're definitely within your rights to voice your outrage. Although, admittedly, when faced with talent such as yours in the contest, it's no wonder people cheat...  :laugh:

  6. Thanks, Stern. I just wanted folks to know that they're still getting the recognition they deserve. Of course, I agree that if something can be done to make the voting fairer to all, then by all means, let's do it. Nobody should be made to feel badly because of the actions of the unsavory few.
  7. Now, admittedly, I haven't been around long enough for my opinion here to matter much (*wink-wink* -- Oh no! Wait, I've cleared 50 posts! Woo-hoo! Now I matter! Momma! I matter!!! :p  ) nor do I paint well enough to be considered any kind of judge of talent (I don't know if it's art, I only know whether I like it...), but it seems to me that Kelcore and Enchantra have really hit the nail on the head here. The contest, to my mind and evidently others', is purely inspirational. It challenges me (my god, does it challenge me) to be a better painter. The prize is really inconsequential (I mean really -- $25? Come on. We're talking the price of a movie and popcorn for you and a date. I'm sure all of us have the means to acquire $25 in figures if we really need it that badly.)


    Now, of course, the honor of being the winner is something else, and I entirely sympathize with Crusoe and Zaphod and all the others who take great offense at the alleged cheating, but mostly, I pity the cheaters (if cheaters they are). I mean how much "honor" can a person take away from this contest if they've cheated?  :glare:   I mean how good can you feel about yourself? If you're that empty inside, that devoid of any shred of self-worth, what can $25 in store credit really bring you in terms of joy? For my part, I really truly just pity these people (if the allegations are actually true, mind you). They must be very sad indeed.


    At any rate, when it comes down to it, I'm pretty sure we can all see that some figures are head and shoulders above the others. By long shots. Lightyears, in fact. And for those (I can't say "of us" yet as I haven't entered to date) who did enter and then lost to ballot stuffing despite deserving of better, I can only say keep your heads up. At the very least, you have inspired me to be a better painter than I am. I have opened the contest nightly just to stare in awe at the talent you each possess and I thank you for sharing with me. So don't be downcast. To my mind, you've won something far more precious than a couple of minis shipped free to your door -- you've won the respect and admiration of a lot of people on these boards. Well done.


    -The Whiz.

  8. We were promised compatability, what I've seen so far is not very compatable.

    Really? I hope that isn't the case. What kind of things have you seen that concern you (beyond the whole Gnome-bard issue :)  )? I know there will need to be some tweaking of characters here and there, but you seem to have knowledge of something more drastic. Prepare me, please.


    PS - SFwriter: So sorry for hijacking your thread.  :(  It's my fault, I know. If you want us to move this to a new one, just ask.

  9. Sure, they are free to do that and you are free to use your own rules, but it's more disparity for everyone that plays (Can I use my character in your campaign?  Maybe, maybe not.).

    That's the very nature of the game and has been from day one. Just one peep at my local game shop's game listing demonstrates that disparity of rules among 3.0 campaigns (or any other) is the name of the game. This DM allows only for the core rulebooks, this other DM permits any book but bans sorcerers, this other guy has an even mix but is using Greyhawk deities in place of those in the Forgotten Realms. Another revision (or lack thereof) isn't going to change that. It's this nature that makes the game dynamic and interesting for so many people.


    Now if you're taking issue with this very nature, then that's another story and I don't know how to respond. But to have a beef with a revision on the grounds you've cited seems a pale argument to my mind.


    On the other hand, if it proves true that WOTC has thrown in wild changes as you fear (as admittedly, the favored class of the gnomes appears to be), then I agree with you. Such changes are unnecessary and seemingly not too well thought out. We'll have to wait and see (with fingers crossed).


    Happy gaming (and stay away from those WOTC miniatures!)


    -The Whiz.

  10. The problem is, I *will* end up with 3.0 vs. 3.5 conflicts because one of my players is a WotC Distributor and another is a manager of a local gameshop.  They *will* want to go to 3.5 to have less "rules" to keep track of...

    I definitely feel you for you then. That kind of pressure sucks, especially when it's easy for these other players to obtain the materials. I wish I had advice for you on how to handle that beyond just being an iron fist (and who really wants to act that way towards their friends). Maybe these guys can hook you up with the new books at cost or less and it wouldn't be as big a deal. Anyway, that's no fun.


    Now then, on another note: I must admit that I do feel more playtesting needs to go into some of the material, particularly the softcover accessories. Some of the prestige classes are out of balance to say the least. And while I understand that D&D is a business and at some point you have to say "enough, it's got to go", it doesn't seem that difficult to me to hold focus groups before going to print in order to review the materials. I mean how many of us have picked a book up off the shelf to browse only to go "holy *&$#!  I can't believe they printed that! It's way out of balance!"  (then again, there are probably a fair number of folks who have followed that up with "Oh, I've GOT to play that!" *sigh*)


    At any rate, I hope more thought has gone into version 3.5 (and seemingly it has). Time will tell.

  11. A couple of things to share here:


    1. The miniatures are absolutely garbage. I agree. I also see the point of those who insist that such garbage isn't intended for the likes of us. True enough. And I have to admit that were I eight years old I'd be pretty psyched about the minis. Who knows how the line will sell? Only time will tell. I won't be spending my money on such garbage, but I'm sure there are some who will. The great thing is I don't have to buy such crap to play the game.


    2. I have to gently insist that those people disparaging WOTC for producing version 3.5 reconsider their positions. While I'm certainly not excited about the price tags of the books (thankfully there's Amazon.com), I can't help but think that revision is a good thing.


    I came back to D&D from a long hiatus in which I played Rolemaster by the now defunct Iron Crown. I liked Rolemaster for the amount of latitude it permitted in regards to character creation. Everyone in the party could play fighters and no two would be alike (not even at the very core). Very nice. However, Rolemaster was record-keeping intensive. Really, really, really too much. And forget about trying to teach someone to play...  With the advent of D&D 3.0, I came back to my roots to find a game that allowed for decent character creation yet was simplistic enough to permit the roleplaying to trascend the roll-playing. Likewise, I knew that the amount of campaign material in the form of modules, sourcebooks, etc, would be decent--an area that Rolemaster was somewhat lacking in (not a problem at the time as I was in college and had all the time in the world to create scenarios--now that's not so true. Ah, life.)


    At any rate, big digression there, the point I wanted to make was that D&D is a lot more organic than other games. It's living, it's growing, and it will continue (with any luck) to do so. And, as in any creative process, revision is inevitable and should be embraced. Good things are sure to come. Likewise, there will probably be changes that we don't agree with. The great thing about a game like D&D is that it's up to the DM and the players to decide what to keep and what not to keep.


    Now, I've seen things that I like and already use in my games (like Druids having the ability to spontaneously cast Summon Nature's Ally). And I've seen things that I don't care for (Gnomes favored class is bard? What? How does that work?) And most likely, I'll see other things I won't like. However, I can't help but feel (judging from articles in Dragon Magazine and the official FAQs and so forth) that the changes for the most part will make the game more playable and maybe even more attractive to new players.


    OK. Long rant coming to a close. Basically, I just wanted to point out that, much like the miniatures I won't be buying, the great thing about 3.5 is that nobody is twisting my arm (or yours) to buy it. I don't need it to play the game, but if I find more material than simply Dragon Magazine reprints, I'll probably get it. After all, revision is life and it can only get better. Why would we want slag WOTC for trying to better our lot?


    <rant officially off>


    Happy painting,


    -The Whiz.

  12. [...]I've order from them before due to they're on the West Coast & I'm on the WC[...]



    Dude, I'm sorry, that must suck.  Have you considered seeing a Urologist?

    ####. That made my day. I'm can't stop giggling.



  13. I'll take a look at the game, to be sure. However, given all of my current pursuits, it's doubtful that I'll actually have time to play it. That and the impossibility of convincing my play group to switch to another game mid-campaign puts a damper on Warlord's chances in my arena. Love the minis, though. Really, really great stuff. Looking to complete my collection in the very near future. Make more, Reaper!!


    -The Whiz.

  14. Update:


    I found Testor's Dullcote this weekend in a local hobby store and used it to good effect. The one miniature that the Krylon Matte Finish had ruined (or so I felt) has been saved. I am very pleased.  :D


    Thanks to all who responded. I appreciate the advice. I'll let you know how I like the other products that were recommended once I find them.


    -The Whiz.

  15. I know that this was an early lesson for me as a painter - never paint a metallic ontop of a metallic.



    What do you mean by this? Do you never shade/highlight a basecoat of metallic paint with another metallic paint? Or do you mean you never abut two metallic paints without delineating with a black line?


    I'm just curious. I frequently shade/highlight basecoat metallics with other metallics and to good effect (if I may say so myself). However, if you were referring to two side-by-side metallics, then agree--that's a no-no without a line of ink. As I say, just curious. I was confused by what you meant.


    -The Whiz.

  16. Goddess,


    You are going to find that everybody has their own technique for doing faces and especially for doing eyes. Some do the eyes first as they are a focal point on the face, some do them last. It's all up to what you find most comfortable. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.


    That said, HERE you will find a number of articles detailing several techniques. Read on and enjoy.


    Personally, I do the eyes first with a combination of brushes and sometimes a pen, but my technique is more about fixing mistakes than being precise.


    Like my father always said, "It's not how you screw up, but how you recover."  Though his language was a bit more colorful.


    Hope this helps.


    -The Whiz.

  17. Oh, and I second the call for more dungeon critters. More critters in general. I have more paladins, thieves, wizards, and clerics than I know what to do with.  :p   Now I need something for my hordes to battle besides each other!


    Start on page one of *any* monster compendium and go through straight to the end.

  18. In scanning this thread, I don't think I saw anyone mention a tavern set.


    How great would that be? A few tables and stools, a long bar with a cask or two, a bartender like ol' Barleyman, big in the belly with a purse to match, his curvaceous daughter, carrying drinks, a bard in the corner by the hearth, a sneak in the shadows, the town drunk. You know -- Your classic beginning to any adventure. Just a couple of *sitting* patrons with a frothy mug in hand would be nice


    Now, admittedly, you can basically put this together with a few blisters sans the furniture, but as someone mentioned, it's a lot easier to explain one box to the girlie than a baggie full of packs.


    That and a nice Throne Room scene with a regular old king and queen seated on a dias would be nice. A couple of pillars with some heraldry, a minister or two, a pair of surly bodyguards, some subjects bereft of their land, that old hat.


    That's my two cents.


    -The Whiz

  19. Personally, I prefer PolyScale's dullcoat.  It's acrylic and brushes well.  So if you want to have some dull areas and some semi-gloss or gloss it's no problem.

    I'll need try that, Ter-or. I do like brushing different areas with different finishes. How dull is it?


    -The Whiz.

  20. *Very* Helpful, milady. Thank you so much.


    The Duncan finish -- where can I find that? Online anywhere, by any chance? Is that the full name of the product and/or do you have a product number?


    Again, many thanks.


    -The Whiz.

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